10 Side Business Ideas For Weekends – Part Time Entrepreneur

Small Side Business Ideas And Part-Time Weekend Opportunities

In our present world, it seems it is becoming difficult to make ends meets just with only one source of income.

Therefore, many people (even those who have a job) are looking at the possibilities of starting their own extra-income business. And interestingly, it is good to know that a handful of such cheap businesses can be run from the comfort and privacy of our home.

Nevertheless, as with every form of businesses, it is important to first conduct some basic market research and try knowing how many people in one’s immediate area (or elsewhere) are interested in the proposed product or service (plus would be willing and able to pay money for it).


Why all these? What is the significance? Well, this is simply defining your market and also pinpointing your customers. You need to understand that the more precise and detailed your plan, the easier it will be for you to start a side business.

Starting a Side Business – Step by Step Guide

Interested in small side business planning tips? If YES, here is a practical guide on a side business.

Starting a side business while employed comes with a lot of brainstorming as several business ideas may seem good on the surface but require a lot of analysis and critical decisions to be made in making them become success stories.

A side business by nature is any business that creates time for the owner to do other things, which in many cases may mean being fully employed.

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Employed persons are mostly held up by work at their primary workplaces. However, starting a side business from home which is well planned and efficiently run can make the difference. The age of information and communication has made the realization of this objective very possible.

To start a side business, there are vital things that must be put in place to achieve this goal. They include the following;

  • Have the Drive to Start One

Starting a side business is first driven by a desire. This, in some cases, maybe a result of dissatisfaction with the current wages being paid at a job being held. In other cases, the desire to start a side business may be fueled by a passion or hobby.

Whatever the case may be, there must be a drive. The drive to establish a side business will lead to eventually realizing the goal. Having a strong desire will sustain the vision, which will eventually end up in its implementation.

  • Putting the Business Idea to the Test

Starting a side business involves a lot of processes that are all aimed at reaching a logical conclusion where these products or services developed by the business are demanded by the buying public. Having the desire to start a side hustle business is not enough as there are other equally important measures to take.

Desire without knowledge on how to start one may likely fail. Thus, starting a side business requires proper feedback on the level of desirability of the product or service. We may have a business idea and think it is very good, while in the real sense, it may not be desirable to consumers.

  • The Time Factor

Time is an important consideration when starting a side business as a student or worker. Because there are other equally important things being done, such as being employed in a job, a side business should allow for ample time to focus on the primary job, while still being able to run this business (the side business) effectively. A side business should have a characteristic of not being too demanding on the business owner.

If a side business is demanding on the owner of such a business, then there is a likelihood the business may fold up or experience stagnation, or at best a slowdown in growth. Time is of the essence for every business, especially side businesses.

  • Does the Business Have Any Advantage Over Others?

For a side business to thrive, you have to organize the operations which cover either the products, services, or both. The products and services should be such that they have an advantage over similar products/services available in the market place.

Starting a side business requires diligently developing products and services that will perform in the open market.

There should be a distinction in the products and services being offered by the business.

Having an edge stands a side business out from its peers and creates an increased traffic/demand for the product and service. Thus, serious consideration must be given to this aspect of the business.

  • Getting Help for Difficult Situations

When starting a side business, difficulties always arise. These difficulties may be those easily solved by the owner or those beyond the capacity of the business owner to solve.

Therefore, it is important to outsource jobs to competent hands whenever the need arises. There are aspects of the business which the business owner does best, while there are also those which he/she may not have the capability to do effectively.

  • De-emphasize Interference Between Work and Business

For every side business, there are times when the difference between work and business may seem so faint.

At these times, caution should be exercised as one or both may likely suffer as a result of this. To stay focused, a clear plan or work schedule should be drafted to ensure that work does not infringe on business hours and vice versa.

Starting a side business requires careful thought to be given to the process of doing business as well as how much time should be given to each (that is, clearly separating work from a business).

  • Only Move at the Right Time

Starting a side business involves a lot of processes as well as goals and targets. If well run, a side business will reach a point where it starts becoming more demanding on the owner of the business. With growth comes more sales and patronage from clients and customers.

At this point, serious consideration should be given to quitting the day job and opting for the business. Committing more time to the business will result in speedy growth and increased patronage for the business.

When it eventually reaches this stage, it is no longer called a side business, but a full-time business. Existing structures of the business are improved upon to drive more growth and sales.

10 Most Lucrative Weekend Business Ideas & Side Opportunities to Start From Home 

Do you want to make money running a side business? Are you interested in running a weekend business while still keeping your day job? Want to set up side businesses to test your entrepreneurial drive?

