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Startupback.com is a web-based business ideas portal developed to help any budding or experienced business owner start and manage their businesses profitably.

Our guides help dispel your fears about starting a business and equip you with key business competencies which can be the dividing line between a successful and a failed entrepreneur.

On the blog, we have a rich business planning section dedicated to sharing business plan samples that can be beneficial if you are interested in drafting one for your startup.

If you are interested in business promotion and advertisement strategies in the US and other parts of the world, we have also provided tested tips that can help grow sales and expand your business.

As an entrepreneur who has difficulty writing a marketing plan, Startupback.com offers express guides that can open your eyes to the common mistakes surrounding the preparation of a marketing document.

Have you ever planned to own your franchise or even buy into an existing company, our franchise guides are enough to match for your technical know-how when it comes to buying and selling a franchise business.

As a franchisee, we have prepared a section for you with a focus on the nature and strategies of marketing a franchise business.

The competencies we offer are offered in the following forms:

  1. Feasibility Study Reports
  2. Business Startup Manuals
  3. Sample Business Plan Templates for Startups
  4. Developmental Courses for Business Skills
  5. Analyzing Investment Opportunities
  6. Investment Counselling and Planning

On behalf of the team here at Startupback.com Blog, I say you are welcome.

To your success,

Abe Oluwasegun Joshua



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