40 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas for Men

Are you interested in small and big business ideas for men?

Many times, people are driven by a strong desire to establish their own businesses, but hardly ever realize their desires as their business ideas are either faulty or they rush into it without proper preparation. Ideas rule the world.

Profitable Small Business Ideas for Men

Without ideas, many of the world’s greatest inventions and economic systems will not be in existence today.

This article will focus on providing you with some great small business ideas for men which can be easily adopted and implemented with positive results.


While many men have jobs they do, many never derive a sense of fulfillment in such jobs, as they would rather have their own businesses.

There are several business opportunities you can exploit as provided in this article.

There is no better time than now to take advantage of the benefits provided by the internet to start a business as a web developer.

This internet business idea for men holds a lot of promise as you can offer your skills for hire to a large target market. Your target market will consist of corporate bodies as well as individuals.

But first, you need to learn the skills necessary.

So, how can you learn? There are tons of learning sources you can choose from. Some of these include online academies like Udemy, Edx, Khan Academy, and many others.

The courses you will have to cover include Python, having a good understanding of HTML, CSS or Javascript, etc.

Learning these courses does not have to take your entire time as you can learn them within the space of a few months and be able to apply the knowledge acquired.

A good thing with learning and becoming a web developer is that you can learn in your spare time as well as provide freelance web development services to multiple clients while still working your day job if you choose to.

This online business for men thrives on creativity.

Becoming a graphic designer will require using several tools such as design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, GIMP, CorelDRAW, Adobe InDesign, and many more.

Other non-software tools include a personal computer, as well as a comfortable workspace and internet connectivity.

If you have obtained basic design knowledge, then this will be much easier for you.

On the other hand, if you lack the skill, you can learn from a variety of online tutorials which are either free or paid for depending on your needs and detail.

  • Start an Online Coaching Course

Have you ever wondered how you could start a small, yet highly effective business?

Maybe it’s time to look within to your skill-sets. The online community has loads of people interested in a variety of subject areas or professions, and yours inclusive.

Never underestimate the power of the internet. Start a coaching course in an area you are very passionate about. If you do this right, chances are that you will have succeeded in helping people with problems by providing solutions.

Also, selecting specific areas you are passionate about significantly increases your chances of success.

Your coaching course may include a variety of content that consists of text, visual, video (both live and recorded as well as voice recordings. These are targeted at achieving the main aim of the course and also to ensure that the message received is fully understood.

Through this process, you are also creating a platform where your members can network together, build trust, share personal experiences, and several other benefits. This fosters a bond and creates trust among your clients.

In addition to this, you will also be able to easily sell other services to them without much persuasion.

  • Starting a Blog

Starting a blog can be very demanding especially concerning the content that needs to be generated frequently. Such contents need to be very well researched and targeted at attracting the interest of readers.

To start a successful blog, you will need to focus on a specific niche. You are likely to perform better focusing on an area or niche where you have considerable expertise than one which you don’t.

Also, you will need to possess good writing skills such that your articles will generate the much-needed interest which will make your readers keep coming for new content.

Blogging can focus on a variety of areas such as lifestyle, fashion, health, food, travel, tourism, tech products, and many more. Your content should be persuasive enough to win the trust of your readers.

Having a large subscriber base and being able to win the trust of this reading audience is where the opportunity lies.

You can easily convert your readership to sales by advertising products and services related to your content or niche.

  • Starting a Barbershop

Setting up a barbershop business does not require significant investments as you can start with the purchase of basic equipment such as clippers, covers, chairs, mirrors, and necessary cosmetics.

As this is one of the self-employment businesses for men you can upgrade with advanced and industrial equipment that will make your work much easier and stress-free. You will need to have an outlet to start.

What makes this business idea a great one is the fact that there is never a shortage of clients as long as you have the barbing skills.

People will always need to trim their hair and look good. In addition to barbing, you can also decide to include other businesses such as side attractions which add to your profit margin.

You will also need to hire a workforce as demands for your services rises. These will consist of other professional barbers.

With people becoming busier by the day and having lesser time for other things like cleaning, you can take advantage of this by starting a Laundromat service where people can simply walking and use your washing machines.

If you also do not have much time in your hands, this business is ideal as there is little need for much personalized professional help to clients.

Starting a Laundromat service will require purchasing the equipment as well as having a steady source of water supply among other requirements.

