If you have always dreamed of owning a pizza business, you may be able to get started sooner after reading this post as I have decided to share with you how to start this business from scratch.

Do you know the average pizza shop owner’s income? I know anyone can own a pizza shop business by buying a franchise of a well-known national chain.

But, you will need a huge budget for that and it is also limited because you won’t be allowed to add your creativity into the pizza business ideas to boost profit.

There are pros and cons to choosing a franchise. The pros include brand recognition, national campaigns, training, and support. But the downside is that most people don’t have the investment needed to buy into most of the national chain and some don’t usually succeed at last.


So, you need information on starting a pizza business from scratch, here are the required steps to consider before starting a pizza business anywhere in the world.


  • What is the current pizza business profit margin?
  • Do you want to how to start a pizza business from home?
  • How do you choose a pizza name that helps your brand?
  • Have you compiled a pizza shop equipment list?
  • Do you need an opening a pizzeria equipment guide?
  • Have you ever considered pizza business equipment?


Here is a sample business plan for starting a pizza shop business.

  • Conduct a Research 

The first toward starting a pizza business is to first research to know what kind of pizza you want to be making. There are different styles of pizza out there. You should research to know the ones that consumers love the most.

Also, you need to research to know what it takes to own a pizza business. Pizza is not one easy business to just wake up and start. You need to know what you are getting into before diving into the business.

  • Acquire Training and Experience 

This is very important before starting a pizza business. Though, there may be no certification for starting a pizza business but, that doesn’t stop you from working at a pizza shop to learn the in and out of the business.


Find a place that makes great pizza and apply to work there. One skill you will certainly learn is how to make a delicious pizza. It will be better if you work for 6 months to gather enough knowledge about the business.

  • Take a Business Class

Even if you are involved in the food business, you must take a pizza making business class. Remember, you will be responsible for managing and running your pizza shop. It is beneficial that you learn the business aspect of operating a pizza business.

  • Create a Pizza Business Plan

This is a vital step when starting a pizza business. Write out your business plan which should include a description of your pizza business, your target market, marketing strategy, sources of revenue, startup cost, etc.

There are so many types of pizzerias. You are to choose if you want to operate a buffet-style pizza business, pizza by the slice, family-style pizza joint, etc. You are also to indicate in your business plan if you will be offering delivery services or it will be a take-out only pizza shop.

You also need to decide in your business plan the complimentary food you will also be offering alongside your pizza.

You can’t be serving pizza only; you have to spice up your menu with something still delicious like pasta dishes like most pizza shops do theirs. What will be your hours of operation and many others are what should be included in your business plan.

  • Licenses and Permit

Before you will allow operating your pizza business, you will need to get the required licenses and permit from the appropriate authority. You will need several licenses depending on your city and state.

Without these licenses, it will be illegal to start a pizza business. Additionally, you should invite your local health inspection department to come to check your location because they permit before you can conduct business.

  • Location

The location of your restaurant or shop is one of the most important factors relating to the success or failure of your business. Ideally, you should look for a location with a lot of foot traffic that is easily accessible both to people walking by and for people with vehicles.

A location close to the main street is also a huge advantage. Locations near college campuses, military bases or large industrial or office parks are a huge advantage. Of course, these premium locations will come at a higher price, but if you can afford such a location it is worth the investment.

If you plan to generate revenue through the home and office delivery, location is less important.

  • Advertising

Advertising is one factor like location and menu that can determine the success of your pizza business. No one can patronize your business when they don’t know your business exists close to them.

You can erect a big signpost at the front of your shop to attract passerby. You can also place it at the junction of the street directing with a direction sign to let people know where to find your shop.

Online advertising is not out of the advertising. According to a survey, 40% of pizza sales occur online. So, it is advisable you also run an advert online especially on social media.

Of course, there are other areas you’ll need to consider including decor, staff and special promotional events. Once you have these items nailed down, you may be truly ready to start your pizza business.


To ease you from the stress of writing a pizza shop business plan sample from scratch, here is a sample for your perusal.

  • Business Overview
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Management Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan: Pricing Strategy
  • Conclusion


Pam’s Pizza Shop is a registered pizzeria that will be based in Texas, USA. It will cater to a wide range of clients including individuals and corporate entities around Texas and its environs. Located in the heart of Texas, Pam’s

Pizza Shop plans to have other branches across the US in the nearest future.

Pam’s Pizza shop will strive to provide its clients with the number-one pizza in town with a customer service that is customer-centric as well as taking into cognizance the various health needs of our customers.

