Sample Recharge Card Printing Business Plan


Billions of dollars worth of call airtime are recharged every single day! This presents enormous opportunities for people with an entrepreneurial mindset who will want to exploit such.

We can safely assume that you have an interest in this area by finding this article.

Wholesale and retail sales of recharge cards is a very profitable business to start in Nigeria as recharge card business runs into million of naira daily. The telecommunication industry has come to be one of the most thriving industries in Nigeria.

With close to 120 million Nigerians now connected through phone, it is mandatory that they recharge their phones on a daily basis to communicate with their friends and loved ones.

The sales of recharge cards have also gone up as there is much dependence on phone communication in every aspect of the lives of the people. The demand is on the high rise on a daily basis.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a recharge card company.

Printing and sales of recharge cards will not be a bad idea to contemplate. As the returns of investment is on a short term. You can easily recoup your capital in a very short period if adequate planning and strategies are put into place.

Printing of recharge cards requires no special training and very much easy to start up. As long as you have the basic understanding of computing. With the current advancement in technology, anyone that is willing to go into the business can start from any part of the country as long as there is internet connection and availability of basic computer accessories.



These are the set of people that are directly involved with the mobile operators. They deal with them through their registered company with the appropriate licenses to operate in the dealership business. This category of the business requires a lot of capital.

Recharge card dealers in Nigeria, after getting the merchandise from the operators, sell to the wholesalers. It will be important to note that a capital of about N14- 22 million will be needed to start in this category


This is the category of people next to the glo, airtel, etisalat or mtn dealer in Nigeria. They buy from a list of recharge card dealers at a little bit higher rate than the dealers buy from the operators. The capital required to start this is not as much as that of the dealership.

As the Lagos or Port Harcourt dealers themselves have a lot of wholesalers they do business with. So with just a minimum of N1 million , an entrepreneur can start the wholesaling business of recharge cards.


These are the set of people that sell to the final consumers. They buy from the wholesalers. And this set of people require less capital to start with. With as less a N20,000 or just N10,000, an individual can start a recharge card retailing business in Lagos.

The profit margin available to these set of people is quite low, but on the cumulative side, they tend to make more money if much sales is being made on a daily basis.


There are two different means available for the printing of recharge cards for those that want to engage in the business in Port Harcourt and other parts of the country.

1. SOFTWARE : With the advancement in technology, it is very much possible to utilize a free download software to print recharge cards. This can be acquired from major recharge pin dealers or agents and then installed on your computer system, of which the universal recharge card printing software would have been configured to print recharge cards of different denominations from different network operators.

What you need to print recharge cards through this means are just

• A desktop or laptop computer
• Internet access
• Best recharge card printing software solution
• Printer
• Recharge PINs

And you can as well utilize an internet café to get you access to the internet if you are not readily connected to the internet. All you need to do is just to be cautious of the center you use, so that your details or data are not infiltrated.

2. POS MACHINE: Nowadays, it is possible to utilize the POS machines to print recharge cards. This is quite easy to use, as the POS would have already been programmed to perform such functions. All an entrepreneur needs to do is to acquire a recharge card printing machine from the accredited dealers and then get adequate instructions of how to operate it to print the different recharge cards.

Go online to get the current recharge card printing machine cost in Nigeria and where the machines are offered for sale.


The profit margin of this business depends on your level of capital you infused into starting a printing gsm recharge card business. As a dealer, you are definitely going to make a lot of profit since you deal directly with the network providers, who you can negotiate with depending on the amount of money you are bringing to them.

The wholesalers are also into much profit making. As they sell in bulk to the retailers and for the fact that you have a lot of retailers you trade with gives you an opportunity to make much money as well from the little that comes from each of them, which when combined, will make a very good handy profit.

The retailers as well make some money, though this is very much dependent on the rate at which sales come in and the kind of location the business is well located.

In all, recharge card printing business in highly lucrative as it is a very good means of tying down cash, since the card don’t easily expire in a very short time.


Our recharge card printing business plan sample has been written to be as helpful as possible.

