A dog walking business is typically a business for pet lovers. If you are a pet (dog) lover and interested in starting a pet-related business, then a dog walking business might be a great idea.

An interesting feature of this dog business opportunity is that you earn while doing what you love doing.

In essence, it is no work, as you are enjoying the work, thereby making any added financial incentives (income) a bonus. What better way to work, than this (dog walking).

With an increasingly busy work schedule among working-class Americans, there is an accompanying decline in spare time to do other equally important domestic routines like walking the dog.

Hence, the growing demands for persons offering this service. A dog walking business can be financially rewarding if done the right way.

In other words, if the right preparations are made, then a higher chance of client satisfaction is possible which is good for business.

What do I need to do to become a dog walker? This article provides useful insights into the dog walking business, including steps required for success. We commence with the following;

Here is a sample business plan for starting a dog walking business.

  • Making the Decision

Being interested in pets is not enough, as something more concrete needs to be done to make this a reality. Having the conviction and deciding to start is the most important part of this business.

After deciding to start, there are several things to consider, which include writing a dog walking business plan, getting your first clients as well as growing the business are important. These will be discussed in more detail later.

  • Getting Prepared

Adequate preparation, by way of training, is a requirement for successfully running a dog walking business. Different clients will have different breeds of dogs. These dogs may have unique needs and preferences.

Without the right training, there is an increased tendency to fail. Hence, dog walking business owners get all the required training to successfully handle the dogs with little to no difficulty.

  • Getting a License/Legal Advice

Starting a dog walking business without a license is an invitation to trouble. Some permits allow for running this business. These are measures put in place to ensure that dog walkers are professionals, hence would be able to handle the dogs in their care properly. Before commencing business, it is important to get licensed, including getting legal advice to protect the business from infringement.

  • Getting an Insurance Cover

Seeking pet-specific insurance coverage can go a long way in protecting the business if anything happens to the dogs, or the dogs cause damage. Whatever the case is, full payment for a comprehensive insurance package must be made. This will go a long way in protecting the business from distractions that may arise through litigations or otherwise.

  • Proper Documentation is Essential

Running a successful dog walking business requires that every information regarding the dogs are properly documented. This is to encourage a stress-free and trouble-free business. To successfully do this, the health history of the dogs plus other details should be supplied by the dog owner. However, the dog owner might not remember to provide these details.

It is the duty of the dog walker to ask for these. Emergencies may occur in a dog walking business, hence, immediate having these records handy can make the difference between a fatal end or overcoming these challenges (these may include health challenges and several others).

  • Effective Publicity

Without effective publicity, a dog walking business will either have no clients or will have inadequate clients.

Therefore, an effective publicity strategy can be used to boost patronage. Having the right training is the first step in attracting clients. Clients will likely be afraid to entrust their pets to the hands of just anyone. Proof of training is required. A new dog walking business will most likely get its first clients from the neighborhood.

An effective way of starting this is through word of mouth marketing. By telling friends and acquaintances of your services, chances are that before long, neighbors will start patronizing your dog walking business.

  • Choosing a Fee

Choosing the service fee for a dog walking business can sometimes be hectic. Depending on the type of service you may offer, dog walking business prices may be hourly or a whole day. However, before deciding on the fee, it will be very helpful to consult other dog walking businesses around and also on the internet to have an idea of how much they charge clients for services. Doing this will provide a range from which to select the fee.

Dog walking fees should be moderate, as high fees could drive clients away. On the other hand, low fees may result in little to no profits being made. Hence, striking a balance between the two is essential to success.

  • Having a Passion

Getting into the dog walking business for the money alone may end in disappointment. Hence, it is important to possess the passion, as this can keep the business running in times of difficulty. Being driven by interests is a great way of starting a dog walking business. If passion is involved, then money will naturally follow. But if the reverse is the case, then it may fail, as there would be little to no progress.


Dog walking business is one business that has started gaining more attention over the years. From the period of 2009 to 2018, the number of dog walking businesses increased in the United States; and the business is projected to see more increase in forthcoming years. The reason is largely due to more awareness among the general populace, and also, people are more ready now to really spend their money on taking good care of their dogs than before.

If you have considered starting a dog walking business, and are looking for a dog walker business plan sample to use as a guide, then you will find this article helpful.