If you have a strong interest in furniture making, you may want to convert this passion to a business where you fully express your passions and skills while earning from it.

Furniture making is a line of business that requires a lot of creativity.

In addition to this, there are tons of ideas on social media sites like Pinterest where you get to find tons of information about a variety of furniture. Well-made furniture will sell itself.

Therefore, you need to be dedicated to producing only the best and also marketing the same.

Car ownership is a necessary step for starting this business.

You can put your car(s) into good use by making them generate more money for you. There are several platforms for renting out such cars. One of such is Turo. Its added advantage is that it is backed by a solid insurance policy.

In addition to that, those handling your cars are professionals with significant experience.

  • Uber

This is similar in a way to a car rental service. The only difference here is that you are responsible for driving your car.

By picking people and dropping them off at their respective destinations, you earn a steady income and the convenience of technology introduced by Uber makes it an exciting small business opportunity.

If you have a passion for photography, you might want to channel such passion to generate some income by becoming a professional photographer. There are lots of ways to earn money through photography.

One of such is by covering events and occasions, while another is stocking photos online for sale as downloadable products.

  • Starting as an Affiliate

Nowadays, you don’t have to spend money before starting some types of businesses. One of such is by becoming an affiliate of a business or company.

An easy way to earn by becoming an affiliate is by first registering with the business, and promoting their products on your websites, or sharing links on social networking sites.

You are paid a percentage of the purchase generated through your links.

  • Proof Reading and Editing

This type of business relies on possessing strong grammar skills.

As a proofreader, your main job is to scan through articles and other reading content with the sole aim of identifying grammatical and structural errors and correcting them.

This can be deeply satisfying if you are driven by passion.

  • Starting a Handyman Service

Handyman services have become increasingly relevant as people have lesser time for fixing minor as well as major damages. You can offer this service for a fee.

However, to be effective, you need to have some decent technical skills to be able to handle all job types. Certain jobs will test your skill level.

  • Becoming an App Developer

The world is witnessing a rapid shift from the use of PCs to access the internet to the use of mobile devices. This change has brought about the development of apps for IOS platforms as well as Android platforms.

There are vast possibilities you can benefit from as attention increasingly shifts to mobile technology.

  • Starting a Pet Grooming Service

Pet grooming services offer a variety of grooming services such as baths, fur grooming as well as training among others.

To be successful in this field of business, you need to be a pet lover. This makes it less stressful and more enjoyable as you earn a decent income from your hobby.

  • Become a Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer has a lot in common with owning or running a gym.

This requires purchasing the necessary equipment and providing membership registration for people interested in keeping fit. As a marketing strategy, you can highlight the benefits of exercise to the body more appealingly.

To become a personal trainer, your marketing campaigns should focus on your local market or environment.

  • Starting a YouTube Channel

To start a YouTube channel, there has to be a service or product you are trying to provide or project. YouTube offers individuals and businesses the exposure they need.

Millions of people visit this video sharing site, hence, your videos should be appealing, as well as attractively pass the information. It should also contain links where your viewers can readily click to be redirected to your website.

  • Running a Restaurant

Another business idea for men is starting a restaurant business. This will be a great idea especially when you have excellent cooking skills. You will either require a business outlet or provide such services out of a food cart.

The types of services provided depend on you, as you may choose to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as enter into an agreement with a corporate or business entity to supply their food needs.

  • Cold Room Business

For men searching for small business ideas, you may want to consider starting a cold room business.

The main equipment here will be large refrigerators for stocking up varieties of livestock products such as shrimps, beef, chicken, turkey among several.

Having these available at all times makes it much easier for clients to walk in and purchase their preferred livestock products.

  • Become an Event Planner

Although women dominate this field of business, it is also a great small business idea for men.

As an event planner, you will be involved with handling all the preparations and planning well ahead of schedule to significantly reduce negative unforeseen circumstances.

Also, you will need to have an eye for detail as well as a good dose of patience and empathy.

  • Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, your primary responsibility is mediating between the buyer and the seller of a property. You make your money from commissions which come from a percentage of every deal completed and facilitated by you.

Becoming a real estate agent does not require much capital, as the most important things needed are office space and computers for proper documentation in addition to furniture.

However, you will need to license your business as well as obtain registration.

  • Starting a Driving School

Another small business opportunity for men is starting a driving school. One major requirement for running a driving school is by first obtaining an operational license which will be issued after fulfilling certain requirements.

