30 Business Ideas To Start In Houston, Texas

Do you need small business ideas in Texas? The truth is there are several good business ideas in Texas and starting any requires the necessary preparation for most creative businesses to succeed.

If you live in Houston Texas and you find it imperative to start any of these top 10 small business ideas, you may be interested in finding what the best businesses to start are.

30 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Texas

Whether you are planning to register or start a home-based business or a low-cost venture, there are many options available for you to become an entrepreneur this year.

If you don’t have many funds at hand, there are low-cost business ideas that require little or no initial capital outlay.

For stay-at-home moms, this compilation contains the best farming, food, and home business ideas to succeed with a focus on the US economy.

For those residents in Houston, there are successful investment opportunities you can set up from ranging from big to small to great business ideas. To start-up, home-based business ideas, go with an option that has been proven to thrive over the years.

This post is a list of the top ten small business ideas in Houston Texas that you can open step by step. No one gets rich working for another man and the drive to set up a business is the key passion for building your wealth empire.

Top 10 Most Profitable Small Businesses in Texas

1. Electronic Marketing

One booming online business in Austin Texas right now is online marketing. Several businesses registered in Houston have realized the need to enlarge marketing campaigns to cover content, SEO, article, and social marketing; creating a wide range of new business opportunities for people with the required marketing skills.

If you are well equipped, you could set up your marketing agency right in Texas as this is one of the best businesses to start this year.

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2. Sales and Repair of Computer and its Accessories

As more and more organizations continue to outsource major areas of their operations, which does not exclude the repair of office electronics and PCs, setting up a business that offers this service to major businesses in Texas is one of the most lucrative self-employment ideas to make money. You should not forget to carry out a thorough market survey to understand the market and your key competitors.

This will help you develop attractive pricing options and a competitive advantage over existing providers. To get the latest training, search out technical schools offering computer and software engineering programs using online directories.

3. Real Estate Business

Sales and development of properties is a cash-cow in Houston. Two key profitable areas in the real estate business in this state are development and apartment leasing. From residential homes, offices to other business and corporate facilities, real estate investment opportunities require a sizeable chunk of financial investment although you will recover your investment capital within a short time.

Are you looking for a cool business idea to venture in that has high returns, think real estate.

4. Personal Trainer

The demand for this innovative business stemmed from an increase in the baby boomer population whose primary interest is to live long as well as rampant cases of obesity in children. Personal trainers in Tx make good money by working with fitness centers, visiting clients at home, or setting up their centers.

The Federal Association of Professional Trainers near you will furnish you with important facts as regards certification, insurance, and marketing of this business idea for beginners. There are additional programs you can enroll in to ensure your brand stands out.

5. Pet Business

If you have been to Houston, you will find out that a lot of people living there keep small animals as pets. If you have a soft spot for animals, to care for them and see that they are eased of pain, there are many business opportunities you can generate from this passion.

Animal lovers can start a pet-sitting, pet-walking, pet grooming, pet breeding business as well as invest in the sales, distribution, and processing of pet food and supplements. The Petcare business is one of the thriving businesses one can start in Houston.

6. Web Development and Design

The internet is one phenomenon that has remained untapped ped opportunities over the years. Website owners now prefer blogs and forums that carry a unique identity necessitating a reluctance to use preformed templates and scripts for developing websites. DIY websites are no longer en vogue due to poor customization features, considering several factors that influence SEO these days.

Many people mobile-compatible isle websites whose features are effortlessly responsive. Web design and development is a career-based lucrative business idea that can make you stand out from others financially. Good marketing skills are however important to the success of this business.

7. Laundry service

Another profitable cleaning business that requires very little startup capital is Dallas Texas. If you get your business location wrong, your business may end up in failure. Purchase necessary laundry equipment and choose a conspicuous place to site your business.

Community marketing is essential as you will be banking a lot of referrals word-of-mouth marketing to sustain sales of the laundry services you provide. Quality is non-negotiable if you are thinking of doing this top business opportunity in the long term.

8. Content Marketing

Providing content for webmasters and admin for the brand or business promotion, sales, and advertising as well as SEO marketing is one of the great businesses to do in Texas. Freelance article writing will always meet the need of a large number of websites and blogs that are started every day all over the world.

