Educational institutions serve the key role of educating and molding the young generation to be responsible members of society. In this article, we’ll be focusing on boarding schools in Maryland. If you live around here and seek to find some of the best boarding schools for your kids, you’re at the right place.

Top Boarding Schools in Maryland

Maryland is home to some of the best boarding schools in the country. These include St. James School, Oldfields School, McDonogh School, Sandy Spring Friends School, Georgetown Preparatory School, West Nottingham Academy, the John Carroll School, St. Timothy’s School, and Highland View Academy.

Other boarding schools located in Maryland include Garrison Forest School, and Springdale Preparatory School. Let’s find out more about these schools shall we?

i.    James School

St. James School is a coeducational boarding and day school founded in 1842. It is home to students of diverse backgrounds who are widely educated with important values inculcated into them. This school seeks to raise leaders who are well prepared for college and life.

Its wide acceptance of students from different backgrounds makes St. James School a melting pot of diversity with values of respect for varying opinions inculcated. Its total enrolment for grades 8 to 12 is around 235 while its ratio of male to female students is 55:45.

ii. Oldfields School

This all female boarding school was established in 1867. Since its inception, the school’s mission has been to embrace each student’s authentic self. It seeks to empower the individual voice, inspire confidence, adopt the collaborative approach to educating its students and also helping its students lead a purposeful live.

Oldfields School offers both boarding and day schooling and maintains a teacher to student ration of 5:1. This school has a number of programs that seek to develop its students. these include academics, arts, athletics, riding program, student life, and summer program.

iii. McDonogh School

McDonogh School has the mission of making its students “LifeReady.” In other words, this approach seeks to develop vital life skills that will allow students confidently take on life’s challenges. Lower school, middle school upper school students are provided with the training they need to succeed.

To find out if this school is the right one for your kids, all you have to do is visit its website for details on academics, admissions, arts, athletics, student life, and community. There are lots of other resources that provide the needed guidance for visitors. You get to also compare it with other boarding schools.

iv. Sandy Spring Friends School

The Sandy Spring Friends School campus sits on a 140+ pastoral acre in the heart of Montgomery County. It maintains a student to teacher ratio of 8:1 with about 59% of its student population identifying as students of color. Its student diversity is seen with about 17 countries represented in its boarding program.

Sandy Spring Friends School has around 685 strong population consisting of students in preschool to 12th grade. Through its website, you can make all the inquiries you need. Plus, you can visit virtually and also apply for your kids. Programs offered are categorized under academics, arts, and athletics.

v. Georgetown Preparatory School

Located in North Bethesda Maryland, Georgetown Preparatory School is a boys only school established in 1789. It maintains an average class size of 16. As a member of the Interstae Athletic Conference (IAC), Georgetown Preparatory School has around 15 schools competing at the University Level.

This boarding school caters to the scholarship needs of its students with around 28% of families receiving financial aid. This school not only caters to the academic and athletic needs of its students but also the spiritual needs. Here, students go through a series of religious programs that help improve their relationship with God.

vi. West Nottingham Academy

The West Nottingham Academy was established in 1744 and prides itself as the longest-standing boarding & day school in the country. It has as its mission the education of students to become innovators and socially aware and also to impact communities where they live.

So far, around $1 million has been awarded to students. Its campus sits on 100 acres of land and has about 17 different countries represented in its student body. What more? About 16 different languages are spoken by students and faculty and a healthy faculty to student ration of 1:7 is maintained.

vii. John Carroll School

Located in Churchville Rd. Bel Air, MD, this boarding school caters to the educational needs of its diverse student population. For the fourth year in a row, John Carroll School has been voted the best private school in Harford County. It organizes an annual college fair where colleges and universities across the country are brought in to speak to students.

viii.       Timothy’s School 

Established in 1833, the St. Timothy’s School campus sits on 145 acres of property. This boarding school has an impressive academic program that include Winterim, technology, global immersion & travel, academic advising, design thinking & innovation, arts, and college counseling.

Student life consists of a wide array of activities involving Redlands farm, dining program, clubs & activities, traditions, health & wellness, spiritual life, service learning, boarding experience, and elevated day experience. All forms of inquiries are attended to with admission links provided to help with easy application.

ix. Highland View Academy

This Seventh-day Adventist Christian day and boarding school offers a wide range of highly quality educational programs to its students. Its student body is diverse and different programs that cater to its needs. Departments include musical, athletics, STEM, and aerials.

x. Garrison Forest School

Founded in 1910, this boarding school offers comprehensive educational programs that cater to students in Coed preschool, lower school, middle school, and upper school. Garrison Forest School provides college counseling as well.

This girls boarding school strives to produce successful scholars, success full & informed citizens, as well as successful adults. It’s student population is diverse with several countries being represented.

These are some of the top boarding schools you’ll find in Maryland. As discussed above, some of these schools operate both boarding and day schools. Others are boys-only, girls-only, and mixed.