You will need to have your vehicles for training as well as other equipment such as simulators.

  • Computer Technician

Many times, electronic products/equipment like computers may get damaged.

There are several levels of damage and becoming a computer technology allows you to fix faulty computers. Men form the largest number of computer technicians.

A basic requirement is knowing/skill as well as tools to do the job.

  • Paper Bag Manufacturing

There is an increasing emphasis on the use of non-plastic products as well as materials that can be easily recycled.

Paper bags belong to this category as they can be easily recycled, thereby posing no harm to the environment. This line of business does not require much financial investment, and also has a good return on investment.

  • Smartphone Repair

Smartphones have revolutionized the way people communicate and do business.

It has become an indispensable part of our lives as we can handle almost every aspect of a business on our smartphones. The opportunity here is that these phones may be damaged and may need some parts to be replaced or repaired.

As a smartphone technician, you will never lack for clients as there is an increasing number of people owning this device.

  • Becoming a Disk Jockey

Disk Jockeys or DJs provide a vital service. This is entertainment-related and is most popular in the music industry.

This business idea is popular among men as they form a greater percentage of Disk Jockeys around the world. You too can take advantage of this opportunity by learning the art.

You will need to have equipment like turntables, speakers, mixers, microphones, and a computer among others.

A book shop is a great way to start a business.

You may decide to sell books belonging to a certain niche or choose general knowledge books. Whichever you choose, the choice is up to you. Book shops thrive more in busy neighborhoods.

To increase its appeal, you can add or provide other services such as the sale of stationery among others.

Music studios come in different categories.

Hence since we are focused on small businesses for men, you can start your music studio on a small scale. For this business to take effect, you need to possess the skill required for editing and recording.

Another option is to employ an expert to run the business for you. The patronage from artists depends on how good your music production is.

This is one area you can exploit as property owners will require the services of reliable hands to relieve them of management of their properties. These properties can range from residential to commercial.

Property management has to do with the handling of rents, fixing damages, and carrying out improvements of some or all of the property.

  • Become a Freelancer on Fiverr

Whatever your area of expertise, Fiverr is a great place to offer such skills.

Fiverr is a marketplace and provides a platform for both buyers and sellers. The options are vast and range from website and graphic designs to writing and coding among many others.

  • Art Collector

If you are looking for a business that will make you immediate money, then this business idea is not for you as it requires patience.

However, this patience will pay off in the long run as you will need to stock up works of art by purchasing them from artists. These appreciate with time.

This is when you can sell for a lot more than what you bought them for, thereby compensating for the time taken.

This small business idea for men requires the passion to realize your objective. For this to happen, several things need to be put in place.

Part of these includes learning the art. This is very important. Another aspect of it is marketing. You should be able to successfully promote your product to win the trust of clients.

  • Refurbishing Used Electronics

Many times people prefer to purchase new electronics than fixing a damaged one. You can exploit this fact by purchasing these used electronics which you may get free in some cases.

By refurbishing them and selling them off, you will be making a killing as the cost of repair might be significantly lower than expected.

If you have some time in your hand, you can handle some data entry jobs part-time.

This allows you to earn at the side while still doing your day job. Your job description is to make simple entries of the provided information.

This is similar to data entry jobs. For most surveys, the job is mentally less tasking compared to writing or similar jobs.

For men seeking income-generating opportunities they can use on the side, this is a great option and gives you the freedom of choosing your preferred work time or schedule.

  • Become a Translator

To become a translator, knowledge of multiple languages is an asset.

However, those languages must be major languages which may include French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and many more.

Trading has made it increasingly necessary to do business across borders and national boundaries. This is where your skill comes into play as it is needed to effectively communicate.

We are in an era where there is an increased number of tourist travels both within and between nations. If you live in a tourist location or close to one, you can provide tour guide services for tourists to enable them fully experience and enjoy their stay.

An interesting aspect of this business is that you can do it part-time while still handling your day job.

  • Consider Starting a DIY Project

Now more than ever before, the internet has offered a platform where people from all around the world offer or teach their skills to novices. You can begin from your areas of strength.

By choosing an area you are good at, you will not lack for clients as people visit the internet daily for a variety of reasons, a large part of which is to learn.

What happens with the money you have been saving for a long time? Is it enough to leave it in a  savings account?

