Sample Ice Cream Factory Business Plan Template


This article is written as a sample for those interested in starting an ice cream factory but have difficulties on how to write a compelling plan that will qualify them for a loan.

For the purpose of this sample, we will be using the name Delight Ice Cream LLC as our business name, with its operational base located in Ohio. The rest of the details covering Delight Ice Cream will be provided below.

Please not that our Ice cream factory (Delight Ice Cream) is only imaginary, and represents no real company out there.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an ice cream factory.

– Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Our Mission Statement
– Our Vision Statement
– Market Analysis/Trends
– Target Market
– Marketing and Sales Strategy
– Competitive Advantage
– Financial Projection
– Publicity and Advert Strategy
– Payment Channels
– Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

Executive Summary

Delight Ice Cream LLC is a fully licensed and regulated ice cream factory based in Ohio, with strict adherence to safety and hygienic standards, attuned with global best practices. This ice cream factory has ambitious plans of expanding its operational and client base from its current Ohio base to eventually spread to the entire United States, having at least one Delight Ice Cream factory in every state within the country.

Products and Services

Delight Ice Cream LLC will be having varied products and services on offer, leaving our clients spoiled for choice.

Among the high quality products and services on offer are; frozen yogurt, Fruit Pops, bulk ice cream, catering services, periodic training for new would-be employees among several other products and services.

Our Mission Statement

This ice cream factory business has a passion for service excellence, with the goal of making the best ice cream, with more signature flavors, including the everyday flavors than any other ice cream factory business. This will be achieved through constant research and customer inquiry.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision at Delight Ice Cream is to establish a world class ice cream factory business that can compete favorably with any other, with an achievable ambition of establishing at least one Delight Ice Cream factory in every state within the United States within our first ten years of operation, and to become a house hold name through the building of a strong and well respected brand.

Market Analysis/Trends

If we intent capturing a large share of the market, then we should be able to bring out innovative services not available in other ice cream factories. Hence, we have analysed the ice cream market and have noticed that although many ice cream factories are trying to bring out better ice cream flavors to satisfy their customers, they either neglect the needs of those who are not enthusiastic about change.

This is an area we will be exploring as we will not leave this segment of the market unattended to.

While focusing our services in making sure we formulate our own signature ice cream flavors, we will ensure that the old flavors are still maintained for the benefit of this segment of our market.

Our Target Market

Our ice cream factory business has a target market consisting of clients residing within our operational area, the corporate world, students, tourist, and celebrities among a wide segment of our target market. Also, our factories will be located within areas where foot traffic is high, such as malls, central business districts among other busy areas.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Delight Ice cream will hire the services of an experienced marketing and sales expert to guide and oversee our marketing and sales operations. We will be offering the best services, going all out to please our clients by making our services cheaper that what is obtainable in the market. This is in a bid to capture new clients. This strategy will be publicized to ensure that new clients try out our services.

Competitive Advantage

At Delight Ice Cream, what sets us apart from our competition is the different variety of ice cream which will continually be produced to ensure that we have more varieties of ice cream on offer at rock bottom prices and also providing the very best flavors. This will be done with utmost dedication by a well motivated staff.

Financial Projection

It is projected that within our first 3 years of operations, our revenue will experience a leap, which will be due to the effort put in to produce the best products, at pocket friendly prices, taking full advantage of turn over from our high volume sales. This is represented by the simple table below

– 1st Year $250,000
– 2nd Year $750,000
– 3rd Year $1,500,000

Publicity and Advert Strategy

We will be deploying the very best of tools to advertise our products and services to the general public. This includes the use of social media, our website, banners, fliers and erection of bill boards at strategic places to ensure that it achieves the highest exposure to public viewing.

Adverts will be placed in yellow pages and also, the local TV and radio stations will be used in advertising our services.

Payment Channels

At Delight Ice Cream LLC, we will be making available all payment options/channels for our esteemed clients. These channels will include POS, acceptance of cheques, mobile banking, and cash payments among other payment options as they become available.

Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

There will be continuity in our business as it is a company owned by a group of investors, through shareholding, thus, as the need may arise, it will remain open for new investors to own a share of Delight Ice Cream LLC, as well as existing investors selling their shares.

Our expansion will be in the form of the establishment of factory outlets across all the states within the US within our first 10 years of operations.

This ice cream factory business plan sample has been designed to act as a guide for those in need of one but without adequate knowledge on how to construct one. It is hoped that this will provide the much needed help in writing a comprehensive ice cream factory business plan.

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