The engine oil of a vehicle and indeed any other machinery/equipment is its lifeblood.

Like the roles the human blood plays in the body, the engine oil serves to clean, lubricate and keep the engine of a car functioning optimally, for efficient operation.

Oil lubrication provides a barrier between rotating engine parts, in order to forestall damage to the engine by friction, translating into costly repair works. The engine lubrication system comprises the oil pump, oil filter, the oil itself and the oil passages.

The engine oil also plays the crucial role of cooling those parts of the engine, not served by the traditional cooling systems in the car.

Additionally, the engine oil shields engine parts and components from the effects of corrosion by neutralizing deleterious chemicals, which result from the combustion of the engine. A mobile oil change service operator must know the various functions of engine oil as well as all path processes in its use.

The following tips can serve as guides in starting a mobile car oil change business:

  • Have in-depth Knowledge and requisite Mobile Oil Change Business Equipment

The investor who wants to run a mobile oil change business must be thoroughly grounded in the knowledge of how the engine oil lubrication works in any vehicle. This is important for potential clients to be willing to submit their vehicles to him/her. It predisposes that the owner must have received training in automobile repair and fixing business.

In addition, the startup mobile oil change business must possess all the necessary tools needed to quickly and efficiently carry out an oil change and refill. These include mobile oil change truck and trailers. Some of these vehicles may be offered for sale at good prices.

Expert knowledge of the engine oils themselves, which includes: grades of engine oil based on standard codes of performance, cost as well as longevity in use, will serve the mobile oil change business in good stead.

  • Partner with Automobile repair yards and Workshops

In this era of outsourcing, the startup mobile oil changing business can go into collaboration with auto repair facilities, in rendering such services to potential clients. While it is true that a number of the repair facilities do perform oil change services themselves, there is the likelihood that from time to time, there could be a high demand for other repair works, so the oil change cycle could be contracted out.

All that will be needed will be to discuss mobile oil change business profit sharing terms and signing a mutually acceptable agreement.

  • Advertise the business, especially on Online social media Platforms

A mobile oil change company will need to be given good publicity, in order to garner transactions quickly. Apart from traditional forms of marketing such as distribution of handbills/flyers, as well as word of mouth, a veritable platform to bolster patronage is utilizing online marketing media. The internet has opened up a world of business opportunity and the demand for services that can be brought to the doorstep of clients, is becoming the norm.

Mobile oil change business ideas that can harness this opportunity, by packaging its services in an attractive form, will soon see its profits soar, especially when it renders satisfactory work.

  • Identify veritable markets

A mobile oil change business and franchise entails that you can bring the service to the customer. It behooves the owner of such a service to identify which markets/areas/gatherings will engender sales. Probable targets include auto repair facilities, shopping malls/parks, cinema houses, churches, social functions and gatherings among others.

Basically, the mobile oil change service business owner must pay special attention to places that command the presence of lots of vehicles. Even if an oil change cannot be effected immediately due to certain factors, an understanding could be reached, for such a service to be rendered at a future date.

  • Observe all laws and regulations as regards the proper handling, storage and disposal of engine oils

A mobile oil change business must observe all the rules guiding the use of engine oils. Specifically, the business must be mindful of the environment and how its activities can affect the well being of human, plant and animal life. You should obtain the necessary mobile oil change license and insurance too.

  • Have competent team members

A mobile oil change business owner should have in his immediate plans, an arrangement whereby competent hands are at the disposal of the business, especially when there multiple requests for the service. Depending on the mobile oil change business plan, the engagement of extra hands could either be on a full time basis or based on a commission for every job completed.

Is a mobile oil change business a good idea?

Overall, with close to 12 million vehicles plying motor roads, the mobile oil change business has the potential to earn handsome returns for the owner. All that is required is the investor to be meticulous, thorough in his/her planning, evolve an in-depth marketing strategy and provide reliable service.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a mobile oil change company.
Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Target Market
  • Source of Revenue
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Sales Projection
  • Payment Options
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies
  • Conclusion

The Executive Summary

Jamey’s Mobile Oil Change, located in Chicago is a licensed oil change business which will be providing oil change services to its clients, and even ready to go the extra mile to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers. Our services to clients will be handled by a workforce with impressive years of experience who have developed skills in client/customer satisfaction.

