What Businesses Can I Start with 10,000 Rupees?

Can you start a business with 10000 Rs. in India? Yes, here are some ideas.

A major limiting factor for most entrepreneurs is sufficient capital.

While most think all businesses require huge financial commitments, others think that only a few types of businesses require little capital.

We seek to provide a definite and glaring answer. And that is, there are several businesses you can start with only 10,000 Rupees.

Do you want to find out? Join us as we discuss several of such upcoming opportunities you can invest in.


  • Starting a Mobile Recharge Shop

Everyday, a good number of Indians recharge their phone lines. This rakes in tremendous profits for telecom companies.

Fortunately you could partner with such companies to sell their recharge card products. Despite the fact that many Indians recharge their lines online, there’s still huge potential for profits.

First, you need to find out what’s required from your preferred mobile services provider.

Next, you need to rent a space in a local shop. Even though, you’ll need to find a space in a location that won’t eat deep into your budget. In addition to that, you’d need to go for locations with a lot of foot traffic.

This is likely to impact positively on your sales and turnover.

  • Running a Food Stall

Food stall businesses can be started with a Rs.10,000 or lesser. Such businesses are ideal around markets or office locations.

Before you commence, you need to survey your target market. We recommend you go for areas with a lot of foot traffic as well.

Such locations are prime for brisk business. Here is how to open a food court franchise.

  • Candle Making

Candles are needed for a wide range of uses. Hence you can tap into this business opportunity by starting a candle making business. Candle making equipment can be purchased with a budget below Rs.10,000. You also don’t need to rent a space for your business as it can be started from home.

While this is low-cost business opportunity, it has huge profit and growth potentials as well.

  • Tailor

Garment making is a booming business across India’s major cities. This has created a steady and growing demand for tailors. If you have the skill, why not take part in an industry that promises enormous potentials? To set up, you need is a sewing machine.

In addition to this, you need to pay for space as well as electricity. These are well within your Rs.10,000 budget.

  • Coding and Web Design

This is a business opportunity with huge earning potential. More so, you can offer your services well beyond the shores of India. To setup a coding and web design business, you need nothing more than 10,000 rupees. This is for persons starting on a small scale. The internet revolution continues to drive business to register an online presence.

This creates a huge market for your services.

  • Consulting Service

We are in an era where business ideas and knowledge are greatly valued. You can take advantage of this by setting up a consulting service. This may be in any area of competence you possess.

Also, starting one won’t cost you anything more than 10,000 rupees. You only need an office space as well as basic equipment and nothing more. To further cut down costs, you can start from home and later expand.

  • Professional Photography

Becoming a professional photographer holds a lot of promise. However, it’s highly unlikely that someone with an interest in photography has no camera. Whether you have or not, you can get a good HD camera within your operating budget of Rs.10,000.

As the business grows, you can purchase more professional equipment to expand further.

  • Pet Sitting

Many pet owners work day time jobs. This requires them leaving their pets in the care of someone reliable. You can start a pet sitting business for a fee. This can be started at little or no cost at all.

Despite the ease of starting one, you need to be a pet lover. This enables you enjoy your job while you earn.

  • Starting a Laundry Service

There is a growing number of homes with babies as well as demanding jobs. Such a situation has created the need for external help.

Starting a laundry is one way to provide a valuable service to your target market. A 10,000 rupees budget is well within the acceptable amount to set up one. To attract even more clientele, we recommend you locate such business within a dense working class neighborhood.

  • Freelance Writing

There are lots of businesses in India that pay writers for content. Such contents may be meant for blogs or for publishing a book. Whatever the case may be, your writing skills can be harnessed into an income generating venture.

A freelance writing business can be started from the comfort of your home and requires no significant investment.

There are several writing niches to choose from. It’s best to choose a niche you feel most comfortable writing on. This enhances your job satisfaction as well as earning potentials.

  • Set up a Travel Agency

A significant proportion of the Indian population loves to travel. Although this business can be quite challenging, such challenges can be easily surmounted if you possess good networking and marketing skills. You can create and sell travel packages to a good number of clients.

With a 10,000 rupees startup budget, such a business can be floated successfully. Notwithstanding, you need to have an understanding of what it takes to begin.

We’ve considered a list of Indian businesses that can be started with 10,000 rupees. Though money is an important factor, other factors are necessary as well. The business idea you choose should be such that you enjoy doing. You also need to have a clear understanding of the business for which you seek to invest in.