Sample Property Management Business Plan Template


Are you interested in starting a property management company?

In starting any type of business, you must know the right things to do and do them in an orderly manner to avoid errors in starting your business.

Therefore, in this post, I will be talking about the things that need to be done when you are about starting a property management company and they are as follows:

Here is a sample business plan for starting a property management company.


Property management is a division under the real estate industry and it is one of the most affordable and easiest businesses to start under real estate basically because it is about lease contract and accepting rent using legal documents that have been approved for the area in which the property is located.

Therefore, property management companies are in charge of managing buildings and real estate properties for the owner who can either be an individual or group of owners.

Some states such as Texas, New York, Colorado, and so on make it compulsory for property management companies to be licensed real estate brokers if they will be listing properties for rent, conducting inspections, and negotiating leases while some states do not require real estate license.


This is one of the important things you should know if you are interested in starting a property management company. The basic educational requirement for starting this business is a High School Diploma; it becomes easier to start once you have an interest in the business.

Having more than a High School Diploma is not a bad thing, you can also start the company with a higher qualification but the lowest qualification you can have in this line of business is a High School Diploma.


For a property management business, you do not need much financial base to start the business. The need for a big financial base comes in only if you want to start the company on a big term. You can just liaise with landlords, tenants, and even contractors.

It is important to also have a good grasp of the law concerning landlords and tenant’s relationships.


The business has numerous aspects and it is left to the company owner to decide on the aspect his or her business will be focusing on some of those aspects are:

  • Real estate property managers
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Land management
  • Residential property management
  • Non-residential property management
  • Commercial leasing
  • Construction


The level of competition in the property management industry mainly depends on the location of your business but the industry is highly competitive.

So we can say that the location of your company now adds to the high competition we already have in the industry.

Having your company located in a small town reduces competition while having it in a big city makes the level of competition go higher. This is because, in a small town, your business will face fewer competitions, unlike big cities where the competition is pretty tough and serious.

To succeed in such cities, you need good sales and marketing strategies that will penetrate well into the market of property management and help you secure contracts.

One certain thing about this business is that, the bigger your company the higher your competitive advantage.


One of the best countries to start your property management company in the United States of America. This is because, in such countries, you won’t have to worry about putting the company in a full swing operation.

You can even start the company from the comforts of your home or shared office space. This means that the startup fund for a property management company is quite low while it can be highly profitable.

Another important thing that influences the property management industry is the economy of its nation. It is a two-way thing, if the nation’s economy is booming then the industry will boom as well and if the economy of the nation is bad then it also affects the industry.


This is one important and tasking thing that you will have to do. As I said, it is tasking but you just have to write your business plan.

Most people get stuck on this aspect of starting a business but you can easily browse for business plan samples online and use them as a guide to writing yours.

In writing a property management business plan, you will have to write about the goals, objectives, aims, and also the path your business will take.

This writing of a business plan is not only for big corporations but any serious business that wants to succeed.

A business plan is a business document that helps in setting up a business successfully and also in managing it. Your business must pass all reality checks, that is, it must contain relevant statistics, figures, and facts.

It serves as a guide in setting up, running, and managing the business well.

Therefore, the business plan is a strong determinant of the success of the business.

Your business plan is expected to cover the executive summary, business description, vision and mission statement, sales and marketing strategy, financial plan, and business structure of your company.

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