15 Creative Educational Business Ideas For Schools & Teachers

Are you interested in new small scale education business ideas? The education industry is one of the largest industries and a multi-billion dollar industry in the world.

Have you found love in the education industry and you are thinking of starting a business in the niche?

Profitable Education Business Ideas for Smart Investors

There are many business ideas in the education field that any entrepreneur can venture into with little capital and succeed in.

As far as education is part of our existence, this makes the education industry a profitable industry to invest in.

The opportunity in the education industry is massive and entrepreneurs can leverage the opportunity to make wealth. To get grants and funding for your business, you need to develop a solid education business plan.

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So, without wasting much of your time, here are 15 top business ideas in the education sector that any serious entrepreneurs can choose from:

  1. Start a Daycare Center

Starting a daycare center is one lucrative business idea in child education and training. The business involves educating infants with educational toys and multimedia.

The business idea is very lucrative because busy parents are always looking for a trusted place to drop their kids while they go out to hustle. The business does not involve employing too much staff for teaching.

It just entails you have the necessary facilities that these kids will find comfortable with till their parents return.

Before you can start this business, you will need a license and approval from the ministry of education of your state or the appropriate authority.

  1. Make-up School

This is another innovative educational business idea in the education industry that is making a lot of women very rich these days.

Most people especially girls enroll in make-up schools to learn how to do make-up so they can open their make-up stores and become self-employed.

  1. Arts and Crafts Classes

Many people want to learn different arts and crafts such as sculpture, painting, knitting, pottery. Plaster of Paris etc.

If you have the knowledge and you are skillful in arts and crafts making, you can turn that skill of yours into a business venture. The business can be run from your home. It just involves hosting training classes on a particular art and charge a set fee for it.

  1. Start a Primary School

Starting a primary school is another profitable business idea in the education industry. It is quicker to get pupils to enroll in primary classes than in secondary.

If you start with a kindergarten, it gives you less stress in getting pupils for your primary classes.

Just like starting any private school, you as an entrepreneur are expected to collect permits to run a school from the ministry of education of that state.

  1. Start a Music School

This business idea has made so many rich and you have to be part of them if you have found love for music. Many people are enrolling in music schools to learn how to play musical instruments.

And guess what? You don’t need to know how to play musical instruments to be able to start a music school.

As far as you have the entrepreneurial idea to run a business, you can run a music school. You just need to have the musical instruments and hire a music coach for each instrument to teach the students.

With this, you can easily expand the music school further to add other instrument learning center to it.

This business idea can be capital intensive because you will have to rent a place and buy the musical instruments you will be using to teach your students.

If you can’t do all that, you can start small by carrying your instrument to people’s homes to teach them.

  1. Catering School

This is another interesting food business idea in the education industry an entrepreneur may want to consider.

This is a school that teaches how to bake cakes, bread, and whatever, and how to cook several intercontinental and local dishes.

Because the market is so lucrative as people will always need cakes and catering services for their wedding, birthdays, anniversary, people are now going to a catering school to learn the skill so they can make money by satisfying this market.

There are many education franchises you can maximize in this niche.

  1. Computer Training Institute

IT has taken all over the world. This market is ever rich as everyone wants to learn how they can operate the computer like computer wizards so they won’t be left behind in terms of being computer literate.

Running a computer training institute where you teach various computer programs as well as other added services is a very profitable computer education business for entrepreneurs to consider.

  1. Dance Academy

No state in any country doesn’t have two or three dance schools. This shows the profitability of the business. This business idea has proven very profitable for decades and there are lots of dancing competitions hosting every year.

This opens an application for people to come to register at your dance academy so they can fight for the championship.

  1. Fashion Design Institute

This educational business idea is perfect for entrepreneurs who have technical knowledge about sewing.

You can open a fashion design institute where you will be teaching fashion design lovers how they can make clothes and other fashion designs.

  1. School Book Sales

This business does not involve lots of capital to start. All the entrepreneur needs to do is visit schools before they resume their terms to ask for their list of textbooks and obtain permission to supply them with these textbooks.

You just need to find the location of the publisher and sign a contract with them to be their distributor for your residing city or state.

  1. School Chalk Production

There are still schools in remote areas that are still using a chalkboard to teach their students. You can open a chalk production factory and fill the need of these schools.

The good thing is that the business doesn’t involve huge capital to start. With as little as $100, you can kick-start this business.

  1. Home Tutoring

This business is mostly for teachers that need extra income. If you are good at any particular subject (especially Mathematics and English), you can start a home tutoring business.

This is the most popular education business idea as it doesn’t require any capital to start and parents like to keep their children busy with book work instead of playing around.

  1. Exercise Book Production

If you are looking for the best business ideas in the education industry that the return on investment is guaranteed, you can invest in an exercise book production business as both pupils, students, and teachers will always need exercise books to write.

  1. Open a Bookshop

Start a bookshop to fill in the need for people always looking for good books to buy for educational purposes and leisure. You can choose to stock in school books, motivational books, or any kind of books as far as it is an educational book.

To increase sales and patronage, you can also choose to have an online store where people can order your books online instead of getting restricted by location.

  1. Skills Acquisition Center

This is yet another department of education business idea.

If you have the capital, you can choose to start up a skill acquisition center where your staff will be training several people on acquiring various kinds of skills to empower themselves financially.