Campus Business Ideas – Small Business Ideas College Students

Are you looking for ideas for campus business? Do you need profitable campus business ideas that require little or no investment?

What are the best small scale business ideas For college students?


The Campus can never be separated from manuals and hand outs from lectures. You can utilize that opportunity to be the class agent for these manuals. The moment it is being handed out by the lecturer, you take the pain and run the photocopy for everyone interested. And you charge them for your service.

You don’t even have to invest a dime, simply make a deal with the business center and they will allow you run the copies on credit, which you pay later after you must have sold the manuals to your fellow students. This is one of the potential small business ideas for college students.


A practical example of good business ideas on a college campus is helping others academically. As we all know that what most lecturers do is to come to class and give lengthy notes without even an explanation, which is always an issue for some students who write so slowly.

You can play on their weakness and charge them for writing their note for them. You charge them high as not writing is not an easy task.


You don’t necessary have to wash here as that could be quite tedious. Simply get your colleagues that will want to look good but are lazy to iron their shirts. Charge them per shirt and you will be surprised how many people will turn up for your services.

•    SOUP COOKING This will go well for the ladies. You know how amateur guys are when it comes to preparing soups and so on. You could offer to do this and get paid. It could be run as a home service or you have a spot where they all can come and get their soups cooked. You can even go the extra mile of assisting them in getting the ingredients. With this, you charge them more.


Are you looking for university campus business ideas? Do you have a blender and you even do nothing with it? Why not turn it into a money-making machine and start helping your hostel mates to get their pepper blended at a fee.

You charge them for the level of smoothness they desire and you will surely get some returns through this.


You can assist the lazy students in your hostel to do this and don’t be surprised how many of them will sign up for your service. It might sound odd, but you don’t need to care as your focus is making extra income for yourself.


This might require some expertise, but at least it is not some task that is so hard to accomplish. But if you have the skills, why not utilise it and start making money with it. Painting is one profitable business ideas while in campus.


Another good example of college campus business ideas is to run errands for other students. Don’t consider it as a slave-job or whatsoever, you simply package yourself and you will be respected. You can just open a twitter handle and let orders be made online by anyone that needs your service. They tweet at you and you get what they want for them and you are paid.


Need business ideas while in university? You can assist your colleagues with their assignments if you are well-versed with the internet. You simply gather a lot of information on the given assignment and you sell unique answers to each of them. This even makes you charge them more. Trust me, this is one lucrative example of business ideas on a college campus.


Some people are late comers. Make money from them by helping them book a space at the front row in class and you are being paid for this service. This is a classical type of innovative business ideas for college students.

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This is something have not noticed on campuses. You can have beautiful backdrops made of leather o flex that people can use in snapping photos. You simply copyright it with the SUG that no one will use the idea for like 2 years.

People that need beautiful backgrounds for their picture will definitely have to pay you. You can even design the backdrop like an event backdrop with different logos.


There are students with cars on every campus. Just go to them and help with their cars. They will even pay you more for rendering a home service on that.


This is simply helping other students clean their flash drive with original anti-virus. Most of the flash drives around are carrying a lot of viruses simply because most students utilise fake anti-virus. You simply take the pain of purchasing an original one, which might not cost more than N10,000 and you charge everyone that needs to clean their external devices.

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Don’t be surprised that some students don’t know how to operate the computer. Offer to train them on the basic computing or even how to browse the internet and they will pay you massively for this.


This is another means through which you can make a lot of money on campus. The most important thing you need to have is blogging knowledge, once you have this you are good to go. You might not even have a computer system. The training can be run at the cyber cafe for a start and as time goes on, you get your own personal PC


Do you have a washing machine, and then you can charge other students to use your gadget or better still run it for them and they pay you.