12 Unique Things to Sell at School to Make Money

Here, our article will focus on unique things to sell at school to make money. If you find yourself confused, don’t be.

Join us as we discuss these and more on this education-related entrepreneurship opportunity.

A school is a place for learning right? Absolutely! But business transactions can also occur, though the type of business that students can go into, matters too.

Types of Schools

The type of things you sell will depend on the type of school. In other words, certain products may best be sold on University campuses than at high schools.

Whatever the case may be, you need to only exchange products or services which are legally acceptable. These shouldn’t contravene any laws.

Types of School Events

While certain schools include trade days on their calendars, others don’t. However, such schools have no laws prohibiting sales.

Under the first category, fundraisers may be organized. This is held solely to raise funding. Such funds are usually meant for collective projects.

Unique Things to Sell at School to Make Money

In order not to overstretch this article, it’s proper to provide the needed information. We are sure you’d find this interesting and implementable. The following are unique things you can start selling at school to make some bucks;

  • Tote Bags

Tote bags are unique items that can be created and sold easily at school. This is will come in very handy as a collective fundraising project. But these would have to come in varieties of color and sizes.

Of course, the price points too will differ. Time is also of the essence when planning for such events. You’d need adequate time to craft these bags.

  • Entertainment Coupon Books

Patronage of any product(s) depends on perceived value. Therefore, the need to consider selling this unique item.

Entertainment coupon books hold significant discounts on a variety of products and services. These usually cover products and services such as movie tickets, local businesses, as well as restaurants among several others.

You’d easily earn good money by selling these at school. This may be during break (to avoid disrupting the process of learning) or during fundraisers.

  • Fundraising Candy

Dollar fundraising candy is among the most popular type of candies sold at school fundraisers. By suggesting this idea to your group, you’d succeed in attracting patronage for your products. This in turn helps the group earn money, thereby meeting their financial targets.

  • Restaurant Gift Cards

This provides value to restaurant-goers. You‘d easily make money by selling gift cards to your audience. In the process, you easily earn the money required. The good part is that gift cards don’t expire. Therefore, this can be included in your basket of products and service offerings.

  • Backpacks

Backpacks aren’t only popular with students but also outside the school community. Hence the need to consider this among products you wish to sell. The more design options available the better your sales should be.

Quality is another factor you must consider. These two are certain to boost sales, thereby earning you good money.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are popular with students. But you’d need to know what is trending. By being in the mix, you get an idea of what your market (in this case students) appreciates. This helps you choose just the right type of sneakers. Those bearing popular brand names like Nike, Adidas, etc. will sell faster compared to those such.

  • Fancy Headphones

Headphones are popular among student communities. Therefore, are unique things you can sell on your campus.

However, like sneakers, you need to have an understanding of trending headphone brands.

Another secret is providing your clients with better deals no matter how little such deals may be. People will always buy from you as long as you promise them value for their money.

  • DIY Phone Casings with Nail Polish Finishing

This is a handcraft that doesn’t cost much to make, yet can easily be sold. You’d need to be driven by creativity. These can be sold at school with good profits guaranteed.

However, you’d need to be able to convince your buyers. Luckily, quality products will appeal to anyone that sees them.

  • Cleaning Services

Students are typically busy. This makes them have little time to tidy up their rooms. This is most common for those living off-campus. This is an opportunity to earn money. So, by starting a cleaning service, you help them solve a problem while making money in the process.

  • Organizing Tutorial Classes

When you’re good at something, it can easily be used to earn an income. Therefore, you only need to offer lessons in subjects or courses you think you are competent in. This fetches you some money while doing what you love.

  • Electronic Gadgets

Sales of electronic gadgets is a great way to earn money. It requires going for unique ones. This sparks interest in the buyer. Over time, you become a reference point for quality electronic products. Whether used or new.

  • Phone Repair Services

Phones are arguably the most used gadgets by students. But after a while, these precious gadgets may become faulty.

Having repair skills is highly desirable in school environments.

Therefore, you only have to announce yourself by carrying out a few repairs. Once you are known, you attract a steady stream of clients. This of course translates to money.

Research into Products that Sell Fast in Schools

This is an essential step you must take before selling anything. There are lots of regulations and bye-laws governing the transaction of business on school premises.

By finding out what these are, and talking to appropriate authorities, you get to avoid breaching existing laws or regulations.

These are some unique things to sell in school to make money. Being able to convince your market (in this case students) will enable you to sell more products and services. Your disposition also counts.

Having a warm and friendly personality can unlock your potentials for greater sales.