15 Information Technology Business Ideas For Nerds

Business Ideas for Information Technology Professionals

Are you looking for information technology business ideas to venture into? There are so many information technology business ideas for any tech-savvy entrepreneur to build up a successful business.

In this age of ever-increasing technology use, this is one field that continues to expand, offering a multitude of possibilities for IT-savvy individuals who want to start up their own business. It’s easier than ever to be successful in information technology, as long as you know where to look and aren’t afraid to take that first step.

Unfortunately, many people are left behind by the tidal wave of technology because it is just beyond their comprehension or they can’t seem to keep up. That’s where IT experts come in and it is exactly why it can be so easy to find money-making opportunities if you have the proper amount of technology-based knowledge.

Here are some innovative business ideas related to information technology that you can build a successful business. You can also develop a practical information technology business plan around these niches.

Information Technology Business Ideas for Startups

  • Blog Consulting

In today’s world, blogging is now one of the easiest IT business so many entrepreneurs are venturing into. One drawback is, some so many people don’t even know how to create a blog.

Those that know how to create a blog, don’t know how to customize their blog and know the necessary plugins required to make blogging very easy. I remember charging a lady blogger $25 to help submit her blog to search engine directories and installing Google analytical tools in her blog.

You can make good income monthly as a blog consultant because there are 101 million people who are also a novice when it comes to blogging. You can get them on online forums like Quora and Facebook groups.

You have to be a blogger before you can become a blog consultant so you can perceive as an authority and be trusted (you should know that). Your job is to help them solve any problem they are having with their blog.

  • Web Designing

With the increase of businesses going online, this is the right time to learn this skill, become an expert, and become a web designer. This has shown the business of the 21st century as online space is booming these days.

Businesses can’t afford not having a web presence and with this, they will need a website and a website designer to create one for them. you can register at freelancing sites like Fiverr, Gigbucks, and freelancer.com to get booked and make lots of money.

  • IT Consultant

Business owners need to create websites, learn their way around social media marketing, or just simply learn to use their computer system more efficiently. As an IT consultant, you can offer your services to guide them through these processes and improve their business as a result.

Many people are at a loss when it comes to managing their blogs and a skilled IT consultant can help them dramatically in this area. If you’re an IT expert, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find your niche and start making money.

Repairing computers whether laptops or desktops is also a lucrative information technology business idea. If you have the skill to fix a bad laptop, then you can make money from computer owners.

This is a skill that must be learned, and it does not take time to learn the skill. This is one of the best small business ideas in the information technology field that you can start from home. You can be charging a huge amount for annual maintenance for computers.

  • Computer Training

Here, you can turn your knowledge and experience and turn it into building a successful business. Running a computer training center would be a great information technology-related business idea that can generate steady monthly income.

To increase your income, you just add other services like computer repair, printing, photocopy, typing, etc.

  • Mobile App Developer

With the increase of smartphone users, starting a mobile app developing business will be a very profitable business of a lifetime. You can choose to make mobile apps for IOS or Android phones and make good money from it.

If you pay a visit to Google Play Store or Apple store, you will see that the lowest number of downloads for any apps is not less than 10,000. This shows the profitability of the app developing business.

Just create an app that solves a particular problem, make plans on how you intend to monetize it, and watch the money flow into your bank account.

  • Social Media Consulting

Almost every small and big brands use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for business purpose. This is one big information communication technology business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

The good thing is, not so many businesses know how to use social media to create awareness and convert customers.

This is where you make money if you know how to help brands create awareness and build a large base of social media fans that will help turn into customers in the long term.

  • Start Blogging

Yes, this is another top information technology business startup idea that people are using to generate 6 figures income for themselves. Blogging is just one easy way people are using to make money from the internet.

If you have a passion for writing and sharing information that you are an expert in, then you can succeed with blogging. Though, it is very challenging at the beginning as nobody knows you. But, if you persist and don’t give up, with the time you will start building your email list and start making from either selling affiliate products or your products, making money from Google Adsense, or getting paid for a sponsored post.

  • Graphic Design

If you are very good at designing flyers, logos, business cards, banners, cover photos for books, you can make money doing graphic design. Graphic design is a good business idea for information technology professionals that you can turn into a 5 figure income doing it as a freelancer.

Another trending and highly thriving and profitable business in the infotech industry is the car tracker installation and servicing business.  With the increasing incidences of armed vehicle thefts and other hazards, increasing numbers of people are needed for a service that can guarantee that they can track, demobilize, and recover their vehicles. Also, the business operating fleet of commercial vehicles demands that they can monitor supply routes, fuel consumption, and carry out other measurements, to boost efficiency and bolster income. Therefore starting a vehicle tracking service will throw the entrepreneur into the midst of a market that is both growing and expanding.

Statistics reveal that recycling old electronics like computer monitors and photocopying units has become a veritable landmine for the savvy investor. This is because electronic waste or E-waste can contain substantial quantities of platinum and copper, which can be melted and turned into other useful products like horns and trumpets. What will be required will be initial investments in basic equipment and tools and engaging the services of skilled craftsmen, as well as funds for operational expenses.

As more businesses angle for a share of their target markets, it has become the norm for small businesses to carry out their marketing and promotional campaigns via the use of videos and other related materials. This is because videos convey messages more engagingly and colorfully, which is guaranteed to keep the interest of the customer.

Hence if one has the skills and training in churning out compelling videos suited to the needs and demands of the customer, then this IT business idea could become a profitable venture.

  • Google paid Advert Professional

If you have knowledge of the inner workings of internet marketing and work smoothly with Google, you could turn this proficiency into an IT business idea, by offering services such as managing a company’s Google ad word campaigns. Once you have done well with a customer, then more marketing and word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers will ensure that the business expands.


Individuals visit the internet for many varied reasons. One of them is seeking content on topics and matters such as how to do manuals, fishing, programming, home cooking, etc.

If one has a flair for languages, a specialized form of knowledge about a body of issues and you can creatively convey this knowledge in an understandable form via a blog; then this IT business idea can quickly turn into a viable business venture. Revenue that comes from blogging includes subscriptions from blog followers, network marketing, sponsorship, and other income sources.

Do you have a flair for numbers? Along with large doses of thoroughness and being meticulous? Do you also have an analytical mind, to interpret the patterns and scopes of important figures and statistics? Then are many companies who need to hire someone proficient in data computational analysis.

You can create an online presence, show proof of ability, and charge a reasonable fee, and in no time, this IT business idea will soon begin to flourish.

Other business opportunities:

The information technology business ideas you’re interested in are numerous out there, you just have to take the right steps and market yourself as that go-to IT person no business can live without!