Whatever may be your reason for looking for weekend business ideas, I have packaged the top 10 part-time businesses you can start today. In many countries, people start a weekend business as a fallback plan should they lose their job.

1. Rabbit Rearing

Oryctolagus cuniculus (the domestic rabbit), are prolific breeders that are said to produce large quantities of tasty meat.

It is reported that their rate of production is faster than that of pigs, goats, or sheep. Yes, rabbits have a short gestation period of 27-33 days, and can even rebreed immediately after giving birth to young ones! You can make cool money by raising them at your leisure.

2. Party Equipment Rentals

Renting party equipment has become a big business (especially in many big cities). Such things as canopies, drums, chairs, cooking utensils, table cloth, etc, are in hot demand by party organizers.

I know about three people doing this new side business, and they have one thing in common: it’s being run as a good side business.

3. Laundry And Ironing Service

Every one of us has dirty clothes for laundry and ironing. But the fact remains that many of us don’t have time to do it all. Hey, why not capitalize? If your space is large enough to store all the clothes, give it a thought.

4. Firewood Delivery Service

Many times, those things being looked down on do bring lots of money. With the price of fuel and oil rising, many people are now turning back to wood stoves and fireplaces to prepare their food. Why because wood is easy to burn (and is less expensive when compared to oil and gas).

If you have access to any type of timber or trees, you can be making money providing chopped and split wood to those using wood for cooking. And if you aren’t strong enough to do the cutting, you can hire someone, and then deliver the wood to houses and retailers.

5. Chalk Production

This business is very lucrative in our country today. And that’s because the market is quite large and the supplies are few.

Chalk is used by schools (government-owned, private, higher institutions, etc.) and this business can be done right from one backyard and can be either a one-person business or a family business, or a large enterprise

6. Small Poultry

Poultry business is one of the profitable side business opportunities you can start from your backyard with 40 to 400 bids. You get someone experienced to help you set up the pen.

And you need to know that waste management in poultry is very important because if not properly handled, it will actually affect the growth, production, and bird performance. A single bird can give an average of 730 eggs within 2 years.

7. Fish Farming

Quite a few people have made a lot with fish farming (the population is swelling and we need more protein).
Simply create a space behind your house or build concrete fish tanks. Buy fingerlings and feed them for 4 to 6 months, then sell hugely. Ensure you monitor the tanks for hygiene issues, because it’s very essential.

8. Snail Farming

Snail meat is affirmed to be very safe (plus highly nutritious). The best period to commence snail farming is the rainy season. One can begin with about 50-60 snails to have good knowledge about how snail breeding works.

9. Plantain Chips

People enjoy chewing delicacies. The more you produce, the more money you make. Why because, many people love plantain chips.

10. Yam Flour

Processed yam flour is an easy method for the preservation of yam and making them available all year round for consummation. Also, it enhances the storage process and the movement of the product. Again, the preservation process may be supplemented with the usage of chemical preservatives (which is quite common in many markets).


1. —–» Gathering And Selling Antiques

During the weekdays, you can enjoy yourself gathering antiques from estate auctions, home cleanouts, and garages.

These materials can fetch you a lot of money if you can rent a place where you display antiques for sale during weekend fairs. This is one of the best part-time home-based business ideas.

2. —–» Computer Training Services

If you are versatile in the use of computer packages such as excel, windows, Coreldraw, etc, set up weekend training classes and personal tutorials for people who are interested in sharpening their skills in these areas. Another avenue to make money is to write an ebook or make a training video that can b put for sale during such classes. This is a great side business idea for students.

3. —–» Customized Fashion Accessories And Jewelry

Creativity is all you need. There is a lot of money to be made from customized fashion accessories such as Ankara shoes and bags. Materials ranging from clay, paper-mache, and recycled materials are cheap and readily available.

Your crafts can attract a lot of money at shows, holiday boutiques, and craft exhibitions.

4. —–» Garage And Home Cleaning Service

This is another top weekend business opportunities. Cleaning out the pantry, garage, etc during weekends is a tedious task for most people.

As such, they are ready to pay good money to get this chore done. If you have the physical strength to clean and haul, you can look into starting a business of helping with cleanout. The good thing is you may come across recyclable materials that may fetch you good money in the market too.

5. —–» Handyman – Fix It, Make Money

Do you have the skill to repair broken doors, windows, roof, etc? Most people especially senior citizens will call your line to help them fixed broken items within the house. Advertise in dailies, drop fliers in different parts of the city, you would be surprised at the number of calls from people who want you to help them fix leaky and broken facilities within their homes.

