Sample Photocopy Shop Business Plan


Do you need a feasibility study about photocopying services? I always encourage people to open a business center/photocopy shop because of the relative ease of starting up and running the business.

Even with the availability of photocopy and printing machines, people do not like to buy this equipment and keep it in their homes because they do not use it all the time, they prefer patronizing photocopy and printing service centers around and this is good news for you.

The business is lucrative and never goes out of season as there will always be an increase in the number of people needing the services your shop offers; people like students who continually need printing and photocopy services for their assignments and projects, professionals who need quality printing services for the promotion of their businesses, authors who need to make thousands of copies for their books, and many others.

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You do not need any formal business education or experience before you can do this type of business. However, you would need a proper copy and print business plan sample for you to do this the right way and make maximum photocopy business profit.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a small print and copy shop.



  • Executive summary
  • Products and services
  • Vision statement
  • Mission statement
  • Business structure
  • Market analysis
  • Publicity
  • Cost of starting
  • Sources of capital
  • Conclusion


MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE is a registered enterprise in the business servicing industry that will run a standard firm.

We have been able to secure an office in Atlanta which will serve as our business base and we have plans to grow our business and spread it by having many more stores scattered all around Georgia.

We will target key areas in the state that have establishments like universities, courts, licensing offices, immigration consulting firms, and centers, that complement the services we offer.

At MATTYPAPERS ENTERPRISE, we will be handling all kinds of business services like typing of documents, the printing of documents, laminating, photocopying, scanning, and any other business support service our customers ask for.

MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE is already aware that there are several business support centers already in Atlanta, and this is the reason behind the extensive feasibility studies we carried out to make sure that we stand out with the quality services and lower rates we will offer customers. We will also have a customer service that is second to none throughout Georgia and take extra measures to ensure that those who patronize us have the best when they use any of our services.

MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE is a firm founded by Matilda Watson. The business is governed by the founder and close members of the family. The manager of MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE will be Emmanuel Watson who studied business management and has ample experience in running a business. With his expertise, we see MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE going places, even beyond the shores of Georgia and the USA.


Our firm will offer the following products and services to customers;

  • Typing, printing, laminating, scanning and photocopying of documents
  • Reprographic services
  • Faxing services
  • Sale of calling cards and greeting cards
  • Wide range of office support services
  • Blueprinting services
  • Private mailbox rental services


Our vision is to establish world-class business service centers and photocopy shops all over the city of Georgia.


Our mission is to build our photocopy shops and business centers to satisfy the needs of the residents of Atlanta, Georgia and wherever our shops are located.


We have taken all the measures necessary to ensure that MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE has a standard structure full of competent and honest workers. MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE will have a structure that looks like this;

  • Chief executive officer/owner of the business
  • Human resources manager
  • Marketing and sales manager
  • Operators of the business centers
  • Accountant
  • Customer service personnel
  • Delivery drivers


Our firm will target customers from establishments complementing ours. We will place our kiosks close to them and seek customers from there.


We know that the best form of advertising is a satisfied customer and will focus on that. We will also use social media and billboards to publicize our services.


After much research and consultations, the results show that to start up this business, we will need the sum of $80,000 minimum. This will cover the cost of equipment and wages for manpower for the first month.


The founder of MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE will be the sole financier of the business; she will also get extra funds via loans from the bank.


MATTY PAPERS ENTERPRISE will operate as a family business from Georgia. The growth of this business will provide job opportunities for young people in Atlanta, Georgia and chosen home states where kiosks will be located.

We are committed to doing all that is permitted by the laws of the United States to achieve our goal.

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