Although there are several competitors in this field, we have made sure that only the best workforce is selected. This alone gives us an edge over our competitors, as our workforce share in our passion and desires to provide nothing short of absolute client satisfaction.

Within the first 5 years of our operations, we intend to expand our mobile oil change business to include more outlets across the United States.

Products and Services

Apart from offering mobile oil change services, there are also a range of other services which include emission test inspections, the repair of transmission problems, safety inspection and other engine and oil related services to clients.

All these are handled by the best hands in the industry with impressive years of service and experience. Our services and products are not limited to these as we will continue seeking better ways of helping our clients thereby strengthening the bond of client loyalty.

Vision Statement

Jamey’s Mobile Oil Change seeks to be among the top 5 mobile oil change businesses in Chicago and across the United States within the first 10 years from the commencement of business operations. To achieve this, we will only offer world class services, ensuring that only the best is provided to our esteemed clients.

Mission Statement

Although the main motive for setting up is to make profits, we will be achieving this through provision of the best services to our clients. All mobile oil change services and other related auto care services will be supervised by a world class quality control department. This ensures that nothing short of the best is provided to clients.

Target Market

Our mobile oil change business will cover all major auto brands. The industry is huge, as there are millions of car users in Chicago and across the United States. Therefore, we will be providing oil change services to heavy as well as light vehicles.

Some of the clients we will target include corporate bodies, households, transport companies, haulage companies and government establishments.

Source of Revenue

Our revenue will be generated from the range of services provided by us. This is the backbone of the business.

Therefore, we will constantly seek ways of improving our revenue generation through the introduction of new services related to mobile oil change. Our current revenue generation sources for our mobile oil change business include oil change and oil filter replacements, diagnosis of common oil related problems and fixing such.

Also, we will also carry out emission tests on vehicles.

Competitive Advantage

Our mobile oil change business has been structured to function at optimal levels. To achieve this, efficient and world class quality control unit/department manned by some of the best hands in the industry have been established.

All services pass through this department who ensure that clients only get value for their money. The work environment at Jamey’s Mobile Oil Change is among the best in the industry. This is in addition to an attractive remuneration package for our workforce.

Sales Projection

We have carried out extensive research on sales with a projection covering a three year period. Current economic realities have been used at arriving at such figures. The sales projection over this three year period has shown an impressive growth. As summarized in the chart below.

However, sales projection for this mobile oil change business discounts unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or economic downturn.

  • First Year $200,000
  • Second Year $330,000
  • Third Year $500,000

Payment Options

We have developed a wide range of innovative payment options for our clients. Clients patronizing our mobile oil change business have the option of paying in any payment channel most convenient to them. Some of these include the use of POS machines, acceptance of cash, credit cards, cheques and the use of mobile money.

Others include internet banking as well as the use of USSD platforms.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

As a way of attracting increased patronage from vehicle owners, our mobile oil change business will be making use of the most effective advert strategies aimed at increasing client patronage. To achieve this, we will be making use of internet marketing tools such as social media, the building of a website containing all the services offered by us, as well as the printing of fliers and handbills for distribution to potential clients.

The oldest method of marketing which is word-of-mouth will be used. This publicity strategy still proves to be efficient. There is no better way of taking advantage of this strategy than by ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with the services offered by us.

Our satisfied clients will be encouraged to spread word about the services enjoyed to friends and acquaintances. Our mobile oil change business will use both conventional and unconventional strategies to increase sales.


In conclusion, this mobile oil change business plan has provided some of the basic requirement needed for any mobile oil change business which intends to achieve reasonable growth.

For entrepreneurs interested in writing a good mobile oil change business plan, but having little to no skills, this sample will act as a guide to ensure that their dream of having a good business plan is achieved.

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