6. —–» Party Tent And Chair Rental Business

Many retirees and people who are not sure of what their current job holds have started investing in chairs and tent rental business. White plastic chairs, tarpaulin tents, and mobile toilets go for a good sum of money when they are put for rent. Asides from the money for maintenance and minor replacement, you don’t have to spend much after procuring these items which have the potential of generating money every weekend if you plan your business well.

This business deserves to be among the top weekend business ideas and opportunities.

7. —–» Body Building Coach

Because people from different walks of life want to keep fit, the need to get a personal trainer is paramount. A trainer will assist in ensuring that bodybuilding exercises are done correctly and get paid handsomely in return. Market your skills, promote your business by spreading the word at swimming and recreation clubs, health spas, stadiums, and other sport centers.

8. —–» Plant Leasing and Maintenance

Here is another practical business on my list of weekend work ideas. You can make decent money by helping people enhance the greenery in their residential and business work environments.

With a delivery van, it is easy to grow your clients for this venture, gradually by incorporating routine pruning, watering, and fertilization programs.

9. —–» Customizing T-Shirts, Bags, caps, etc

Are you good at painting and designs? You can display your ideas on shirts by customizing them with print designs and texts.

Customized t-shirts are hot products that can make you a steady flow of income if you can promote your brand. This is one of the best side business ideas even for university students.

10. —–» Paper And Plastic Recycling Business

I know a couple of people who are into this business big time.

Although it appears like a part-time business, these people have channeled in lots of energy and determination to the point that what they make during weekends alone is about the same as what they earn for the week at their day jobs.

This list of ideas on having a part-time business from home is not exhaustible. With determination and careful planning, starting a small part-time business from home is a sure way to expand your streams of income.

Part-Time Business Ideas with Low Investment

Part-time businesses have become a growing trend. This is even more common among persons unwilling to let go of their day jobs.

If you belong to this category, you’d find several part-time business ideas you can start with minimum investment here. These are proven ideas that have been successfully implemented.

No matter your existing work schedule, these part-time ideas will prove invaluable to achieving your goal.

  • Affiliate Marketing

This is a great part-time business idea you can set up easily. Here, you are practically marketing someone else’s products. So, you require no capital investment whatsoever to begin. But how does this business work?

Many businesses offer affiliate positions to interested persons. When you apply, you receive a unique tracking link.

This applies to every product you choose to market.

These products can be displayed on your website or blog. Consequently, any click leading to a purchase attracts a commission.

  • Sell Video Courses or E-books

This type of part-time business relies on skill. In other words, conveying your expertise or ideas in video or written form. In addition to skill, your niche will count too. Therefore, you have to choose the right niche.

And what exactly does that mean? It simply has to do with topics having the most demand. Of course, you need to have the capacity to meet the demand.

So, by creating videos and e-books on your areas of interest (it must have a ready audience), your part-time business gets the attention and patronage it deserves. A steady stream of relevant content must be created too.

  • Create a YouTube Channel

If creating interesting video content is your thing, then a YouTube channel is a must-have. But then we have to say that it requires consistency in content creation. Your niche also matters.

We recommend you dwell on your strengths and competencies. This makes it easier to attract a loyal audience. Prior research is also a necessity. This allows you to have a clear understanding of what you are speaking of.

  • Home Appraisal Services

The services of home appraisal experts are vital to the real estate industry. Though it requires low investment, there’s the need to show some form of qualifications. This is in addition to knowledge about the real estate industry.

Basically, qualifications like professional licenses and training should form part of your credentials. This can easily be run as a low investment, part-time business.

  • Online Dating Professional

The internet has impacted heavily on dating behavior. As a result, the services of dating coaches and professionals have witnessed a rising demand. This is one business idea you can start with little or nothing.

But first, you need to demonstrate your capacity for this undertaking. This means marketing your skills effectively.

Because of the delicate nature of love, you’d need to carefully design your services. But more than anything else, you’d need to have a schedule. This is because we are talking about a part-time business.

Your clientele should have set times to chat with you directly.

  • Become a Massage Therapist

People are increasingly seeing the health benefits of undergoing massage therapy sessions. This skill can easily be learned by attending a training course. In addition to getting trained is the need to be fully licensed.

Now, different states have different licensing requirements. Hence, you’d need to find out what applies to your location.

A massage therapy business that can be set up and operated on a part-time basis. You will also need to purchase a few pieces of equipment.

  • FOREX Trading

Do you find currency dynamics interesting? If you do, we’re happy to tell you that you can actually profit from it.

There are tons of online video tutorials, articles, and books that teach you how to.

The best part is, it can be operated on a part-time basis. You also have a low investment option. But we must say the risks are considerably high. This requires adequate preparation to avoid losing your investments.