No. You need to find an investment to channel such money into for it to yield more. Before you take this step, you should be sure that you have a good knowledge of what you want to invest your money into.


A lot of questions are being asked daily on what business opportunities there are for men which can be taken advantage of.

There are countless business ideas, and this article unveils some very lucrative small business ideas for men which are available across the United States.

Some of these ideas are perfect for retirees, others are ideal for younger men, while some other small business ideas are ideal for men of all ages.

This article will provide some of the most profitable business ideas which you can take advantage of to add to your stream of income. Let’s get to the details, shall we?

Starting a restaurant business is a great business idea for men. Of late, there has been a growing trend of men being better cooks. You may want to take advantage of this statistic to start a restaurant business.

However, having the passion and interest in this area is important, as anything less will result in disaster.

Also, knowing how to cook is not enough in itself, as you need to put in place the necessary business structures which include writing and implementing the contents of a good business plan as well as the purchase of equipment and other logistics.

This is one small business idea for men, which if taken seriously and done properly, has the ability to attract high patronage, which results in increased sales or profits.

As with any small business idea for men, you need to have a strong interest, as this will sustain you when things are not moving as planned.

You can start by providing cleaning services to individuals, and gradually stepping up the scope of your business to provide cleaning services to medium and large businesses.

There is never a time when sales are affected. This is even true during periods of economic downturn. People will always need to look good by trimming or designing their hair.

Starting a barbershop is a great way to take advantage of this opportunity.

This is among the small business ideas for men which do not require a high startup capital to take off.

However, to attract high patronage, you have to be good on the job. Also, as the business expands, you should consider hiring excellent barbers. This is a secret to attracting patronage.

This is a great small business idea for men which requires a lot of innovation to stand out. This business attracts the patronage of mainly female clients.

If you want to keep the patronage up, and possibly increase it, then you need lots of design skills and creativity.

If you are slightly deficient in this, you can hone such skills by learning, and also hiring people who can do a better job. This business idea can bring you a fortune if done well.

Before starting this business, you would need to get a reliable source of supply for your meats.

Also, the variety they say is the spice of life. As such, you should include a variety of meat such as beef, chicken, shrimp, and fish among others.

To be successful in this business, you have to ensure that the profit margin will allow for reasonable profits. Adding some innovation to the way you provide your services may give you the much-needed edge over other competitors.

There is an increasing number of businesses that provide these services. If taking photo shots is your hobby, then you may want to monetize this hobby by selling these pictures online.

Examples of great places where you can upload your photos are Shutterstock and Fotofolia among several others. By having a variety of uploaded photo collections, you are paid for every download attracted by these pictures.

There is always a constant demand for shoes, as such; starting a shoe-making business is a great small business idea for men which can be financially rewarding if done well.

However, a lot of skill and creativity is required here. If you don’t possess such but are interested in starting one, you can learn or even hire others to make the shoes for you.

Eye-popping and attractive designs will always attract sales. As such, you may want to consider getting the relevant skills and equipment for the shoe business.

  • Consider Starting Some Freelance Writing

A high level of imagination is necessary to be a successful freelance content writer.

There is always a high demand for such services as content is always created for audiences. This is a small business idea that has the capacity to become highly rewarding financially, especially if done properly.

This small business idea for men has the added advantage of allowing you have control over your work schedule, as it can be done at the time most convenient for you.

  • Starting a Translating Business

If you have skills in multiple languages, then you may want to strongly consider starting this business. Information technology has transformed the way business is being done across the world.

This has made people increasingly dependent on each other.

Thus, someone who speaks French may require the services of an English translator for some specific personal or assigned tasks. Providing these services is a great way of earning some money.


There are lots of innovative small business ideas for men out there but it looks as if the female folks are taking over.

Now, we have different names such as; Mumpreneneur, stay-at-home mum, etc. Women are now taking the lead in terms of online business and entrepreneurship.

So what are the hopes for the men when it comes to starting a self business? Don’t throw up your towel yet. There are still zillions of low-cost business opportunities for young men out there that you can start and dominate even the female folks.

This post contains a list of the top 5 business opportunities and home-based investment ideas with high-profit returns for men to start today.

Let’s get started without wasting much of your time.

