One of the easy ways to monetize your property is by starting an airbnb business. This concept has been around for a while and has proven to be a great way to earn.

We aren’t go down the path of discussing what this business is about. There’s ample information about that. Rather, we want to help you with an important tool that helps you succeed.

This airbnb business plan sample is provided as a guide.

This plan will prove useful for persons just coming into this area of real estate business. You only need to follow this pattern while supplying information unique to your business.

Enough of the introduction. Let’s begin our summarized airbnb one page business plan sample.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an airbnb management service.

Executive Summary

Traveler’s Fortress is an airbnb service that offers lodging services. In addition to this service are other value added services such as breakfast, high-speed internet wireless and free parking services. We are located in San Antonio, Texas and offer our services to almost all types of clients. This includes families who might just need a space to nap, partners as well as individuals.

Our property is quite sizeable and fully furnished. We currently operate 7 rooms of different sizes. These are mostly booked especially during the weekends. Expansion plans are currently in the works. This will involve developing adjoining spaces which provide additional income.

  • Services

Apart from providing bed spaces and breakfast to our clients, we have additional value added services. These include a fast internet service as well as free parking services. Spa services are also among our premium services. Client satisfaction is the focus of all our services.

  • Our Vision

At Traveler’s Fortress, our vision is to tap into the growing demand for airbnb services. As such, our accommodation and other services will be driven by innovation. In other words, this will look into the unique needs of certain segments of our clientele. We believe that this will eventually launch us into the mainstream to compete favorably with established airbnb brands.

  • Our Mission

Despite being a young business, we have a clear plan on where we are going. The airbnb business structure gives us a unique advantage to begin small. This we have taken advantage of and are going a step further to develop more spaces. Within 3 to 4 years, this should be ready. Our mission is to break into the top league of airbnb businesses in the state of Texas.

  • Capital Requirement

Adequate capital is a crucial part of our operations as a business. Our expansion drive is totally dependent on this. As a result, we are applying for a loan facility to the tune of $1,900,000. This will be invested in the business with the aim of creating additional spaces to hire out.

  • SWOT Analysis

We have been in business for 3 and a half years. And within this period, our growth has been steady with modest gains made. Nevertheless, challenges have also been a part of our operations. In order to launch into the next phase of our operations, an examination of our performance has been necessary.

We hired the services of a reputable business consulting firm to conduct a SWOT analysis of our business. The following are made.

i. Strength

We have significant experience in the hospitality industry. This has been a huge advantage in our operations. By understanding client needs and behavior, we were able to pattern our services to better fit these unique needs. This experience has contributed in no small measure towards increasing our patronage.

This has shown how effective our approach has been. However, we aren’t resting on our oars to ensure even better services are provided. We are going to innovate more by offering even better services going forward.

ii. Weakness

Findings from analysis carried out shows that we need to improve in other areas we have under-performed. The most noticeable area we need to improve upon is in our marketing drive. Our airbnb business hasn’t been quite visible. We are stepping up our marketing activities to change this situation.

We are also limited as a business. There are few rooms to rent out. This is why we have decided to expand our business towards catering for more clients. We believe that  by implementing our expansion plans, this area of our weakness will have been surmounted.

iii. Opportunities

Opportunities are ever present in the airbnb business model. This is even better for a city like San Antonio due to its population. There’s a constant inflow of a huge number of visitors all year round. Travelers on a tight budget constitute a larger segment of this population. Hence, their preference for airbnb lodging services.

We are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. We believe that our expansion plans, once completed will present even greater opportunities for patronage and growth.

iv. Threats

Threats are commonplace when it comes to business. For us at Traveler’s Fortress, threat presents itself in the form of insecurity. The entire hospitality industry thrives on security. When there is a threat to peace and security, travelers are bound to look elsewhere.

  • Competitive Advantage

We are a business with a unique advantage over our competitors. This is mostly in the area of industry experience.

We’ve been involved in several of such operations. This has enabled us build our business in such a way that the client is the focus. By doing so, we have won the respect and loyalty of most of our clients. This has led to repeat patronage as well as referrals from our satisfied customers.

  • Financial Projection

We anticipate a jump in our profits once our expansion plans are fully implemented. This will see a much higher patronage. In addition to this is our improved marketing strategies. Our previous marketing campaign hasn’t been effective. With the right strategies, we should be able to achieve the following financial projections over the next three years.

  1. First Financial Year                                       $800,000.00
  2. Second Financial Year                                  $1,500,000.00
  3. Third Financial Year                                      $2,800,000.00

This is an example of how an airbnb plan should look like. Details are an important part of writing a good plan. The investor reading it should be convinced about your ability to make a turnover on his/her investments. But more importantly, you must not rush the process. Putting your plan to action also counts a lot.

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