  • Part-Time Dance Instructor

You can monetize your dancing skills by becoming a part-time dance instructor. This is one business you can successfully establish without affecting your day job.  Your success as a part-time dance instructor depends on your location. You can still earn a decent income while doing other things.

  • Pet Grooming Service

This part-time business idea is ideal for pet lovers. You can offer your spare time to care for and groom pets for clients.

This is even more viable because pet owners may have limited time to meet all their pet needs. You need a few tools which cost little, to begin with.

In addition to pet grooming, dog walking should also be an area to consider. You can maintain multiple clients too. A growing number of people own pets including dogs. Not only that, a single household may keep more than one.

Thus, it presents an opportunity for you to thrive and grow your business.

  • Airbnb Host

If you have an extra room to spare, then being an Airbnb host may be the right move to make. Apart from offering you a part-time business opportunity, you also spend minimally in setting up. Of course, you’d have to keep the rooms tidy. These should also be ready at all times.

  • Selling Stock Photos Online

People appreciate good photography. They’re also ready to buy the same online. Therefore, this is an opportunity to turn a passion into a business. People are willing to buy your beautiful shots. What more? Starting this business won’t cost you a fortune. You also get to choose your work schedule.

These are a few part-time business ideas that require low capital investment. Not only are these viable, but they can also grow into large enterprises. However, good such ideas are, little or nothing can be achieved without proper planning and implementation.

Essential Tools For Starting a Profitable Side Business Even While Employed

In a world where human needs are insatiable, a time where people are always striving to achieve more, a time where the proceeds from the normal 8 to 5 job isn’t really meeting the needs and requirements of the family, a good side business comes in handy.

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Also, if you are one of those aspiring to one day, quit your job and become fully self-employed, having a side business is the best way to start.

A side business is something you venture into along with your full-time job. It doesn’t necessarily have to be because the money you are earning on your full-time job isn’t enough, although I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t do without a little extra cash, it could be just for the fun of it or the advantage of being your own boss in a little way.

One of the best parts about having a side business is that it could actually be your hobby. This is relevant because come to think of it, most people are not really happy with their jobs and only remain there because that is their only source of income.

Hence doing something you love on the side and earning a little income from it could help in giving you a more satisfying life.

To start a profitable side business, there are some essential tools you need. Some of these are outlined below…

• Technology and Online Services 

The first tool you need to consider when you have got that great business plan you want to get started on is technology. Technology has made it easier to get access to a wide range of customers in the shortest possible time.

Most business transactions ranging from buying and selling to bank transactions are done online when people are at the comfort of their homes or their own convenience. Hence it is one of the essential tools needed when venturing into any business.

You could startup with just a laptop and a modem. Taking your side business online saves you the stress of going around advertising to different people since this could be done easily on your office desk.

• Social Media

Social media has become a whole new world on its own from which you can reach thousands of customers. Make your business presence felt on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Pinterest, and the likes.

Post about your business products and services. Social media is one of the best advertising platforms and of course, it is free (or I might say cheap since you are using data).

• Website

Taking your business online doesn’t just end with opening a Facebook page, posting Twitter feeds, and etcetera,  it involves taking a step further by creating a website for your business, and of course to do so, a web hosting service is needed.

Web hosting service allows your website to be accessible via the World Wide Web. It stores the files that make up your website on a server, which are then uploaded directly to the web. A good website makes it easier for clients to get access to your business.

Endeavor to get a good website; you could get someone to design one for you if you are not good at doing so. As soon as you get one up and running, do not limit contents to write-ups, texts, or images, but a mixture of infographics, videos, or images.

This is because it doesn’t just end with owning a website, the content in it is what keeps bringing your customers back.

• Medium for Payment

The next tool needed for starting a profitable side business after owning a website is a medium for payment. Customers who patronize you online would require a medium to pay bills when they purchase your goods or services.

Therefore you will need software that allows bills to be paid online. You could start up with having an account number through which bills can be paid and gradually as your business grows, move on to get a shopping cart software.

• Create an App for your Business

I once heard someone say, “there is an app for everything, so why can’t there be an app for your business?” Creating an app that is user friendly could help in taking your side business to the next level.

You could pay someone to develop an app for you about your business. Apart from it helping you keep inventory even when you are not online, a good app could easily notify you when a customer needs your attention.

• Delivery Service

Since you would not like your side business to interfere with your full-time job, it would be ideal to get delivery service providers that can move your products to your customers. Get all these in place and watch how your side business grows to yield massive profits.

This article has focused on starting a side business and ideas you can invest in, as well as the requirements to consider before starting one. The above are helpful tips which if used wisely will result in a successful side business that will eventually grow to full-time status.