Sample Sandwich Shop Business Plan Template


Starting a sandwich shop is also not an easy affair.

This is the reason this article was written in order to guide you to writing your own plan.

So if you are interested in opening an outlet, here is a business plan for starting a sandwich shop.

  • Business Overview
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Management Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Shuntel’s Sandwiches is a tasty sandwich shop that will be located in Oregon, USA. Shuntel’s sandwiches is a registered and licensed by the food regulatory board in the United States. Located in one of the busiest streets in Oregon, Shuntel’s Sandwiches will be a sit-down sandwich restaurant with a sidewalk café attached to it.

Shuntel’s Sandwiches is a sandwich restaurant that would serve different varieties of sandwiches, pizzas, coffee, tea and soft drinks to customers. At our sandwich shop, customers will be able to sit in or out to eat their sandwiches or place their order both in and out. We would also offer delivery service in and around Oregon.

At Shuntel’s Sandwiches, our customers’ taste and satisfaction will be our number one priority. We would ensure that sandwiches are fresh, tasty and of so many varieties. We would also strive to make deliveries and orders as fast as possible in order to gain our customers trust and loyalty.

The needs of our customers would be our driving force at Shuntel’s Sandwiches. Although we are aware of the numerous sandwich shops around Oregon, we would strive to be the number one with our healthy and attractive atmospheres coupled with utmost customers’ satisfaction.

Shuntel’s Sandwiches is owned by Mr. and Mrs. David Hans who named the sandwich shop after their daughter Shuntel. Mr. David Hans was the manager of a branch McDonald’s restaurant for six years before leaving to open Shuntel’s Sandwiches. Mrs. Juliet Hans is a baker and has been baking for parties for over twelve years.

Together, they have decided to use their skills and expertise in the field to build a Sandwich shop that would give Americans a new definition of the word – Sandwich.


Shuntel’s Sandwiches vision is to become the leading brand and the number one stop for sandwiches in Oregon and beyond.


At Shuntel’s Sandwiches, our mission is to redefine the taste and meaning of sandwich to the American people using different tastes and flavors. It is also our mission that in the first ten years of operating, we would have different locations in and out of Oregon, United States.


Shuntel’s Sandwiches will put in place a business team that is dynamic, safety conscious and customer-oriented. Our team will be made of people who are conscious of our vision and mission and would put in much effort in order to be able to meet them.

Shuntel’s Sandwiches team will comprise of the following personnel

• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• Sandwich Shop Manager
• Administrative Manager
• Accountant
• Chief Baker/ Sandwich maker
• Kitchen assistants
• Sales and Marketing officer
• Cashiers
• Waiters
• Delivery Boys or girls
• Cleaners


Shuntel’s Sandwiches has the aim of redefining sandwiches in Oregon with tantalizing varieties of sandwiches. With this in mind, we have created a menu that will help us achieve this purpose.

Our products and services at Shuntel’s Sandwiches include the following;
• Pizza
• Soft drinks
• Coffee
• Tea
• Breakfast Sandwich
• Bacon Sandwich
• Barbecue sandwich
• Other varieties of Sandwiches with different variety of bread
• Online delivery service
• Catering service for parties

Market Trends 

Sandwiches have been a part of the American diet for a very long time. This sector of the food industry is one that has seen different types of innovations over the years. From just the usual bread and butter or bread and margarine sandwich, sandwiches have evolved to have so many varieties that are now too numerous to count.

With the recent advent of online presence of businesses, different blogs and online profiles have been created where sandwich shop owners have used the opportunity to blog about their sandwiches non-stop.

Another trend in the sandwich shop sector is the fact that people are now becoming increasingly concerned with their fat consumption which has caused for new varieties of healthier sandwiches.

The sandwich delivery system is also one that has been efficient and has been what has pushed most sandwich shops to the next level, especially if the sandwiches are fresh at the point of delivery.

Target Market

It is really rare to find a person who does not consume one sandwich or the other. The difference comes in the different varieties they prefer. This is why at Shuntel’s sandwiches, you are sure to get exactly what you type of sandwich you would prefer.

Based on our market research conducted by our team, the following group of people will be our target market.

• School children
• Offices
• Vegetarians and non-vegetarians
• Hospitals
• Homes
• Colleges and other educational facilities
• Entrepreneurs
• Residents


The sandwich shop business is indeed a really competitive one and at Shuntel’s Sandwiches, we have devised certain measures to help beat the competition.

Our sandwich shop is one that has both an indoor sit-down restaurant as well as a sidewalk café. This is to ensure that every customer would have different seating choices when they walk in through our doors.

Our sandwich shop is also located on one of the busiest streets in Oregon in order to get the maximum customers as possible. We also have different customer attendants for those taking their sandwich in and those ordering takeout.

Shuntel’s Sandwiches is built in such a way that it appeals to and attracts customers while portraying a healthy environment.


Marketing is the brain behind every business and this is why we have developed great marketing strategies that would help us become the leading sandwich shop we want to be.

The following are some of our marketing strategies we would apply to our sandwich shop;

• Organize a grand opening where we would serve every item on our menu to invited guests to give them a taste of what they would be getting when they patronize us.
• Conduct promos for our loyal customers
• Encourage word of mouth advertising
• Encourage our esteemed customers to refer us to their friends, colleagues and families, rewarding them when they do.
• Engage in social media advertising
• Have an online presence to interact frequently with our customers


Pricing Strategy
Shuntel’s sandwiches will charge customers according to the type of sandwich they order. But we will ensure our rates would be v bit lower than that of our competition.


In conclusion, the above sandwich shop business plan will be on ground for the successful running of Shuntel’s Sandwiches and will accept any change that arises due to fluctuation in the sandwich shop sector.

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