Sample Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Template


Fast food business all has to do with providing quickly prepared and served food which has low nutrition compared to other foods.

It refers to a restaurant that sells food with preheated or precooked ingredients served in a take away form for customers.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a fast food cafe business.

You can own a fast food business by starting it from the ground, buying an existing fast food business or buying into a franchise.

To start such fast food business, in-depth research and planning is important to achieve success.

(1) Decision Making

It is important to decide on which approach you want to use in having a small fast food business. Do you want to start from scratch? Do you want to buy a fast food business going into extinction and make it better? Or do you want to buy into a fast food franchise?

These are questions you should ask yourself in order to be able to decide on one approach out of the three for shaping your fast food business model. It all depends on you because the three approaches are good enough. The success of the business depends on management and not on the approach used in owning a fast food business.

(2) Feasibility Study

This will help in giving economic indicators to use in starting your fast food business. It states the start up and operating cost of a business and also shows if the business is worth all your efforts or not, that is, the profitability or failure of the business.

Feasibility study takes into cognizant the requirements of starting and owning a start up business like the manpower needed, the materials and machines that is needed.

Feasibility study also includes the cash flow analysis which deals with the money needed for the business and how to source for and regroup money for the business.

(3) Fast Food Business Plan

A restaurant business plan is an integral part of starting a fast food outlet. This helps in knowing the steps that will be taken in ensuring success of the business and also helps in determining the target audience of your fast food business.

A fast food restaurant business plan sample always include: business model, information on the product and services, market analysis, financial plan, objectives and method of implementation.

(4) Food Product

There is the need for you to decide on the type of food you want to be selling before opening the business. Although small fast food restaurants mostly sell hamburgers, you can make other products because you are not limited to hamburger. This helps in knowing the type of food you can sell to make money.

You don’t only decide on the type of products to offer but also develop your product for optimal satisfaction of the customers and high profitability.

To do this, you need to conduct a research to come up with a very good recipe that will attract many customers. Test should also be done to determine the final outlook of the product, to ensure that the color of the product doesn’t change due to chemical reactions and also to determine the ingredients that will make it healthy enough to consume.

(5) Location

In every business, location is an important thing that has to be considered carefully because it determines the success of your business and how well you will be patronized. A fast food business should not be situated in places with less traffic and visibility, such location will kill the business.

Highways, shopping centers, business areas, malls, colleges and universities are good locations where you can have your fast food takeaway business.  Easily accessed areas are also good for a fast food restaurant.

(6) Funding 

The feasibility study carried out earlier would have calculated the start up fund needed for the business. Here, all you have to do is to get the money either through your savings or loans and grants. The best way to get your capital is to locate potential investors with your business plan. To do this, you must have a good business plan and must be able to convince the investors.

(7) Registration

You should make inquiries from the health department in your vicinity to know the requirements of starting and owning a fast food restaurant and also the required permits and license. You will also need to be inspected by the health department before you can go on with your business.

In Texas, Florida, California and other states in the US, It is important that you meet both the state and federal requirements and also have the necessary license and permits before opening your healthy mobile fast food business.

Regulations differ from one state to another and from one country to another.

The following are other basic things that needs to be done when starting a fast food center business:

• Purchasing of all required and necessary equipment especially cooking utensils.
• Staffs should be hired and trained for providing effective service.  Training is mostly important for staff in order to be aware of developments in the products they offer and also to become better at what they do.
• Promote your fast food business through adverts on social media and other platforms.


Perhaps, you are keen on writing a business plan because you need it to help you obtain a loan from the bank; or maybe, you realize how really important a business plan could be to the success of your business.

Before we delve in, i believe you must have made inquiries and prepared for that business, and you are well aware of the necessary requirements and steps to be observed before starting up. This article will serve as useful template to help you draft your own fast food outlet business plan.

Other Fast Food Plans:

So without any ado, below is a fast food restaurant business plan sample.

BUSINESS NAME: Tantalizer’s Fries

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast


Tantalizer’s Fries is a fast food restaurant business that is registered and fully licensed as a Limited company to operate in Singapore. It is a fast food restaurant business that has fulfilled the necessary requirements and obtained the required licenses and permits to legally operate in Singapore.

At Tantalizer’s Fries, we will be committed to tantalizing our customers with good, and quality food recipes at excellent prices with great packaging. We know that today’s world is a very busy one, and people have less time to properly prepare their meals; this is why we have become the answer to this pressing demand for fast food. We will offer a vast range of products, from sandwiches to Belgian fries.