Our customers’ interests and feedback will shape Pam’s Pizza Shop. Quality and timely execution of services will be our guiding principle as well as our customers’ utmost satisfaction being our motivation.

Pam’s Pizza shop will thrive on the best ethical behavior as well as maintain a hygienic condition to create an environment that will be comfortable as well as attractive to all our clients.

Pam’s Pizza is founded by Pamela Gibson who studied food microbiology in Australia and then got a job in a pizza shop. After spending three years working in a renowned pizza shop in Australia, she moved back to the USA to start hers.


The vision of Pam’s Pizza Shop is to create a pizzeria that would be the first place thought about whenever Pizza is mentioned in the USA. Our vision is predicated on the values that we cherish the most: healthy nourishment, integrity, customers’ satisfaction, excellence, and teamwork.


To build a pizza shop that will meet the needs and preferences of all our customers and potential customers in the regions/cities where we have our outlets throughout America.


At Pam’s Pizza Shop we offer a different taste of pizza in terms of flavors, size, and shapes.

In addition to pizza selling and delivery, Pam’s Pizza would also run a consultancy service and training for interested entrepreneurs. This is to diversify our sources of income.


Pam’s Pizza Shop will put in place a unique and efficient team that will be sufficiently trained and prepared to adequately interpret the vision and mission statements of the business. Our employees shall comprise of the following:

• Chief Operating Officer
• Pizza Shop Manager
• Quality Control Analyst
• Marketing and Sales managers
• Accountant
• Customer Care Representative
• Messengers
• Cleaners

Market Trends

Pizza in the USA is a relatively not new meal for most people. Although it has been available for years in the country, very little consume it frequently. Fast food joints and other take-out restaurants compete with the pizza business, which makes it a little difficult for the market to stand on its own.

These challenges along with others make it rare to see a business dealing with just pizza as most combine it with other products for their consumers.

Pam’s Pizza hopes to take advantage of this by offering a variety of pizza that would appeal to everyone’s taste bud to grow to become the one-stop-shop for your pizza cravings.


Pizza is not restricted to a certain age grade as almost everyone consumes pizza. But then, some, especially the younger generation consume it more. This is why after conducting our market research, the following group of individuals would be our main target market.

• Universities
• Secondary Schools and other tertiary institutions
• Children
• Households
• Offices
• Churches
• Entrepreneurs
• Residents


Pam’s Pizza Shop has the aim of spreading across the US in the next ten years and we hope to achieve this using some competitive strategies we have come up with.

We are going to run a training school in addition to pizza sales. This would aid in spreading our market as far as possible.

Pam’s Pizza Shop would also offer a combination of different pizza varieties that includes both local and international taste. Our pizzas would come in different sizes and shapes to be able to easily meet our clients’ demands.

We also hope to have a service that will be web-based to make it easier for our clients to order for our pizza in the comfort of their homes.

Our state of the art facilities, as well as vast experience in this field, is one advantage that would keep us a step higher than our competition.


At Pam’s Pizza, we are cognizant of the fact that marketing and its related activities form the lifeblood of any business venture.

Hence, the marketing team at Pam’s Pizza will comprise of women and men that are tested and tried; individuals that are self-driven and pragmatic who also love pizza and can come up with unique ideas needed to navigate the intense marketing turf that is a reflection of 21st-century businesses.

We shall let the quality of our services speak for us, by creating a platform – both online and offline – where satisfied customers can engage in word of mouth advertising of our products and services. Also, Pam’s Pizza will carry out the following marketing strategies:

• Creating active profiles on social media that would be customer-centric and focused.
• Introduce our business by sending introductory letters, flyers, pamphlets, and other marketing materials to our target markets such as Tertiary Institutions, market places, and schools
• Conducting Promos for our customers as well as roadshows to create awareness for our brand.
• Advertise our services in relevant business and financial papers and websites, Radio and TV stations as well as on other online platforms.

Pricing Strategy

Pam’s Pizza Shop will charge according to the size shape and toppings on pizza ordered. We would offer a free delivery service to residents close to our location and a minimum charge for deliveries a bit far from us.

To remain competitive, our price rates will be a little lower than other pizza rates around us for the first few months of opening.


This business plan for Pam’s Pizza Shop will serve as a platform for the execution of her short, medium and long term goals in this food sector in America. The founder is also of the opinion that this business plan can be subject to change, to accommodate any unforeseen changes that may occur in the pizzeria or food sector, in the future.

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