10 Computer-Based Business Ideas To Start From Home

Best Home Based Computer-Related Business Ideas and Opportunities

Many people are starting to look are a home based computer business opportunity. The advantages of starting a computer based home business are immense. Not only will you be able to spend more time with your family but you will become your own boss and therefore decide when you work.

Do you know you don’t even have to be a computer science graduate? So sweet right?

The potential for making money with a computer is unlimited these days. There are millions if not billions of internet-users worldwide and if you decide to start an online business with your computer, a lot of those people can be part of your customer base.

The best work from home computer business opportunity would allow you to grow, expand yourself, make a lucrative income and have a great time. They take little to no initial investment, and you can run them successfully even if you don’t have any entrepreneurial knowledge or experience to start.

All you need to do is find out which idea works best for you and your lifestyle, and that you find appealing enough to keep up. Remember that not every computer based home business is for everyone. You must choose the one you’ll be able to accomplish well and maintain for some time, and even enjoy doing at the same time.

Sit back as I share with you top 10 home based computer business ideas you can start today.

List of Lucrative Small Scale Computer Home Business Opportunities

1. Become a Computer Dealer

I have a friend who is doing this and is making good income from the business. Many people are now buying new computers and computer accessories these days. You can become a dealer to known brands like HP, Dell, and Apple.

My friend sells both new and used computers from home. he has where he buys computer at a cheaper price and it get shipped to him. This is a good home based computer business idea that anybody can venture into as it does not involve much computer knowledge.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is where you make money from selling other people’s products without having to touch them. what you just need in this home based computer business idea is a website where you will gather traffic that you will later send to someone else’s site to purchase their products or services.

There is a great deal of money to be made through an affiliate marketing home computer business. You get a commission from every sale from your affiliate referral link.

3. E-book Sales

This is a million-dollar home based computer business idea that lots of people have made fortunes from. If you love writing and have a good story, you can share your thought about a particular subject with people.

You don’t need any capital to start this home based business idea. All you need is a computer with a Microsoft Word, PDF converter and a selling idea (very important).

You must also not necessary be a writer to make money from eBook selling. You can have a chance to sell someone else’s eBook by buying the right to sell the eBook. There are so many sites online that sells right to anyone to their eBooks. You just need to survey the ones you know that have a large market and you can sell effectively.

4. Freelance Writing

Do you love writing and would love to make money writing for magazines and webmasters? This is one home based computer business that most people working on a job venture into to get side income and plan their exit from their 9 to 5 prison.

With the help of freelancing sites like Fiverr, Gigbucks and others, freelance writing has been made very easy.

5. Blogging

If I don’t have this on my home based business ideas list, then you should know that I don’t know what I am saying.

Blogging is one popular home based business that has made lots of people around the world including me very rich.

There are so many ways to make money from blogging these days and you should take advantage of it very quickly even if you don’t know anything about it. Blogging is one home based business that you don’t finish learning. You learn as you grow.

Conduct a wide research on blogging so you can understand what I am talking about. Most people venture into blogging without knowing what they were doing, but today, they are smiling to the alerts they get from their blog income.

6. Bookkeeping Service

If you have skill in accounting and bookkeeping, then you can offer freelance bookkeeping services to some companies that outsource this services. Every small and big businesses need business accounting so you should develop a practical bookkeeping business plan to start off.

You can make use of some accounting software to assist you prepare financial statement for companies that needs outside bookkeeper.

7. Web Design

Along with the popularity of internet comes the need for more creative designs for web pages.

These does not take much amount of training. It is a very lucrative home based business idea that you can do on a part-time basis. You will need some hardware and software to get the job done, but from then on, you can earn very good money even from a starting customer base.

8. Nanny Referral

I know you must have not heard about this business before in your life. nannies are increasingly demanded by the wealthy to take care of their children and homes. And they don’t want to take the risk of putting their children into the hands of people they don’t trust.

You can start this women home based business by building a website that act as a daycare and nanny referral agency.

Invest in your brand online and offline so people can trust you. Before, you know it, you will start getting request from clients around the world.

9. App Creator and Developer

Do you have the skill to create applications for android and IOS products? You can make money from home building mobile applications that target a specific niche in the marketplace. You can build a game app or a utility app and run third-party advert like Google Adsense on it and make money as more and more people download and use your app.

10. Computer Repair

You can offer home based computer repair services from the comfort of your home. people are looking for any good technician that can repair their computer as they can’t afford to purchase a brand new one.

You can either go to the client house to provide this service or you go pick up the system, take it home, do the repair and return the computer in good shape. You just use the internet (social media platforms) to promote this service and also use flyers too.

There are numerous home based computer business ideas you can exploit if you are looking at the right place. Look at your skill if you have any and suggest which computer home based business idea will be suitable for you.

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