Our fast food restaurant will be located at one of the crowded and populated areas of Singapore. The size of the establishment will range from 60 – 70 metres square and it will contain 20 – 25 guests.

Tantalizer’s Fries will be owned by Matthew Robinson and Jimmy McDonalds, both of whom will be having a 50-50 ownership. Both Matthew Robinson and Jimmy McDonalds have more than 15 years of experience in the fast food industry. We will expand our fast food restaurant business and offer franchise opportunity in the near future, probably after the first five years.


At Tantalizer’s Fries, we have set out our business objectives as given below, to be able to cement our position as one of the leading fast food restaurants in Singapore and Asia as a whole. Our business objectives include:

  • To establish a presence as one of the leading fast food restaurants in Singapore and Asia.
  • To establish Tantalizer’s Fries as a fast food restaurant that anybody would love to come to.
  • To expand the restaurant business and start offering franchise opportunity, before the last quarter of our third year of business, in Singapore, United States, and other parts of the world.
  • To create an exciting and unique menu that will set us apart from every other fast food restaurant in Singapore.
  • To provide more than a satisfactory service to our customers and maintain a high level of excellent services.


Our mission is clear and straightforward, and it is in harmony with our business vision. Our ultimate goal is to be among the leading fast food restaurants in Singapore, offering franchise opportunities within and outside Singapore, and the United States.

Bearing in mind our ultimate goal, we will put in our best efforts to ensure that we provide top quality customer services to our wonderful customers. We will make our customers have more than a wonderful experience whenever they visit our fast food restaurant, and even when they visit our website. We will make sure we will have great quality packaging for our products, and have our brand label attached to all our products.

In a nutshell, our main focus is on serving our cherished customers great quality food at great and affordable prices in a very calm and soothing atmosphere.

Tantalizer’s Fries will be owned by Matthew Robinson and Jimmy McDonalds. Matthew Robinson holds a Masters degree from the University Of Michigan, and had once been a project manager at several multinational companies while Jimmy McDonalds holds a BS degree. As the company expand over the years, we will need the services of:

  • A director of store operations.
  • Accountant
  • Human Resource Manager (HRM).
  • Marketing Manager, and
  • Administrative Manager.


Tantalizer’s Fries will focus solely on the sales of fries, sauces, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We will offer the sales of our products at very affordable prices. We will open our fast food restaurant every day from 8am to 8pm.

We will offer some Belgian fries and sandwiches in various flavours, ranging from satay sauce, Thai chilli ketchup, pesto mayo, teriyaki sauce, creamy wasabi mayo, lava cheese, barbecue, Caribbean islands, etc.


In Singapore, the end of the year 2000 marked the immense growth of consumers’ expenses for fast food, and the subsequent bounce back of the nation’s economy. The number of fast food restaurants had increased tremendously over the years.

In a survey of people within the ages of 15 – 45 years old, 80% of them confirmed to like fast food. 90% of them confirmed to like eating fast food regularly, and 10% of them affirmed to having great love for fast foods.


Our target market will include a host of adolescents and adults that fall within the age bracket of 15 – 38. This is because this group have very flexible budgets. We will make sure we offer our products at prices that are much more appealing than those of our competitors. Our target market will also include the family unit, the male adults –this is because they have very little dietary concerns; and the medium income earners.


We will do well to employ the necessary sales and marketing strategies to be able to catapult our fast food restaurant business to the top and cement it there. We will locally market our brand by distributing colour brochures throughout the regions in our target market areas.

We will make use of the local media of newspapers, magazines, and direct mail campaign; and also establish a website for our fast food restaurant business. We will also not hesitate to move our brand to the social media world such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Startup requirements

Startup expenses:

Legal fee                                 $2,000
Rent fee                                  $20,000
Interior equipment                  $17,000
Kitchen equipment                 $23,000
Packaging                               $10,000
Contingencies                         $5,000
Startup asset                          $60,000
Total                                       $137,000

Startup funding:

The initial startup investment sum required to startup Tantalizer’s Fries fast food restaurant business is $137,000.

Both Matthew Robinson and Jimmy McDonalds will contribute a 50-50 percent sum of investment to make up the startup capital. Matthew Robinson and Jimmy McDonalds will both contribute $68,500 as the startup investment.


Our sales forecast for Tantalizer’s Fries for the next three years is as follows. This sales projection is however based on a number of factors that have been considered.

Year 1             $100,000
Year 2             $170,000
Year 3             $350,000

Kindly share this business plan for a fast food restaurant, thanks.

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