Sample Undergarments Manufacturing Business Plan


Undergarment manufacturing skills when monetized can be a viable fashion business.

However, no matter how great such an idea is, it won’t be fully and strategically implemented without the business plan. This article presents you with a sample undergarments manufacturing business plan to work with.

We have tried to make it as easy to follow as possible too.

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  • Executive Summary

Comfort Seams Inc. is an undergarment manufacturing business headquartered in Augusta, Atlanta. We are into the production of all sorts of undergarments for both genders. We have been in business for the past 5 years and have seen appreciable growth in the production and marketing of our products.

Our products include boy shorts, classic briefs, thongs, hipsters, french-cut panties, and g-string. Others include control briefs, seamless and Brazilian briefs among others.

We are conscious of quality, which is why we have hired the best hands for the design and production of our undergarments.

  • Vision Statement

Comfort Seams is set to become the preferred undergarment manufacturer among users. This will be achieved by doubling down on our marketing strategies.

By providing only quality clothing solutions, we seek to build a formidable brand name that will be synonymous with excellence.

  • Mission Statement

At Comfort Seams Inc., we are growth-focused. We seek to break into the top league of undergarment manufacturing.

Hence, we are setting our sights beyond the state of Georgia to cover more states within the Southeastern United States. We hope to become a popular brand within this region within a decade.

  • Our Products

We manufacture a wide range of undergarments to include boxer shorts, thermal bottoms, and tops, briefs, bras, waistbands, leggings, and thongs.

Others include French-cut panties, g-strings, singlets & vests, Brazilian briefs, seamless, control briefs, and so many other lingerie products. These are made with the comfort of the customer in mind.

  • Capital Requirement

Our ambitious growth plans are driven by the desire to expand our capacity and make our quality products more available. Achieving these objectives will require an expansion of our production capacity.

Hence, we are applying for a bank loan to the tune of $9,000,000.00 at a low-interest rate.

This will be used to purchase manufacturing machinery in addition to supplies and expanding our workforce. Apart from expanding our current capacity, more (three), undergarment factories will be established in other Southeastern states of South Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana.

  • SWOT Analysis

One of the ways to reorganize our business for greater efficiency is by finding out how we’ve fared so far. This has prompted us to hire a reputable business consulting firm to assess key areas of our business. The results have been revealing and show areas we must improve on to accelerate growth. These are summarized below;

i. Strength

At Comfort Seams Inc., our strength has been attributed to our incentivized operations. We have set in place several mechanisms to ensure that our workforce is well motivated. One such incentive that bears mentioning is our remuneration package.

We see our workforce as critical to achieving our objective. The results have not disappointing at all.

ii. Weakness

One of the ways to tackle our weakness is to face it head-on. We have identified our weakness to be our limited penetration of the undergarment market. Our market share still leaves much to be desired.

As such, our marketing department is being revamped and repositioned with the sole purpose of boosting sales. We recently hired a professional marketing company to help in that regard.

iii. Opportunities

The undergarment manufacturing sector holds tremendous possibilities for our company. There’s a huge segment of the market which has not been fully exploited.

Millennials take up a huge chunk of the market that needs our kind of products. We are focusing on this segment of the market to improve our sales significantly.

iv. Threats

Threats to our undergarment manufacturing company are likely to come by way of an economic downturn. A recession will pose the worst kind of threat due to a dry-up of discretionary income.

  • Sales Projection

Our current expansion plans will be implemented as soon as the loan facility is approved. This will see our garment manufacturing company expanding its operations beyond our current location. With more garment factories in the works, our profits will witness a jump within the next three years.

Using available data plus our revamped marketing department, we have made a sales projection covering three years. The results of our projection hold a lot of promise and we are confident that we can achieve or exceed this projection.

Find the summary of our sales projection below;

  1. First Fiscal Year                                                $7,000,000.00
  2. Second Fiscal Year                                           $22,000,000.00
  3. Third Fiscal Year                                              $80,000,000.00
  • Marketing Strategies

We are leaving no stone unturned to ensure we have a result-oriented and driven marketing department. Apart from infusing fresh ideas (by hiring marketing professionals) into this critical arm of our operations, the services of a professional marketing company have also been enrolled.

This will result in a collaborative effort where only the most impactful marketing strategies are implemented. It will also mean discarding strategies that have not yielded the desired results.

By so doing, we will be increasing sales through the creation of demand for our products.

  • Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to organize a motivated workforce as well as the provision of a friendly work environment. These circumstances have helped increase productivity. We are seeking to further leverage this advantage by ensuring our marketing strategies are also highly effective. These set us apart from our competition.

If you’ve read to this point, you should have gotten an idea of what it takes to write a garment manufacturing business plan. This sample is provided to assist you as much as possible to have an effective plan which is also implementable.

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