8 Lucrative Side Hustles For Lawyers

Side hustles for lawyers consist of any business opportunities including those that have nothing to do with the profession. As long as you’re able to do what it takes, you’ll be in business.

It’s possible to have never thought of such opportunities. By highlighting them, you can begin to pursue your dreams of adding to your income sources.

The gig economy has seen a significant transformation regarding the number of people from diverse professions taking part in. However, by looking at the nature of a side hustle, it’s largely driven by the desire to create more income streams.

This however may not be the only reason.

Nevertheless, it’s mainly about more income. If you’re reading this, there’s a possibility that you’re a lawyer and are interested in finding some lucrative side hustles.

Here, we’ll show you different types of side hustles you can explore to improve your earnings.

8 Side Businesses For Lawyers You Might Love to Take Up

Not all side hustles will be suitable for everyone. This is natural.

People have different preferences and find certain opportunities more interesting than others. In this regard, you’ll need to choose all or some of the opportunities listed below as long as they interest you.

It’s also important to note that skills are also needed to perform such jobs. These may law-related or otherwise.

Whatever the case is, you should be capable of performing certain responsibilities attached to the side hustle. The following are some side businesses to consider as a lawyer;

  • Writing Articles in your Area of Specialty

There are lots of legal websites and periodicals that will be interested in your writing skills as a lawyer. You can begin by writing on niche-specific or specialty areas of your profession. Now, there are lots of these to consider.

Some of the major specialties for lawyers include bankruptcy law, immigration law, business law, and family law. Others include civil rights law, environmental law, criminal law, intellectual property law, personal injury law tax law, and real estate law among many others.

For each of these specialty areas are sub-specialties. There’s never a short supply of what to write on as a good writer. You can also start a personal blog where you write articles on your areas of interest.

This side hustle can be comfortably run while maintaining your main job.

It’s important to be realistic in your expectations. In other words, you shouldn’t expect to start earning significantly within the shortest possible time.

There’s a growth process where you grow your clientele and recognition as a good writer before you begin to earn a significant income.

  • Legal Coaching Service

As a lawyer who’s knowledgeable on a wide variety of legal issues, you should consider starting a legal coaching service. A lot of people are willing to pay to learn about their legal rights in many situations.

Business owners show interest in getting some legal advice especially as it has to do with customer relations as well as worker relations. You may want to hold your law training sessions or organize law firm boot camps for interested persons to apply. This fetches you some extra income.

What more? Online tutorials can also be sold online where difficult courses are simplified. Your target for such courses would include students trying to get a grasp of the concept of a particular or number of courses.

  • Dog Walking Service

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Not all side hustles for lawyers are related to the profession. It’s basically about doing the things you love in your spare time and earning extra income. If you love dogs, this is a side hustle you should consider.

The good thing about dog walking as a business is, your taking time off to do those things you’re passionate about outside of law practice won’t feel like work. It’s an enjoyable experience that also fetches you extra bucks. You’ll need to strategize for your business by first setting the hourly rate.

You’ll need to also have a target market, spread the word about your side hustle, and ask friends and family to help you put the word out. The more people know about your business, the better.

  • Delivery Service

You can start your delivery service business side hustle by running points or errands for clients. Whether you have a bicycle, motorcycle, or car, this is one side hustle you can comfortably operate without disruption to your main work.

  • Interior Décor

Interior décor is a fascinating prospect to launch into. This business idea can both be done on a full and part-time basis. However, since we’re talking about a side hustle, starting on a part-time will seem the best decision to make.

You can help people transform their home, office, and hall interiors for a fee. One of the good things about offering this service is that your work will speak for itself. People are likely to make inquiries about an excellent or captivating interior décor job.

That way, your client base increases while you also maintain your main job as a lawyer. Plus, you’d succeed in supplementing your income by having additional streams.

  • Event Planner

Event planners are always busy on weekends and less busy during the workweek. This fits perfectly into your side hustle options as a lawyer. If your passion is centered on event planning, you might want to consider giving it a shot.

Here, you’ll be involved in organizing a wide range of events such as weddings, birthdays, conferences, and more.

Does a Side Hustle have to be Law-Related?

No! As a lawyer, the general thinking is that if you must operate a side hustle, it must be related to your profession or the work you do. Experience has shown that such isn’t the case.

The point of having a side hustle is to improve or increase your income streams.

Money comes can be earned through multiple sources as long as you have the knowledge required to operate such a business. So, when thinking of a side hustle to start as a lawyer, you shouldn’t put yourself in a box or restrict your imaginations. Monetize what you’re good at and you’re likely to make tons of money.

There are lots of side hustles you can start as a lawyer. We’ve only considered a few. You must choose one that gives you fulfillment as such hustles won’t be considered stressful.