Sample Cupcake Shop Business Plan


Is starting a Cupcake shop business on your mind? If yes, I will be helping you draft a sample to ease you in preparing one for your business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a cupcake shop.

This template is for Double Delight Bakery, a new player in the cupcake bakery sector.

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Management Team
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Payment Channels
  • Target Market
  • Payment Options
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Conclusion


Double Delight Bakery is a new startup bakery, located in the heart of New York City, USA. The business hopes to capture a loyal and dedicated following with a broad range of exciting cupcake flavors and tastes.

The company hopes to become the market leader in the cupcake sector due to the experience of the founder(s) as well as the deployment of unique marketing/advertising measures.


“To become the foremost provider of the tastiest cupcake servings in a variety of tastes and menus, in that sector.”


Double Delight Bakery will aim to offer hygienically prepared, high-quality and nutritious cupcakes and associated treats at a competitive price, in order to meet the demand of our target markets including middle to high-income groups, as well as tourists and visitors.


Double Delight Bakery understands the critical role played by human personnel, toward attaining the goals and objectives of any business. Hence, Double Delight will be well served by the experience and expertise of the founders, who bring will make stellar contributions from their respective fields. They are Marjorie Finder and Thomas Temple.

Marjorie Finder has worked in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector for the last 13 years. In that period, she assumed various roles including Food supply and logistics manager, and hotel facility management. She will bring her experience to bear in identifying which recipes for cupcakes will do best in the target markets selected.

Thomas Temple is a well versed Financial Engineering Consultant, who has worked for a number of established accounting firms including Price Water House Coopers and Deloitte Financial Services.

He has cut his teeth in propelling potential investments to fruition and sees that same opportunity with Double Delight Bakery.

Under their stewardship, Double Delight Bakery will employ 2 full time and experienced pastry makers and 6 service stewards to attend to customers and attend to online orders.


Double Delight Bakery will strive to meet and exceed the expectations of her existing and potential customers with the provision of nutritious and tasty cupcakes.

In this regard, the following products will form the core of the company’s offering:

• Fresh-made cupcakes.
• Fresh-made drinks and smoothies.
• Selling other on-demand beverages and food items.
• Offering Training, Consultancy and Advisory services on issues related to the bakery business.


There has been a steady rise in the consumption of confectionaries. This demand has risen exponentially when it comes to the intake of cupcakes. A number of reasons account for this trend.

The first is that there has been an explosion in the variety, form and tastes that cupcakes can assume.
This variety has spurred an interest in the consumption, so much so that cupcakes have become a staple offering in family meals, wedding receptions, house warming ceremonies, children parties as well as office functions.

Another reason is the affordable price that a good serving of cupcake goes for. The market is attracted to the fact that such goodness can come at a competitive price, hence the increased patronage.

Double Delight aims to take advantage of these trends to assume the role of market leaders in that sector. The company intends to garner a loyal following among residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity of her operations. These will form her dominant and target market. This will assure that the revenues of Double Delight grow and steadies overtime from the start-off of operations.

In addition, tourists and visitors who desire to taste the American way of life and living will also form a core nucleus of our market, as they will be targeted with our products and offerings.

In the end, Double Delight will pay close attention to higher visibility and competitive pricing of our goods and services in order to assume and maintain our share of the market.


Double Delight Bakery will be started with funds from the founding partners, which will amount to 60 percent of startup costs. This cost is put at 100,000 USD. The balance of will is procured from banks and other financial institutions as a revolving 10-year loan repayment period.

Double Delight expects to attract sales of 400,000 USD in the first year of operations, 550,000 USD in the second and 650,000 USD in year 3. Double Delight Bakery expects to break even by the 6 months of operations as sales continue to climb upwards.

Within the commensurate periods, the anticipated profits for years 1, 2 and 3 is fixed at 30,000, 50,000 and 75,000 USD respectively.


Double Delight Bakery will make available the following payment options:

• Cash payment.
• Payment via Point of Sale (POS) Machine.
• Payment via online bank transfers.
• Payment via the Mobile money transfers.


The following individuals and corporations will form the bulk of our target market:

• Residents within the vicinity of our operations.
• Schools and centers of learning.
• Hotels and Resorts.
• Recreational Facilities.


Double Delight Bakery will embark on the following measures to create awareness about our business, brand, and products:

• Introduce our cupcake products to schools, neighborhoods, and organizations.
• Engage in publicity and fanfare at the start of our operations to capture the attention of residents of our immediate vicinity.
• Engage in road shows and business awareness drives in targeted communities from time to time.
• Advertise our products and services in business journals and in reputable business editorials.
• Having a functional and interactive website. Double Delight will also leverage on the internet to promote our cupcake products. This will entail having a presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al.
• Encourage referrals from our satisfied customers.


Double Delight Bakery will strive to offer her clientele excellent and gourmet cupcakes at competitive prices. This cupcake shop business template will serve as the framework through which the company will effectively discharge this responsibility in accordance with standard business practices worldwide.

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