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Are you interested in starting a frozen yogurt business? Do you know how to write a business plan for such a business?

If these have been your major worry, worry no more as this article provides a template frozen yogurt business plan which you can follow to develop yours.

All you have to do is to simply follow the format and the structural arrangement. The only difference is that the information supplied will be different from the one contained within this article.

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The information supplied here is only used for instructional purposes alone as an imaginary company by name Fresh Yogurt LLC will be used.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a frozen yogurt shop.

– The Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Our Vision Statement
– Our Mission Statement
– Business Structure
– Market Analysis/Trends
– Target Market
– Sales and Marketing Strategy
– Competitive Advantage
– Revenue Forecast
– Publicity and Marketing Strategy
– Payment Options

The Executive Summary

Fresh Yogurts LLC is a company operating within the food and beverage sector with unique services and products on offer that caters to the refreshment needs of its wide client base. Operating within the Delaware area, it strives to provide unbeatable services which will include an array of yogurt flavors more than any other yogurt company within Delaware.

What stands us out of the pack are the deliciously flavored yogurts we produce. With dedicated, committed and expert food technologists and general staff, we intend to raise the bar in yogurt manufacture as our clients will be in for a treat, with their optimal care as our driving force.

Products and Services

There have been several innovations within the frozen yogurt industry that have all been geared towards satisfying the needs of customers. At Fresh Yogurts LLC, will be doing nothing short of this, but intend to even provide better services than what is currently obtained within the industry.

This is possible through the contribution of new signature yogurt variants, and more effort will be put to ensure that more of such products are developed.

Among the products and services to be rendered in the sale of traditionally frozen yogurts, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, tart frozen yogurts, and also the training individuals with interests in this line of business.

Our Vision Statement

Although currently operating locally in Delaware, we intend to spread our yogurt outlets all across all the states within the US within the first 10 years of our operations.

Our Mission Statement

At Fresh Yogurts LLC, we have the mission of satisfying the yogurt needs of an increasing population of yogurt lovers through the sale of our tasty products. All these services will be spread to all our yogurt outlets within the United States.

Business Structure

Production operations at Fresh Yogurts LLC will be handled by a team of dedicated and motivated staff with a lot of experience in the yogurt industry. Although their services will not come cheap, we intend to hire the very best hands to ensure that we can compete with any other frozen yogurt company.

Among the hired hands are the CEO, a nutritionist, drivers, casual workers, cleaners, customer care representatives, sales and marketing experts, and accountants. These will oversee the smooth running of this yogurt company.

Market Analysis/Trends

With a market that is very dynamic and constantly experiencing innovations in a bid to satisfy customer needs. Such innovations such as the provision of outdoor yogurt services at events or sports centers have been in place for quite some time we intend to stay afloat this constant change through the continuous development of new flavored yogurts through constant experiments and making them available at retail stores, outdoor services, and thorough home delivery services.

Target Market

With yogurt being loved across all sections and classes of people, the target market is quite broad.

Although targeting the general population such as adolescents, teenagers, and adults, we will also be focusing our efforts on providing services to include certain segments of society like visiting tourists, celebrities, and student populations.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

We will be ensuring that our products attain an impressive distribution level where it will be available in all major retail stores and supermarkets. This will be possible through having distribution agreements with these departmental stores to supply our products to them for onward distribution to clients.

Apart from this, we will be hiring the services of experienced marketing specialists that will tailor our marketing approach to achieve the best sales and marketing results.

Competitive Advantage
A competitive advantage we have above our peers is the extra dedication we put in to produce more yogurt variants geared at satisfying customer needs. We will go all the way by offering free samples of our products to people to obtain responses and opinion that will help us provide better products

Revenue Forecast

We have made revenue projections based on the products and services we will be providing and the customer base we will be serving. We have projected a strong revenue growth within the first 3 months of our operations. This is represented below;

– Year 1 $100,000
– Year 2 $500,000
– Year 3 $1,000,000

Publicity and Marketing Strategy

The publicity and marketing strategies we will be using include advertisement in the local radio and TV stations, erection of billboards inconspicuous areas, and also the printing of fliers and banners for distribution. Also, we will be placing adverts in yellow pages and the use of the internet through the creation of befitting websites that advertise our services and products.

Payment Options

We will be making available different payment options that will cater to the payment needs of our clients. Among the variety of payment options are the use of POS, checkbooks, mobile phone transfers, and cash payments. The availability of these is to ensure that customers pay for services with ease and peace of mind.

This is an example of a frozen yogurt business plan sample with the necessary sections that should be carefully filled. However, when writing yours, care should be taken to ensure that the information supplied is unique to your situation.

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