We welcome you to read this guide on how to write your after-school program business plan.

After-school programs have grown in popularity over the years. These schools not only keep kids engage in useful activity but teach vital skills to kids of all ages.

If you’re reading this article because you wish to start one, you’re at the right place.


Unlike the complex stuff you’ve probably heard about tutoring service business plans, we’ve simplified the process to help with easy comprehension.

We’re certain that as you read on, you’d find all the information you need to write a good plan for your after-school program business.

Incorporating Key Elements

The journey to writing an effective plan starts by connecting or including the constituent parts to form a whole. In other words, certain elements of your after-school program business plan must be included if you’re to come up with a great plan.

These key elements or sections include the executive summary, the company description, as well as the products & services sections. Others are the market analysis section, strategy & implementation, organization & management team, and the financial plan & projection sections.

All of these elements combined to make a great after-school program business plan. However, the contents of these sections are equally important. You’ll need to provide certain basic information for each of them.

Let’s take a look at what’s contained under each section of the plan.

i. Executive Summary

The name says it all!

The executive summary section of your after-school program business plan is a summary of your plan. It’s meant to provide brief, yet quality information about your business, the problem it solves, your target market as well as financial highlights.

This appears first in the plan. It’s positioned that way to help the reader get an idea of what the rest of the plan is about. Although this section is placed at the beginning of the plan, it should be written last.

This is important as it helps you include all the information contained in the other sections.

An executive summary should include certain basic components. These include your business name & location, services offered, mission & vision statements, and the objective or purposes of your plan.

  • Business Name & Location

Your after-school program should have a name. This is what gives it an identity. Under this section, you’re expected to include information on the name as well as where the program will be located.

You’ll need to be clear and concise here as you’re writing an executive summary. Finer details can be supplied in other sections of the plan.

  • Services Offered

An after-school program is service-based. As such, you’ll need to list the range of services being offered. This will include programs and curriculum as well as skills being imparted.

Do such services have any real impact on the development of kids? Include such in brief.

  • Mission & Vision Statements

Writing this section of your executive summary will include clearly stating your mission and vision. For your mission statement, should be brief and must explain your program’s goals and what it does for kids as well as the business.

Your after-school program’s vision statement should be able to clearly depict where you want your business to be at a certain point in the future. This can be termed your goals and aspiration for the after-school program.

  • Objective or Purpose of the Plan

Every business plan must have a purpose and so should yours. Clearly state such plan(s) for the business. In some cases, such a plan may be to either secure investment or to achieve set strategies.

ii. Company Description

This is the next section of the plan that must also be clearly written. Here, you basically need to provide information on who you are, you’re your after-school program operates and the goals you intend to achieve.

The key information here includes your legal structure, history, and if there are demands for after-school programs in your community. What are your services like?

Also, provide a summary of the growth of your program with special reference to the market and financial details.

iii. Products & Services

After-school programs are basically service-based. The focus should be on how kids will benefit from the program.

You’ll need to explain your program’s market role. Are you researching better ways to ensure service excellence? What are they?

iv. Market Analysis

Writing the market analysis section requires thorough research. Here, you’re expected to show an appreciable level of industry experience. You may want to include all findings in an appendix.

Contents of the market analysis section should include a targeted customer segment sketch.

Such a sketch should include details about size and demographics. This shouldn’t be much work as your after-school program is meant for kids and adolescents. Also include industry description as well as outlook. Marketing data on past, present, and projected operations should be added.

What other after-school programs are there in your vicinity? These are your competitors. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

v. Strategy & Implementation

One of the key things you’ll need for a successful takeoff of your program is an implementation strategy. A lot of explanation is required on how you intend to launch and market your after-school program.

Also, you’ll need to provide details on pricing, costs, and promotions.

Will your after-school program need the services of employees now or in the future? Include such information here.

vi. Organization & Management Team

If you’re the sole owner of the after-school program, include basic information such as your name, extent of involvement, biography, skills, and background. The same goes for multiple owners.

Provide a profile of your management team.

Such profiles will include information on their names, responsibilities, and experience. Any board members or advisors should be added as well.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

This section will require the input of a financial expert.

Here, you’ll need to include historical financial data. This is for after-school programs that have been in existence for some time. Details of the financial data include balance sheets, cash flow statements covering a 5 year period, and income statements.

You also need to add projected financial data. This should be realistic or achievable. It includes details such as forecasted income statements, balance sheets, capital expenditure, and cash flow statements.

This is the format your after-school program business plan should take. We’ve added key sections that are indispensable to coming up with a great plan.

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