Goat business is good business. And goat meat is sweet whether you like it or not.

If you’re planning on starting a goat farming business, the information you need is right in this post.

Starting a profitable goat raising and breeding business can be a profitable and enjoyable business if you have the basic knowledge about profitable business in goat farming in India.

A gallery which is also known as the system of rearing goat is a business that requires less capital but a good knowledge of the business idea. It is widely advisable to get in touch with someone who has been into the business for help and assistance.

This person must have been involved for years in dairy and meat goat farming.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a goat farm and a free feasibility study you can use.

A good business plan is needed in determining the profitability of the goat farming business. Before starting hybrid goat farming, you should know what a business plan is and how you can come up with one.

It is not easy. It’s just your plan for this lucrative business, an example is dairy farming in Canada.

When to start selling Boer goats, how to market them, your goals, etc, all these are contained in a well-prepared comprehensive feasibility study of cattle, sheep, and goat farming, etc.

Small Scale Goat Farming For Profit

Modern goat meat production is widely accepted by all ages, cultures, religions, and races. There is no restaurant or local eatery that does not sell goat meat.

That shows that is widely sorted for and makes the business a very lucrative business.


Advantage of rearing Goats

  • The initial investment is relatively low compared to other emerging agribusiness opportunities in livestock farming, for instance, goat raising in backyard confinement in Cebu.
  • Goats can withstand harsh weather conditions. So the farmhouse is not a priority though necessary.
  • Goats are accepted by all religious bodies. It is even used in ceremonial feasting and can also be used for payment in some traditional settings.
  • The slaughtering and raising of goat for milk in the backyard are very easy without environmental problems compares to other farm animals.
  • The goat is a multi-purpose farm animal. Milk, meat, skin, and manure can be gotten from goats.

Goat Products

Firstly, you must be sure about what you want to sell from your goat farm. You have to go to a nearby market and get the necessary information about which goat is in high demand in the market.

Otherwise, you might lose your money, an example is buying a handbook farming guide, tips, and video.

Rear goats that can easily be sold in a nearby local market instead of stressing yourself looking for buyers from a distant location. The appropriate vegetation and area of land required for goat farming are some of the land requirements you must meet.

However, if you have the facilities of marketing your products to an international country, then you can establish all the products but make a good decision about what you will be producing in your goatee.


Goat meat has low cholesterol. If your goat farm is furnished with the necessary farming equipment and resources, you can focus on producing goat mainly for meat purposes.

A good breed of goat mainly for meat are; Boer, Black Bengal, Matou, etc.


Goats milk is easily digestible than cow milk. This milk has a high demand in the local and international markets. If you know that the demand for goat meat is high in a market nearby to you.

Then you can produce milk from your goat farm. Dairy goats are; Anglo-Nubian, Saanen, Alpine, etc.


Extra money can also be earned by selling goat manure. It is a very quality organic fertilizer.


Few species of goat breeds have high skin quality. But all goats have skin.

Black Bengal is a perfect goat breed for your farming business that produces high skin. But I don’t think this market is high.

Some Advice on Goat Farming Basics For Profit

1. Always try to make your good house to be hygienic because the goat also suffers from various diseases especially during gestation if not properly taken care of.

You can get pictures of small-scale goat farming house designs on the internet. Make sure the necessary vaccines are given to the goats regularly.

2. You should have a plan concerning your managing and offering your goats for sale.

A typical breeder goat farm takes 2-3 years before you start generating income. The process of having a plan will help you understand the business aspect of a sustainable goat farm business in Atlanta.

3. Choose a suitable location (how much land is required for goat farming?) to set up your indoor goat farming project closer to where there can easily get food.

This will saves you the stress of going the far distance to get grass for raising goats. If the location is closer to a bush, you can just free them in the evening and let them feed themselves.

4. Please, by all means, buy your goats yourself. After you have decided on what type of pet and pygmy goats you want to be rearing that will give you a good profit margin.

Go to the market and buy your goats yourself. Interact with experienced goat farmers to get more assistance. You can also get books and project report on how to do goat farming and donate goats online

5. Lastly, consider your current income and budget when keeping a pet and commercial goat and sheep farming and also consider some other factors too related to the business.

You don’t want to start a commercial goat farming business in Nigeria which you won’t succeed at.

I hope this information about organic goat farming feeding and management has brought lots of relief and help to you?

Don’t bother yourself with how lucrative meat and dairy commercial goat farming is. To make money, sit down now and strategize. I wish you a happy and prosperous business!


Goat farming is a subset of the livestock agricultural industry. The goat farming business provides food and several other products to everyday consumers.

