9 Small Cargo Van Business Ideas For Transporters

In this article we’ll be discussing some small cargo business ideas you can begin today with proven capacity to grow your investments.

9 Small Cargo Van Business Opportunities

Small cargo transport businesses are quite lucrative and are businesses that won’t require huge amounts of startup capital to establish.

Waste Haulage

Don’t be surprised about this business idea. There are existing cargo van businesses that have turned out successful by providing waste haulage. Local businesses provide ready markets for waste haulage services because they don’t benefit from free waste disposal.

To establish or bring this business idea to fruition, you’ll need to first obtain a waste carrier’s license. This is a key regulatory requirement and will attract a heavy fine if you aren’t registered. After getting registered, you’ll need to visit potential clients within your targeted are to market your business.

Most local businesses are likely to have waste haulage services taking care of their waste. You might want to inquire how much these businesses are paying for this service and offer them something better.

However, you need not sell yourself short in trying to attract clients.

Van Rental

This is yet another small cargo van business you should consider. It’s ideal for those having vans which sit idle. Such vans could fetch you additional income by putting them to good use. Van rentals are usually useful for a variety of purposes. You get paid for the time such van is under rental.

To start this business, you’ll need to fix your rental rates.

More important is the need to safeguard your equipment or van. How do you know that your van will be returned at all? The best way to prevent theft is by placing a tracker on it. What more? Your clients can make their insurance provisions.

Towing Service

One of the many uses of small cargo vans is that they can be used for towing purposes. If you’re having doubts, consider the fact that these vehicles are used for towing caravans, trailers, boats, and several other large attachments.

By making some little modifications to your small cargo van, you could be up and running in a short time.

Running costs will cover maintenance and fuel among other things. Overall, the costs for doing business are significantly reduced if you have a van. On the other hand, getting one can be quite costly and will take up a huge chunk of your startup costs.

There are ways to cut down on the cost of getting a van. You can either lease one or buy a used van. Otherwise, you’ll have to get a new one.

Transport Materials For Events

Large events are organized every time. These might range from music festivals to marketing events among several other types. One thing that is common to all is the fact that equipment and tools will need to be moved. You can start a small cargo van business that helps transport this equipment to and from such events.

Marketing is a huge part of successfully running such a business. You’ll need to advertise your van transport business to potential clients consisting of event promotion companies, small and large businesses as well as individuals. There is always money to be made when done right.

Cleaning Business

A cleaning service is one of the many business ideas you can use your small cargo van for.

In starting a cleaning business, you’ll need to factor in the cost of purchasing additional equipment. Such equipment consists of basic cleaning tools and supplies.

Your cleaning service on wheels can target residential as well as commercial clients. The best part is, cleaning doesn’t require significant skills. Nevertheless, some level of experience on the job is needed. You can start by serving as an apprentice for a similar cleaning business to see how things are done.

Advertising Space

One of the most creative ways of using your small cargo van for business is by selling advertising space to businesses and companies. Cabs and buses will give you an idea of what this entails. These are targeted for advertising space by various businesses.

You too can leverage this opportunity.

Your small cargo van will be a moving billboard while still being used for other businesses that might still fetch income. For this business idea to be possible, your van will need to be on the road a lot.

In other words, you must be using your van frequently to ensure the ads are always visible to the target market.

Mobile Café

Vans can be used as mobile cafes to sell an assortment of beverages. These may range from coffees to juice among several. Such a mobile café will need some form of modification.

However, you won’t have to make those modifications if your van will serve perfectly.

Its mobile nature means you get the advantage of taking your café to your target customers. Such customers are mostly found in areas having a lot of foot traffic. These provide ready markets for your products and service.

Steady growth is likely to result in the adoption of effective business strategies.

Scrap Metal Collection

A small cargo van can be used to collect scrap metals to sell.  These metals are recycled into other products and have a ready market for sellers. The good thing with this business is that you won’t have to buy such metals as people are always willing to get rid of them around their surroundings.

Getting these metals for free and selling them gives you 100% profits. Scrap metal collection can be added as a side hustle while running other businesses or productive activities.

Delivery Service

Delivery service is a business idea that can be started with a small cargo van. Here, you get to be sent on errands to make deliveries of a wide variety of items. Choosing the cargo or items you transport and delivery is entirely up to you. You’re to make that decision.

Before making this decision, make research on the most common items being delivered by businesses and individuals. Include such items in your list of available delivery services and watch your business grow.

Small cargo van businesses are highly viable when operated the right way. Here, we’ve been able to provide you with several business ideas you can build around your small cargo van. You only need to start to take advantage of its many benefits.