Here is how to get paid to learn code online.

The increasing demand for skilled labor in the tech industry has led several companies to provide an incentive for learning in the form of pay. This is exciting news for persons seeking to learn a new and high-paying skill.

So what are these companies and how much do they pay programming students?

How To Get Paid While Learning Programming

Skill-based compensation products have increasingly become acceptable to a lot of companies.

Hot skills like coding get the attention of tech companies as they seek to develop increased capacity and skilled manpower. Another clear reason why companies pay you to learn these skills is that there’s high demand for them.

Coding skills learned by students end up benefiting these companies as they end up hiring some of the students they trained. This creates a win-win situation for all involved as the company benefits while you also benefit.

While this is true, you need to know what these companies are and the benefits they offer.

Asides from identifying them, you should know their goals and what they seek to achieve. For the most part, all such details are provided to enable prospective students to know what they’re getting into.

As you’ll soon find out, getting paid to learn to code has more upsides than downsides.

You’ll have to read the fine print while also not losing sight of the many benefits accruing to you. A skill learned sticks with you for life, plus, there’s the earning potential you’ll need to take advantage of.

Code Online Earn Money

As discussed so far, there are lots of obvious benefits to adding a skill like programming.

To begin coding boot camps can cause a lot of money mostly ranging in the thousands. There are cases where charges for 2 to 7-month coding boot camps have cost as much as $20,000 per individual.

Being able to avoid high expenses while getting paid for learning to code for free will be considered a major deal for many.

Without further delay, let’s identify these pay-to-learn opportunities available. Some places to look for these opportunities include Modern Labor and the Institute of Code.

Freelancer sites are other options to find pay-to-learn opportunities for coding. now Salesforce Platform was known to pay as much as $95k back in 2017 for people to learn to code. Sounds untrue right?

Well, there’s still available information they did. However, it’s not clear if this developer platform still offers such an opportunity.

i. Modern Labor

Ever heard about Modern Labor? This company offers interested individuals the opportunity to learn to code.

It teaches you these coding skills in a learner-friendly setup while also paying you around $2,000 a month for five months. Here, all you’re expected to do is learn.

Coding classes offered are held remotely and can be enrolled from wherever you are in the world. Of course, you’ll need to have internet-enabled devices to follow.

You’ll have to commit around 30 hours every week to the Bootcamp. The icing on the cake is that it helps you find jobs to put your skills to good use.

  • How Does Modern Labor Benefit?

So far, the information provided about its operation shows a one-sided benefit in favor of the learner.

At the start of the Bootcamp, Modern Labor makes it clear to students that they’ll take around 15% of earnings from the coding salary earned. This will last for a period of two years.

Most people will still jump at the opportunity as it’s still a win-win situation that greatly benefits all parties involved. You might want to find out other details about how to proceed by visiting its site.

ii. Institute of Code

Another great partner that pays you while learning to code is the Institute of Code.

This company runs immersive coding boot camps. Is training done remotely? The Institute of Code holds in-person training while also providing remote training opportunities.

Training lasts for less than two months within which time students are able to grasp core concepts and solve coding problems.

Speaking of the scholarship offered, this institute has a business sponsorship program where you could qualify to receive a payment of $1,000 to build a website for small businesses.

Unlike Modern Labor, payments aren’t made monthly. Plus, you only receive the said amount when you’ve qualified to create websites for the businesses mentioned.

iii. Freelancer Sites

This might sound confusing to some readers as the large majority of freelancing projects involve providing a service in exchange for a fee.

While that’s true, there are certain projects that might require gaining some form of coding training while being paid. However, we must say this isn’t a very reliable way to find paid-to-learn opportunities.


We earlier mentioned that offered learners the opportunity to get paid a whopping $95k.

However, that was as far back as 6 to 7 years ago. Do they still offer this opportunity? No definite answer can be given as there’s no clear information on that.

You’ll need to make your research on as well as all other paid-to-learn coding opportunities mentioned.

Due to the high interest these opportunities generate, it’s sometimes difficult to get admitted as a specific student population is needed per Bootcamp sessions.

You can seek other similar opportunities while keeping tabs on the time of year announcements are made. That way, you improve your chances of getting picked.

Has this been informative? Some research will be done in order to find out how to proceed.

If you’ve read to this point, you now have an idea of where to get paid while you learn to code. It’s important to note that all of these opportunities come with a catch.

While that’s true, it’s totally worth the effort as you get to learn a life-long skill while earning at the same time.