A data center business is a capital-intensive one. This is because running this business successfully requires a lot of computers.

Amazingly, that’s not all that is required. Also required is a standard facility where the computers will be kept, a constant power supply, security from theft and manipulations, and occasional backup to files to keep the business running.

This is one reason huge companies and government agencies primarily handle it. Government agencies mainly control this business, which does not mean regular individuals can’t run it.

To start a data center business, you will need a business plan. This article contains a data center business plan sample. It contains all that you need to write a good business plan.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a colocation data center agency.

BUSINESS NAME: Btech Data Centre Company

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Btech data Centre Company is a data Centre that is located in New York City.

It is owned by a group of friends and was established to meet the needs of residents of New York City as well as other parts of the United States.

In as much as we are in this business in order to make profit, that is not the only reason we are in this business. The major reason we are in this business is to make available to our clients trustworthy, and a fast data center.

This will be regardless of whatever application that our clients decide to run.

To make top quality services available to our clients, we are looking to get the best equipment available and make use of them in a standard facility. Also, we intend to employ individuals that are not only skilled but have the ability to meet very tight deadlines.

Products and Services

At Btech data Centre Company, we will make available data services of a very high standard to all our clients. We intend to make this possible by offering the following services

  • Trainings
  • Consultancy
  • Services such as VPS, dedicated, Co-locative etc.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Btech data center company is to make a trustworthy and fast data center available to our clients.

This does not consider whatever application they decide to run on our data centre. In about 10 years after we get started, we aim to make it to the list of the top 10 choice data centres in New York City.

Mission Statement

To make our vision a reality, we will ensure that we make a choice of the right location for our business. We will also get the best equipment and the right staff who understands our vision and can run with it.

Business Structure

The right or wrong business structure can make or mar a business. We are very much aware of this fact.

As a result of this, we are not going to take our business structure lightly. We have taken it upon ourselves to get a conducive working environment for our employees.

Also, we will only hire competent employees who can carry out whatever responsibility is assigned to them perfectly. At Btech data Centre Company, we will be offering a wide range of services.

This means we will be hiring professionals that are the best at what they do. With this, we will have only the best hands working with us.

Market Analysis
Market Trend

Some years ago, data centres were not fully automated. We did such things as plugging and the unplugging of network cables manually.

This created some sort of limitation. However, at the moment, with latest innovations, data centres are now fully automated. This has made data centers much more efficient than they used to be.

Target Market

After carrying out a series of thorough research. We have finally selected a group of individuals from the huge market available to data centres.

Some of the sectors that we target include the oil and gas industry, the energy industry, the healthcare sector, the financial sector, the public sector, and the telecom sector.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

At Btech data Centre Company, we aim to market our brand by doing the following.

  • Giving discounts to our clients throughout the first month of running our business
  • Offering good and top notch services to our clients
  • Giving our clients the best treatment possible

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

From the day we set out to start this business, we knew it would require a lot from us both in time and cash. We are looking to run this project with $1,000,000. We already have half of that amount.

We were able to get this half from our savings and from loans and gifts from friends and family. You will get the remaining 50% of the amount needed to start this company from the bank.

Competitive Advantage

As far as data center business is concerned, we are not interested in being just a face in the crowd.

We want to become a force to be reckoned with. We are looking to achieve this by offering only top quality services to our esteemed clients.


The above business plan sample is a business plan sample for the data center company, Btech data center company. It is owned by a group of friends with a joint working experience of over 50 years.

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