BUSINESS NAME:  Country Pet Dog Walking Services Co.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                 

Country Pet Dog Walking Services Co. is a registered dog walking business that will be located in Wisconsin, United States. The business will be owned by Mr. Jackson Stevens, and it will be concerned with offering several dog and pet-related services to customers in Wisconsin and the United States.

Starting up Country Pet Dog Walking Services Co. in Wisconsin will require a total startup capital of $180,000. We have planned on sourcing for this startup capital from the owner, his friends, and family, as well as from the bank.


Country Pet Dog Walking Services Co. will be offering a variety of pet-related services in Wisconsin. We are a dog walking business that, in addition to our dog walking services, will also provide dog training services as well as other services within the pet industry. The following are the services that we will be providing to our clients:

  • General dog and pet walking services
  • Sales of Puppies
  • Veterinary Clinic Services
  • Training and grooming of dogs and pets in several skills such as security skills, errand running skills, hunting skills, etc.
  • General sales of dog and pet-related products such as pet foods, dog tie, pet clothes, shampoos, dog chains, etc.


Our vision in the pet industry is to establish a solid dog walking business that will become renowned as the number one customers’ choice when it comes to dog walking services not just in Wisconsin, but in all of the United States of America.


Our mission in the pet industry is to offer quality and reliable services that customers will not find anywhere else for their dogs in the whole of the United States. Our range of services which we have clearly outlined above will be offered to a broad range of customers all over the United States.


How successful business will turn out has a major bearing on the nature of persons who occupy the roles in the business structure of the business. It is, for this reason, we will make sure we recruit only the best, capable and experienced hands, that will not only work for us but will work with us to achieve our business goals and vision.

The following are the various roles which will be occupied by qualified candidates in our business organization:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Veterinary Doctor
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Dog Walkers
  • Pet trainers
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Accountant
  • Client Service Executive

Market Trend

The dog walking business is such that if you really want to be recognized and successful in the business, you must be ready and willing to put in creative efforts and handle your clients very well.

Once customers know you for good services, they will promote your business because of the deep satisfaction they derive from your services.

Target Market

Before we conceived the idea of starting the dog walking business, we made sure that there was an available market out there for us to conquer. The following groups make up the target market for our dog walking business:

  • An individual who own pets
  • Households who are pet owners
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Governmental Bodies
  • Dog Breeders


As mentioned, there is some level of competition in the industry, especially if you take it to a grander scale. Our business goal is to become recognized as the number one customers’ choice in the whole of the United States. Hence, we will take the bull by the horn when it comes to seizing the market in the United States.

LIST: Name Ideas For A Dog Walking Company

We have been able to reach out to sales and marketing experts to help us with the best sales and marketing strategies that best suit our kind of business.  The following is how we have planned to promote our business and seize the market:

  • We will begin by sending introductory letters to the various groups which make up our target market such as corporate organizations, individuals and households, etc.
  • Also, we will dutifully hand out our fliers, as well as our business brochures to people in strategic locations such as train stations, libraries, etc.
  • We will make sure we employ full word of the mouth advertising, as well as encourage our customers to do so.
  • We will always keep abreast of the latest development in the industry by attending seminars, business fairs, etc, and also seize the opportunity to promote our business to prospective customers.
  • We will make use of the various social media platforms to establish an online presence and reach out to prospective customers.

Source of Startup Budget

In the course of starting up our dog walking business, Country Pet Dog Walking Services Co., we have been able to determine how much we will require getting it started, and also the source of the startup budget. The startup budget we will require to startup our business is a total of $180,000.

A total of $75,000 have been raised by the owner from his savings and other investments, $50,000 will be obtained as a loan from friends and family, while the remainder will be obtained as a loan from the owner’s bank.


Dog walking business is one where the competition is not as stiff; however, this does not mean there is no competition all the same. We recognize this, and we have devised how we will be able to stand out in the industry.

Our major advantage in the industry is our team of qualified and experienced experts. Our team comprises of some of the very best and experienced hands you could find in the industry.

Also, we have arranged several packages to reward our employees for loyalty and hard work. These packages will be second to none any employee could be offered in the industry.


This business plan is a dog walking business plan. It has used the business name ‘Country Pet Dog Walking Services Co.’, and the owner will be Mr. Jackson Stevens. The business will be located in one of the central areas of Wisconsin, United States, and it will be committed to offering its dog and pet-related services to customers both in Wisconsin, and the United States.

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