Goat meat is one of the many products of the goat farming business, which is very high-demand livestock meat, and very popular among Africans.

Without much delay, here we go with the goat farming business plan sample.

BUSINESS NAME: Brad Jenkins Family Farms Ltd.

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast
  • Financial Plan
  • Conclusion


Brad Jenkins Family Farms Ltd is a registered livestock farming business that will be located in Utah, United States.

The livestock business will be concerned with the rearing and selling of goats, processing, and packaging of goat meat as well as production and sales of other goat products.

Our business will offer its products and services to customers in Utah, and all of the United State. Also, as our business expands, we will offer our products and services to customers all over North America and Europe.

Brad Jenkins Family Farms Ltd will be owned by the Bradley Jenkins family.

The couple, Bradley Jenkins and his wife Marylyn with their two grown children have just moved into Utah to start up their goat farming business. The couple both have had managerial experiences working in the livestock industry for more than eight years.

The business will require a total startup sum of $400,000 to kick off in the chosen location.

The startup capital will be raised by the Jenkins family from their investments. $250,000 will be contributed by the Jenkins family; a sum of $100,000 will be borrowed from the bank; while the other part will be borrowed from friends.


Brad Jenkins and Family Farms Ltd is a goat farming business that will be concerned with goat farming and goat meat processing and packaging in Utah, United States. As part of a complementary business to our goat farming, we will also run a food processing plant.

The following are the key products and services we will be offering:

  • Breeding services
  • Boarding services
  • Dairy support services
  • Sales of cotton wool
  • Livestock health services
  • Shearing services
  • Sales of processed goat meat


Our vision at Brad Jenkins Family Farms Ltd is to become the leader in the livestock farming industry all over Utah and the United States.

Our hope is also to be among the leading livestock farming brands in North America and Europe before our tenth (10th) anniversary.


Our mission is to provide quality products and services to all our customers wherever they may be.

We want to make sure we sell in commercial quantities our goats, processed goat meat, and several other goat by-products to our customers in North America and Europe in subsequent years.


For us to establish our business to the level where we want it to be, and to be able to achieve our business goals and mission; we must be able to fully establish our business structure onto a well-found business foundation.

In the course of raising the right business structure for our goat farming business, we will make sure we hire only the right employees to fill the required positions.

We will make sure to hire employees that are experienced, hardworking, honest, and ready to join hands with us to build our goat farming business into where we want it to be.

The following positions are required to be filled:

  • General Farm Manager
  • Ranch Supervisor
  • Accountants / Administrators
  • Sales and marketing officers
  • Goat farm field employees
  • Receptionists


Market Trend

One trend in the industry is that most goat farmers no longer focus on goat rearing alone, they have started running complementary businesses such as crop cultivation, goat meat processing, and packaging alongside their goat farming business.

Target Market

The target market encompasses everybody. Everybody directly or indirectly needs the products and services of the goat farmer.

It is a fact that everyone from time to time will consume products that come from goat such as goat meat, goat milk, goatskin for producing leather bags, shoes, and belts, etc.


Every business that intends to be great must have set-out and established sales and marketing strategies that will promote the business.

It is because of this that we have come up with several sales and marketing strategies to help promote our goat farming business.

They are as follows:

  • We will make sure we place adverts on newspapers, related business magazines, radio, and television stations.
  • We will hand out our business fliers in strategic places.
  • We will make sure we place our goat farming business in local business directories.
  • We will always encourage our employees to make use of word of mouth in advertising our goat farming business to their friends, family, and the general public.
  • We will advertise our goat farming business on social media such as Facebook, and Twitter; as well as establishing a website for our goat farming business.
  • We will also ensure we make contacts with companies and corporate organizations that need the products and services we have to offer.


We have projected the sales forecast of Brad Jenkins Family Farm Ltd for the next three years. This sales forecast is just a projection of what we hope to achieve in the following three years after startup.

Year One                    $230,000
Year Two                   $460,000
Year Three                 $720,000


Source of Startup Capital

An average startup estimate of $400,000 will be required to be able to start up our goat farming business in Utah, United States. This startup capital will be contributed from our investments, and from both friends & family, and our bank.

We have been able to come up with a $250,000 sum to give our business a head start. We have planned on borrowing $25,000 apiece from both our family friends, the Wrights, and the Peters to make up $50,000.

The remaining $100,000 will be borrowed as a soft loan from our bank.


The business plan above is a goat farming business plan sample that has assumed the business name “Brad Jenkins Family Farm Ltd”.

The business will be located in Utah, United States, and it will be owned and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Jenkins and their immediate family.

The business will be concerned with the rearing and selling of goats, processing, and packaging of goat meat, as well as the production of other goat products.

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