9 Telecommunication Business Ideas and Opportunities for Engineers


Do you know how to start a telecommunication business? Are you interested in small telecom business opportunities? Are you looking for new business ideas for telecom engineers?

When Alexander Graham Bell established the Bell Telephone Company in 1877, I’m sure he didn’t know he had just planted the seed for a multibillion-dollar business. Of course, he never lived to earn a billion dollars. However, we who are alive in this age and time should be able to enjoy the dividends of the telecom industry.

In this age and time, telecommunication is very important. It involves using tech to facilitate communication between individuals and organizations. The telecommunications industry is very large and has a lot of components.

Some of the components include; communication systems to gadgets, engineers, and a whole lot of other proponents.

For those looking to cash in on innovative telecom products and services, below I shall be showing you a few business opportunities in the telecom sector.


Smart Phone Sales

About everyone uses a smartphone nowadays. And smartphone makers and vendors alike are smiling to the bank. The lure of smartphones is that they can do about everything your desktop can do.

And as we love to be mobile in today’s’ world, the market for smartphones will continue to rise. This means there is a lot of profit to be made for those wanting to get into sales or production, especially in Africa and parts of Asia.

Smart Phone Repairs

This is another market with a lot of potentials, especially in parts of the world where smartphones are considered a luxury. Though not as large as the manufacturing market, it is still big none the less. You can liaise with a phone maker and open a care center for that particular product. With this, you’ll be able to get the phone parts at a discounted price.

One-Stop IT Shop

Here you can combine both sales of phones, accessories and even repairs of these phones. The idea for this is to offer all phone-related services. Like the installation of apps and games, downloading of songs and ringtones, and then routing and upgrading of phone OS. Depending on what your market is like. This is a sure way to earn money in this mobile phone crazed world.

Phone Manufacturer

This is very out of the reach of a lot of people, both financially and technologically. However, if you have a lot of money to invest or can put together several people who can raise this fund, then, this is a good venture.

Also because the Android OS is built on open-source code and free, this will make everything easier.

All you need to do is get the money together and hire a team to design you a phone idea.

Phone sales are increasing in many parts of the world, such as South America, Asia, and Africa. Therefore, there’s still a large market for phones, both smartphones, and “dumb” phones.

Manufacture of Phone related Accessories

Phones need things such as power banks, memory cards, USB cords, earphones, protective screens, and the rest. Most of the phone manufacturing companies do not make the accessories.

Therefore, you don’t need to be a phone manufacturer to make these accessories. And sometimes, phone manufacturing companies outsource the production of some of their components/ accessories. Therefore, in this business you’ll be having two markets; the phone makers and the phone users.

Telecoms Service Provider

We will always need to communicate. Therefore, no matter how bad the economy of a nation is telecoms service providers will never go out of business. This is a very capital and labor-intensive project and not everyone can get into it. However, if you have the cash or the technical know-how this is a great telecoms business to be involved in.

Sales of Airtime and Printing of Recharge Cards

For you to make calls or use the internet, you need to buy airtime. The printing of recharge cards and sales of them is something not every telecom company concerns themselves with. Some companies do this. And you can start one. Now, this is not as capital intensive as starting a telecoms service providing company.

With printers, the right software, and a few other things, you can start this business. You can also sell airtime, electronically. This you can do from the comfort of your home. Apart from airtime for calls, one can also sell data bundles from the comfort of their homes. The bigger you invest in this business; the more profit you’d have.

However, this can be done with little capital.

Outsource Call Centre

This business can be done in two ways, from home or in a big way. So if you are to do this from home all you need is a laptop internet connection and of hands-free for your phone. Some companies like to outsource their customer care activities.

Some of these companies now, in turn, hire freelancers. That is those who are going to be doing the talking. Whichever way you want to do this; the choice is yours.

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