A major reason for the failure of most businesses is due to poorly written plan or an absence of one. This article is written to protect you from both scenarios.

Having a strong desire to start a recharge card business is not enough. You need to have the requisite knowledge of the business as well as diligently putting your plans together as provided below;

  • Executive Summary

Lotus Communications is a recharge card printing business located in Dover, Delaware. We have obtained the necessary authorizations to print recharge cards for major telecommunications service providers. These include the top 4 which are T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint Corporation.

We have identified enormous opportunities to contribute to the growth of the telecoms industry. There are already established distribution channels. While we will make use of these, we will also create additional channels. This will be made possible through the vast contacts we have on ground.

The previous experience gained by the proprietor Leonard Walker is an asset to our successful operations.

  • Our Products

Our products include the printing of recharge vouchers of major cell phone service providers. We have chosen to work with the top 4 cell phone companies in America. We have entered into a partnership with these companies which have culminated in the granting of authorizations to print their recharge vouchers.

  • Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a dynamic business that adapts to the changing needs of cell phone users. With this strategic partnership, we are poised to break into the top 10 league of the biggest recharge card printing companies in America within the space of 5 years.

  • Mission Statement

We are actively involved in helping these companies offer the best services to clients. Our recharge card distribution points within the city of Dover will be wide enough to cover all areas. To help us achieve this, we will take advantage of the existing distribution channels.

By giving our vendors a better deal (better profit margin) our products will be the most preferred.

  • Financing

Financing for our recharge card printing business will be raised from the sale of our shares. About 40% of our shares will be sold to a maximum of 5 investors. This will enable us get the required funding to commence business activities.

Under this arrangement, these shares will have a non-renewable tenure of 10 years. After period, they would cease to be joint owners of our business.

  • SWOT Analysis

An analysis of our areas of competence and also our vulnerabilities has been considered. We have given this job to reputable firms who have done a good job in revealing these aspects of our operations. The following are some of their findings.

  • Strength

Our negotiation skills are one of our areas of strength which will significantly impact our operations. We have been able to do so with major telecoms service providers. We have also entered into fruitful discussions that will eventually lead to the preference for our recharge card products by major vendors.

These hold the key to our growth and expansion plans and enables us gain a fair market share.

  • Weakness

We have identified our weaknesses which include not being able to maximize our potentials. The reasons for this are due to our financial constraints. As a new business, the financial resources available to us are limited. This has influenced our decision to operate on a smaller scale from which we will gradually expand.

  • Opportunities

The share number of people using Cellphones for their daily transactions is mind-boggling! These include businesses, government agencies and individuals. This is a great opportunity to establish a recharge card printing business that is sure to thrive. The important part here is that there is a steady demand for these recharge vouchers.

  • Threats

There is a gradual shift from printed recharge vouchers to purchasing recharge cards directly from bank accounts. This is a threat to our business that will lead to the eventual takeover of recharge card printing.

Also, advancement in mobile phone technology has made data calls increasingly attractive and cheaper for many. These, coupled with the use of bank recharge options are major threats that may get even worse.

  • Sales Projection

Demand for printed recharge cards is still up. Using available data, we have done a survey of our projected sales over a period of 3 years. The results are encouraging for our business. Within this time, barring any major economic shake-up like recessions, we will see our profits rising considerably. The chart below summarizes this better;

  • First Financial Year $1,000,000.00
  • Second Financial Year $5,000,000.00
  • Third Financial Year $25,000,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

There are other recharge card printing businesses who offer similar services like we do.

One area that distinguishes us from our competitors is in our negotiation skills. We have group of marketing experts who have becoming increasingly reputable in being able to negotiate with vendors and to offer them better deals. This is where we will emerge stronger.

  • Marketing Strategy

To sell recharge cards fast, you will need to give the vendors what they want. We have identified this and have had fruitful discussions which are tending towards our eventual partnership with major vendors. These are the gateway to the market because they control distribution.

We believe that at this point you have gained significant insight into how you should write your business plan. This recharge card printing business sample has been as simple as possible to help anyone going through it to immediately understand its main structure.

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