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How To Become A Qualified Satellite TV Installer – JOYTV, DSTV, MULTITV, FTA, TSTV

With the current migration from analogue technology to digital technology in the TV broadcast industry, there is a growing demand for technicians knowledgeable in the installation of satellites that consist of both pay TV and free to air TV satellites.

This has created an increasing demand of the services of these technicians by both individuals and corporate clients.

Some of these digital broadcast platforms include free-to-air satellite installations like Joy TV, Strong among others.

For the pay TV services, they consist of the likes of DSTV, TSTV, Startimes, and GoTV among several others.
Pay TV requires that either a monthly or yearly fee is paid to the service provider to allow for continued enjoyment of its product and services.

These services are usually divided into either premium intermediate or economy subscriptions, each having a unique name given it by the service providers. These are all tailored at providing its clients with packages that fit their financial status.

How Installation Technicians Make their Money

The installation of satellite TV requires that the interested individual undergoes necessary training which is crucial if meaningful progress should be made. The training can last a reasonable period of time required to fully transfer the much needed skill and expertise.

This can be up to 3 to 5 months depending on the schedule chosen by the individual learning the skill. After fully undergoing the corporate training program, the satellite technician can earn a reasonable income, especially if dedicated to work.

Advertising the business is very necessary for its growth and sustainability. To land the first clients, advertising can begin first from the word of mouth marketing. This can be carried out through the help of the trainer who can direct clients the way of the new technician. Satisfying these first clients is crucial to how far the new business will go.

Satisfied clients are more likely to refer their relatives, friends and acquaintances to the new technician, provided his services and charges are reasonable. This gradually breeds customer loyalty which will certainly impact a business positively. Some very key requirements to the success of the business include the following;

Being a Certified Technician with the Cable Company

This greatly enhances the success of the business as certification enables the cable technician to handle more lucrative jobs, especially that of corporate bodies and business entities. Leveraging on this business network will at the end ensure that the technician never lacks installation jobs either for individuals and corporate bodies. Being committed also increases the chances for success.

Constant Update of Knowledge

Do you know about Ellies DSTV installation course? To be relevant in the cable installation business, a cable installation technician needs to continuously update his/her knowledge through the attendance of workshops, seminars and other programs like a refresher satellite dish installation course which constantly update the knowledge of installation technicians on the current industry trends and innovations.

These help the technicians do their work better and more efficiently, resulting in satisfied clients and increased patronage.

Further update of knowledge can be carried out through the use of the internet in conducting researches that will prove beneficial to the business.

Having a Strong Drive/Genuine Interest

To make money installing satellite TV, you must be driven by genuine interest in this field. If money is the only incentive that drives the installation technician, it will still result in the technician being unsatisfied.

A strong passion is necessary for the sustenance of the business and the realisation of a healthy level of growth.

Other technicians driven by financial rewards will eventually quit, while the technician driven by genuine interest and passion will flourish in this business.

Commitment and Attention to Detail

Committing your entire efforts and energy to service is very crucial to the realisation of extra income. Cable/satellite installation technicians that commit their time in going the extra mile on installation jobs they do will most likely win the admiration of their clients who will most likely spread word about the commitment and dedication level of the technician.

In some cases, even when the technician is busy, clients will prefer to put on hold their work even when there are other installation technicians who can as well do the work and wait for the technician that pays extra attention to their needs.

Buying the Required Tools

To make money in the installation of cable TV and satellites, it is important to possess all the necessary tools needed for proper functioning. Because of the importance tools play in making work easy and pleasurable, the technician is able to perform more installation work within a reasonably short period of time, thereby resulting in increased income from the increased number of installation work carried out.

Getting the Best Possible Job Done Within a Reasonably Short Period of Time

The time factor is necessary to making money in the cable TV/satellite installation business. It is therefore necessary that the technician trains himself/herself in getting the best job done within a reasonably short period of time.

This cuts down on time spent on a particular job, thereby allowing for the handling of other jobs that may be outstanding

This article highlights the things required for making money in the satellite installation business. Following the above written steps, the technician is sure to increase his/her income potential.


Are you looking for DSTV business opportunities? Many professionals need DSTV installer jobs. Asides acquiring the raw knowledge and experience, it’s good you attend some dstv installation schools where you can get accredited installation training to become a qualified satellite technician/installer.

How to start DSTV installation business

Satellite TV installers carry out a lot of installation jobs on various sites. They prepare, install and test satellite TV and broadband equipment as well as cable/paid TV. If you are interested in working with Dishes, LNBs, Decoders and other satellite equipment pieces, you can train to become a satellite installer.

This business does need not need you to spend a lot time in school. In fact most professionals have only diplomas and professional certifications of multichoice agent training. This because experience which is the key to getting installation jobs for your business can only be acquired through practice.

Learn How To Become A DSTV Accredited Installer, Set Up A School To Give Satellite Installation Training.

Some skills are necessary if you want to become a professional satellite installer include sound mathematical skills, keeping up-to-date with new technology, good colour vision and not being afraid of height

When setting up your satellite installation business, a robust knowledge of business administration is needed. This will help your business market effectively and grow a large database of loyal clients. Yo will also need to partner with retailers and repairers of electronic devices and satellite installation equipment so as to promote your brand.

Requirements To Become An Accredited DSTV Installer: MYTV, DSTV, GOTV, MULTITV, FTAs, DAERSAT, FLYTV, VSAT

To apply for a license to become a qualified and accredited DSTV installer, you must have a registered business outfit, operating fully from your own premises for not less than 12months with update VAT records, functional emails and fax facilities.

Your installation team must have their own set of recommended installation equipment and your company must have done at least thirty DStv installations.


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