Are you desperately looking for low-cost business ideas and high profit to start today?

Well, don’t be in a hurry because very soon I’ll name low capital business ideas that you may be interested in investing in. In this post, I have tried to summarize five low-budget business opportunities that you can tap into even from home.

Low Investment High-Profit Business Ideas

So what kind of small business is profitable?

Most entrepreneurs have at some point in time thought about a really perfect business idea they would so love to go into. But then, when they consider what it would cost to get that business up and running, they lose hope because it is so out of their budget and savings.

Best 5 Low Investment Businesses With High Returns

Wait a minute, have you wondered if they are any business ideas that would require little capital to start up and you still get to enjoy high returns on your investment?

Have you thought about starting up a business with as little as nothing and still get high returns from it? I bet this is every entrepreneur’s dream.

There are so many business ideas you could go into as an entrepreneur that are low-cost business ideas but then they yield high returns. Without wasting much of your time, here are some low-cost business ideas with high returns…

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment With High Profit

Some investors do not believe you can invest low capital and reap great profits. They estimate returns from how much you invest. Well, this is not always true.

There are many low investment businesses you can start from home with little or no initial capital. See some of these high-profit low investment business ideas to start.

The business idea discussed here is a small capital big profit business. In other words, you don’t need to break the bank to start up the venture as each one is more of a less investment more profitable business.

What do I mean? You make high returns on your investment although you have invested little capital. It is also worth noting that most low-cost business ideas need some level of expertise to survive and thrive.

Though you do not need a lot of funds to start them, you will need to acquire the necessary skills to drive such businesses.

1. ==> Make Overs

Looking for a high-profit low investment business? Makeovers such as face makeups, manicures, and pedicure, gel tying, etc, is a lucrative low capital investment business.

Many young ladies go into this business even from school. If you have the expertise to give unique touches and beauty makeup, you will always get clients through referrals.

This is because ladies often ask questions when they see cute makeup on their friends. Anybody can start this business after going through the training even without necessarily looking for loans.

2. ==> Snacks

Commercial baking of snacks from home is a good example of a low capital high-profit business.

You can bake and sell to either targeted customers like school children, office workers during breaks or open an outlet/shop where people can come to buy.

The materials for this less investment more profitable business are not costly to acquire.

Nevertheless, you need a decent level of baking skills. If you are interested in low investment high-return business ideas, making snacks like doughnuts, scotch eggs, chinchin, mince pies, fish pies, sausage rolls, etc, is a very nice opportunity to grab.

3. ==> Security Outfit

You don’t need much money to set up a security guard company that would be involved in the training of able-bodied young men and women for supply to companies and banks as security agents. A security company is far cheaper to establish than a private military company.

This low capital high return business is what has build wealth empires for many people across the world especially retired military and paramilitary personnel like man-o-war, police, civil defense, customs, immigration, army, etc.

Most establishments do not have time to start recruiting and training security personnel. They contract this service out to private security outfits.

With a good business plan, business management skills, and military experience, you will succeed in this low investment high-return business.

4. ==> Pet Care

I have shared three low-cost business opportunities so far and I’m moving to the fourth one: PET CARE. Do you know you can make money when you care for other people’s pets? Most busy workers are afraid to leave their dogs or cats alone at home especially when these pets are sick.

Some other persons are looking for animal care homes to put their rabbit, hamster, pig, etc for the meantime while they are away on holidays.

With knowledge of animal care, veterinary medicine, or animal management (behavior and handing), you can set up a pet care home. People who share great affection with pets are willing to pay much to ensure their pets’ welfare and safety.

Child care or babysitting is another related business with low capital and high profit that you can start if you have the necessary experience and are located in areas where pet care is not blooming at presents such as in Nigeria and most parts of Africa.

5. ==> Business Consulting

Have you managed a business successfully in the past? Do you have the required experience to start a business or manage one profitably? I’m delighted to inform you that you can repackage that knowledge and set up a consulting service.

For instance, if you are knowledgeable about agribusinesses such as the poultry business or fish farming, you can start consulting for people who are interested in going into this line of business. The sweet thing is you don’t need to invest millions of dollars to become a business consultant in a chosen field.

My only recommendation is don’t preach or recommend what you have not practiced. That’s sheer dishonesty.

Indeed, business consulting is a low investment business with high profit. I’m a living witness to this fact.


  • Babysitting

One great low-cost business idea with high returns is babysitting. Babysitting here goes way above going to homes to take care of babies. It is more or less more of having a home where parents can bring in their children to be taken care of for an agreed number of hours.

I bet you have probably never thought about it, but babysitting is one low-cost business idea with high returns. You might be thinking, I am a guy or I really cannot take care of babies, they are just too difficult to handle.

That shouldn’t be a problem as you could get someone to take care of the babies for you. All you need is a center (of which you could easily use your home) and since most babies are dropped off with their supplies you do not need to spend money buying stuff

  • Photography

Another low-cost business idea that yields high returns is the photography business. This is one business idea that is highly profitable and fortunately requires little startup. The internet these days is swiftly moving from words to visual content and this is where photography comes in.

You could snap great photos and sell them online to websites, or do a professional photo shoot of their products. You could also decide to do photo and video coverage for weddings, anniversaries and other parties and get really good payment for them.

And of course, most times all you need to start this business idea with high returns is a good camera.

  • Jewelry Business

Another low-cost business idea with massive returns is the jewelry business. This business idea is highly lucrative and requires little capital to start up. Jewelry is worn and loved by all, hence, the market is high.

It requires little capital to start up because one thing about jewelry is the fact that the price doesn’t really depend on the amount used to buy the materials for making the jewelry, it depends on how elegant and beautiful it makes the wearer look.

This is why if you have got that talent or passion for making jewelry, you could turn that into making good money when you start your very own jewelry business.

  • Sale of Homemade Snacks

Selling homemade snacks is another great low-cost business idea with high returns. Everyone loves having a snack once in a while, and if you can get it homemade and probably still warm, then you are just on the right track.

This business idea is low cost because most of the items needed are the ones you normally use at home. Hence if you could get a place where you would be highly patronized, such as a school, a company, or a busy street, then you are bound to get high returns from this low-cost business idea.

  • Car Wash

Another low-cost business idea with extremely high returns is a car wash.

A car wash is a place where people bring their cars to get them washed. A car wash is a low-cost business idea with high returns because it requires little to set it up and as soon as you do, the profits just keep on rolling in.

What does it take to set up a car wash? An open space that has a good drainage system, soap, and a source of water.

With just these, you are good to go on your car wash business. It also does not require resources for maintenance and with the amounts of cars you get to wash daily, you are bound to get high returns from this low-cost business idea.

Throwing a party, a seminar, or organizing some sort of event or the other is something that at some point everyone has to do. But then it is so stressful that most people pay good money to have someone take away that burden from them.

This is why event planning and sponsoring is one great business idea and coupled with the fact that what you need to start are your skill and good marketing techniques.

This makes event planning a wonderful low-cost business idea with high returns.

I hope you have picked one or two ideas from this list of low capital/investment high return businesses. What other idea do you think qualifies? Share.