Transportation is a business that does not need any real skill before an individual can set it up.

Unlike some other businesses that require a high level of skill before being successfully set up, with a transport business, talent is replaced by experience. This means that there are three major requirements for setting up this business.

They are experience, capital, and business plan.

We believe that if you are setting up this business, you already have the required capital and experience; all you need is the right business plan. Well, this article is a transportation business plan sample.

This business plan sample can be relied upon to help you develop the right business plan, even when starting a fuel or truck transport business.

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Business Name: Dani Brown Transportation Company

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Dani Brown Transportation Company is a registered and licensed transportation company that will be located in Brooklyn, New York. This transport company is jointly owned by Daniel Pascal and Teddy Brown, Two big-time businessmen with over 30 years of experience in the transportation business.

Dani Brown Transportation Company will be set up with $200,000. This amount will be used to get a facility serving as an office and a car park. In addition, a massive chunk of the $200 000 will be used to get the vehicles needed to start this business.

Products and Services

We will not deny that this business was set up primarily to make a profit. However, beyond that, there are other reasons why we have decided to set up this business. Chief among these reasons is that we want to make top-quality transportation options available to Brooklyn, New York, residents, and potential clients in other cities in the United States.

As much as we want to start on a reasonably small note, we hope to expand very early. Some of the products that we will be offering to our potential at Dani Brown Transportation Company are;

  • Taxi services
  • Helicopter services
  • Airline services

Vision Statement

Our vision in the transportation industry is to establish a transport company that will be regarded as one of the best transport companies not just in New York but also in other parts of the United States and parts of Canada. The

Mission Statement

Our mission is to set up a standard transportation company known for constantly providing our potential customers with high comfort and luxury. We are also looking to franchise our transport company after being in operation for up to five years.

In addition to providing top-quality services for our clients, we are also looking to establish a transportation company that is top-notch as well as very affordable.

Business Structure

The fact that no real skill is needed to set up this business indicates how competitive it is. Becoming a force to be reckoned with in this industry will not come easy, and we are very aware.

As a result of this, to achieve all that we have set out to accomplish as a company, we have devised to come up with a policy that will favor only those that are hardworking and also very willing to learn.

Market Analysis
Market Trend

There has been steady growth in the transportation industry over a long period. This is a result of the fact that new categories are being added to the transport business regularly. Gone are the days when the transportation business only involves managing cars and buses.

The transport business involves cars, buses, planes, boats, and even helicopters. This has therefore brought about unforeseen growth.

In addition to the growth that has taken place in the transport industry, successfully running a transport business has become much more complex and challenging than it used to be.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

As a new transportation company, we will need to do a lot of work to make our name known to members of the public. We must also ensure that our potential customer’s trust and are willing to do business with us. To make all this happen rapidly, we will be doing the following;

  • Printing handbills and making them available in public places
  • Have a strong internet presence
  • Offer discount prices to our first set of potential customers

Target Market

This business does not differ from others because a target market must exist. We have taken out time to carry out our research and have come up with what we believe is the perfect target market.

Those in our target market are:

  • Students
  • Pregnant women and Nursing Mothers
  • Business Executives

Financial Goal
Source of Startup Capital

As it stands, we need $200,000 to set up our business. Of this amount, we have been able to raise $100,000. The other amount will be gotten from the bank.

Competitive Advantage

Our advantage over other firms is there; we are not ending at just owning cars and buses; we are into all forms of transportation. Also, we are strategically positioned in a part of the city where we can be easily reached.


This is a business plan sample for a transportation business. This business will be located in Brooklyn, New York, owned by Daniel Pascal and Teddy Brown.

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