Are you looking around for an immigration law firm business plan sample? Are you interested in building a great business plan for your new law practice?

A law firm business is a very lucrative and noble venture.

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You could be a budding Lawyer still in law school, you may have just been called to the bar and are ready to practice your profession, or you could be an experienced Lawyer who wants to start this business with your colleagues and thrive in it.

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Whatever category you fall in the legal field; you are going to benefit from this attorney business development plan template if you study it carefully.

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The law firm business is not something that is limited to legal practitioners. If you are not a Lawyer, you can also venture into it and be successful.

However, this business plan for a law firm partner will focus on the Lawyer and serve as a prototype.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a law firm.

Name of Business: Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP


  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Publicity
  • Cost of starting
  • Sources of Capital
  • Conclusion


Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP is a company that will work as a litigation law firm and treats other areas of law according to the request of our clients. We will handle white-collar crime, contract breaching, judgment recovery, class action lawsuits, and other related cases.

At Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP, we have in mind the current high demand for Lawyers in a lot of businesses and this is why we will offer a wide range of legal services concerning whatever the clients want.

This company is one hundred percent client-based and those who we serve will find us affordable as they will not have to pay through their nose to have our quality representation and counsel, we will give them all the legal backing needed to achieve their various feats in their different establishments.

The ethics of our profession strictly guides everything we do at Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP. The attorneys we hire are honorable, effective, experienced, and dedicated to the good of our clients.

The company, Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP is founded by Ashley Raymond and his brother Adams Raymond. Ashley Raymond manages the business. He is a graduate of Law from Harvard University, USA.

He has many years of experience in legal and business.


At Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP, we weary about making a profit, but we also have other ai, which reflects in the range of services we cover.

Within the scope of the legal practice, we offer business on;

  • Insurance
  • Commercial real estate
  • Employment
  • Right of creditor
  • Immigration
  • General counseling services
  • Business and commercial transaction


Providing our esteemed clients with skilled legal services efficiently and on time, representing our clients with accountability and honor.

We take responsibility for the legal aspect of our client’s businesses while they confidently focus on the success of their ventures.


In a strictly professional manner, our mission is to provide trusted legal services which aid organizations and businesses to operate effectively, having good business background ourselves we also give excellent counsel to clients.


We at Ashley Adams Law Firm LLP have taken great measures to see that our business structure is substantial and will support the growth of our company.

We will hire honorable and excellent hands in our company and use the structure below;

  • Founder/President
  • Attorney
  • Patent Attorney
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Assistant
  • Administrator and HR Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Accountant
  • Front Desk Officer


Ashely Adams Law Firm LLP is a full business law firm and will serve small to big business organizations.

Our target market cuts across people from all walks of life and we have specially designed our business for banks, migrants, employees, real estate business people, corporate counsel, and entrepreneurs.


We will place advertisements on electronic and print media, maximize our company website, sponsor shows, leverage the internet, and brand our official cars.


We have done our research and feasibility studies and going by the reports we gathered, we will need about $200,000 to set up Ashely Adams Law Firm LLP.

This will cover all startup costs, from acquiring an office facility to additional expenditures. It can also independently sustain the business for the first three months.


The company is going to start as a private business owned by Ashely Adams and he will be the sole financer of the firm. Funds will come from his savings and loans from the bank.

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Ashely Adams Law Firm LLP will be situated at 17th street, Oakland California, USA.

The founder will be open to partnership and financial investments as the business grows and this company will aid the economy not only by providing services for clients but also good jobs for the unemployed.

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