Sample Graphic Design Business Plan


Have you been praised by friends and workmates about how creative you are with graphic design? Would you like to start a freelance graphic design business and make money?

If yes, you need to consider starting a graphic design business. But wait a minute though, I know your thought, ‘there are lots and lots of graphic designers out there. How do you wish to create your own voice out of the crowd? How will you get successful with tons of designers out there?’

Reading this article will answer those questions. I am going to share with you the steps to follow and become successful with your graphic design business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a freelance graphic design studio.

  • Know Your Target Market

One most important thing you need to know before you kick-start a home based graphic design business is that you really need to know who your target customer is. As long as graphic design is concern, there are lot of graphics work, so you need to have a specific graphic skill you are known for.

You need to also find out who your potential clients are, not just who they are, but also what services they will require. When you do this, you will be able to target your graphic customers effectively.

  • Get to Know Your Competitors

There is no business that does not have competitions. So, with that said, you need to find out who your competitors are, what they are doing to drive customers to themselves, how much they are charging for graphic jobs, what strategies they are implementing and also where and how they advertise. Find out also if they do give discount or bonuses and how they implement it.

If your competitors have a website, you need to visit and see how things are done there. This will help you know how to setup your own graphic design business perfectly and face your competitors courageously. This is very important for graphic design business.

  • Set Up Your Price List

This is something you may have discovered while making your research on your competitors. Yes, it is important you have your own price list set up for your graphics design jobs. And this price list could also be set depending on how often your clients contact you for a job.

You don’t need to publish your price list on your website as a startup. You need to be flexible with your pricing so you can get customers, satisfy them and build your portfolio. After you must have gotten a lot of customers and have done much work, you can then display your price list on your site.

  • Always Do Things the Legal Way

Remember this is a business where money is involved and the exchange of services is rendered. To always be on the safe side, it is often advisable to have a contract form. This contract form should always include things like;

  • The services a client needs.
  • When he/she wants the job to be delivered.
  • The cost of the graphic project.

Also to be included in the form is a column where both partners (the graphic designer and the client) must agree on the cost and terms accompanied with a signature.

  • Never Stop Learning

Are you surprised? No, you don’t have to be, because being a graphic designer does not stop you from outsourcing other great opportunities to learn more skills that will help you in graphic design.

Seize opportunities either from training or seminars organized. This avenue will help you advance your knowledge on graphic designs. You can also use YouTube for learning as they are many tutorials there.

  • Think of an Account Manager

This is really important if you want to start a graphic design business and be a successful entrepreneur. You may be thinking of what use is an account manager when you can run your account while doing your graphic designs. Now, let me clarify this point. Many graphic designers think that managing their jobs and also the money is something they can do perfectly, but that is wrong!

Now answer this, do you think you’ll have time to manage your account? Not at all. So, for you to know if you are really growing financially, you need an account manager to do the job, while you focus on graphic design.

  • Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

As everything is in place you have to think of an effective market strategy. To promote your graphic design business, there are many ways you can promote your graphic design business.

You can take leverage of social media platforms to promote your graphic design business. You can also print a business card, banners and use them to promote your business and keep track of your progress.

With the tips above, you can successfully start a profitable graphic design business easily.

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