5 Most Profitable Unique Small Business Ideas for Men

1. Blogging

Blogging is one online business idea for men that have been making money and still making money. Blogging is very easy to compel to other online business but if you don’t like writing, please don’t go there.

Blogging is mainly for writers, content creators, and online entrepreneurs.

There are several ways to make money while blogging part-time. A blogger can make money through AdSense, selling of advert space, selling of information product and through affiliate marketing.

But to really break through with blogging, you need to be very patient because money doesn’t just start pouring in immediately. It takes up to three months, sometimes six months depending on your means of income.

For AdSense, it may even take up to a year because you will need time to build high traffic coming to your blog through different strategies of getting traffic. For selling advert space, you need a ton of traffic coming to your blog before advertisers can come to buy space on your blog.

For information product and affiliate marketing, it depends on your marketing strategies and skills. You can start making money within one month if you really know internet marketing.

Actually, blogging is all about adding value. You must be consistent in posting on your blog. Blogging is a passionate business. If you don’t enjoy producing content, then continue reading.

Are you looking for cheap business ideas for men in 2020, start a blog today.

2. Teaching (Private/Home Lecture)

This is one of the best part-time side businesses for men so far. You choose when you want to teach and how many hours and the amount you want to charge.

Parents always want their children to perform best in class, and whenever these children come back home from school, they are always left doing nothing but playing. So parents prefer keeping their children busy with a home lecture teacher.

This is a very lucrative business. Imagine charging $100 or more per child and when you have like three children you home teach, that’s like $300 or more every month.

And you only get to work in the evening which is one or two hours a day. That gives you time to do other great business or jobs during the earlier hours of the day.

The best part is, as the child performance start improving, the parents are happy that you’re doing a good job and it creates room for a tip or a raise of fee.

Why don’t you give it a try?

3. Online Coaching

Do you have a passion for helping people with something you know? Do you have a skill or knowledge in a certain area that you can teach? If Yes, then you can become an online coach or consultant.

You can launch your online coaching business on your area of specialty or passion which include;

-Weight Loss etc.

One good thing about this creative business is, you don’t need an office where you will buy chairs and tables, rent office equipment, or hire a secretary. Your office is either your website, blog, or your personal social media account.

As an online coach, if you have a new, more profitable product or services available on your blog, sales page, or website that will add great value to your audience or preferred client, the likelihood of a visitor buying it increases.

4. Barbing Salon Business

I know you will say where will I see money to rent a space, buy mirrors and other things? If you will follow my steps, the only thing you will need is a clipper to start.

At first, you start as a home service barber. As a home service barber, you don’t need a store, you don’t need to pay tax or any revenue.

From the proceed you get from the home service, you save some portion of them.

See, you may even choose to remain as a home service barber because some rich dudes don’t like hanging out in public places. So you can run your own hair cut salon as a VIP home service barber.

And you know what? Home services haircuts are normally expensive than going to the salon.

5. Dry Cleaning Services

Starting a dry cleaning business need no special skill except ironing and washing skill which everyone who wears corporate clothes has. You will be instructed on how to fold the clothes as you iron. The only caution you should take note on is not burning clothes while ironing and not mixing colour clothes with white clothes when washing.

Dry cleaning is one of the most lucrative business ideas men can start from home.

My Friend started ironing clothes in his room. He just told his neighbors that he has started his own dry cleaning business while he was still working in a dry cleaning business.

He did his personal dry cleaning business mostly at night. He washes the clothes during the day after closing from his job and iron the clothes early in the morning. Right now, he has his own dry cleaning business from the money he has saved from his dry cleaning job.

You too can start somewhere.

Pick any of the small home business ideas for men I just shared and get to action now. My plan is for this article to be read by at least 10,000 men and I will need your help to do so.

There you have them! These small business ideas for men are increasingly becoming more popular and attractive by the day. These are some of the many available business ideas which can be taken advantage of.

But, as earlier stated, money should not be your primary aim of starting the business, as you may likely not achieve your desires.

However, if you are driven by a passion and love for the work, you are likely to be more successful and easily overcome challenges which you may encounter in the course of setting up such a business venture.

Please make sure you share this post via the various social media links.

These small business ideas for men are proven and tested with many successful businesses standing to their testament. A general rule that applies to all is that you should be driven by the right reasons (passion) rather than money.

Being fixated on the financial returns alone will not allow you to reach your full potentials. Passion on the other hand will keep you going and bring in good returns.