Don’t be surprised to find that many people including students in Houston make thousands of dollars every month by creating content for blogs ranging from tweets, blog updates, articles, eBooks, and press releases.

9. Small Business Consulting

Many prospective women entrepreneurs find it difficult to start a business on their own. As a wealth coach, you offer top small business consulting services to business owners and managers to improve their management styles, marketing, and returns by giving individual personal development training.

If you have expert knowledge in finance, sales, or marketing and security consultation, such services are in great demand as more investors result in seeking help when they face challenges in their enterprise especially for improving performance and achieving positive results.

10. Restaurant Business

One of the most successful food business ideas in TX is setting up a canteen, an eatery, a restaurant, or a bakery. A fast-food business is one way to launch a startup in Houston. Food, snacks, and beverages are food items that many can’t do without daily.

If you can produce quality food items, this food business can ensure you don’t have to report to any boss again. Get more culinary skills if you are determined to make money from cooking or baking as a hobby.


Are there major lucrative small business ideas in Houston Texas? Houston is a major American metropolis and is the most populous city in Texas with its citizens coming from diverse cultures and religious backgrounds.

This global city has a sound industrial foundation in energy supply and aeronautics as well as strength in science, medicine, media, business, fashion, international trade, culture, technology, entertainment, sports, and education.

The city of Houston has a dynamic economy with several top business opportunities at every corner to the extent that, specialists say Houston would rank as the world’s 30th biggest economy if it were an autonomous nation.

With a large population as potential clients, you only need an intriguing and well-planned idea that will return extraordinary benefits.

The following are the 20 most profitable small businesses in Houston TX:

1. Car Wash Business

Nobody likes to be seen cruising around in a dirty car, so car owners are always willing to pay you to wash and make their cars shine like its brand new. This is highly lucrative as an enormous portion of Houston inhabitants own cars which implies a great demand for car wash services.

You can simply hire someone to do the washing while you take a cut of the profit or wash it yourself if you do not mind getting your hands dirty.

2. Copywriting

With the increased usage of the internet for business advancements and additional profit comes a growing demand for authentic content writing services as more people and organizations are setting up new websites every day for different purposes.

Along these lines, you can profit a lot by creating web content like articles, blog entries, public statements, ebooks, social networking designs, and so on.

3. Online Marketing

Online marketing techniques like social media marketing and content marketing are becoming more useful to several businesses, even in Houston. This is to help them build their brands and it reflects the increased demand for online marketing specialists, SEO experts, and more.

As someone with good skills in online marketing, setting up your particular organization may be the correct alternative for you.

4. Electronics Sales and Repairs

Setting up a viable business that offers this service is a very profitable self-employment idea as more organizations continue to outsource part of their operations including the repair of office electronics and computers.

You need to understand the market and your key competitors by periodically undertaking market surveys so you can develop affordable pricing alternatives and an advantage over your competition.

There are several schools offering computer and software programs available on the internet for you to get the latest training.

5. Transcription Services

These services are in great demand as over 90 languages are spoken all through the city of Houston due to its rich and diverse culture.

You can offer charges in return for your services to organizations and offices and all you need is to know a few more languages efficiently.

6. Consulting for Small Businesses

Most upcoming business owners have little knowledge in starting their businesses on their own and require the consulting services of an expert to help them develop their management techniques, marketing, and profits.

As a consultant with expertise in finance, sales, or marketing, you can offer personal development training and this ensures your services will always remain in huge demand as more investors will require your help when faced with problems in their business operations.

7. Chocolate Store

You can make a lot of money by taking advantage of the growing addiction to chocolate in the city of Houston by setting up a chocolate franchise that offers everything from chocolate confectioneries to fruit-flavored chocolate to even chocolate pizza and make them into different shapes like cars, animals and so on.

8. Real Estate Business

Are you looking for a business idea with enormous returns?

Then think real estate, this business is highly profitable in the city of Houston and the two profitable areas in real estate are; Development and Apartment leasing.

This business ranges from private homes, workplaces to different business and corporate offices, and so on but it requires a large amount of investment to start although it can easily be recovered within a short time from profits.

9. Content Marketing

One of the great businesses to do in Texas is Content Marketing which involves creating content for website owners and admin for branding purposes or business advertising, sales, and SEO marketing.

Websites and blogs are created daily all over the world and the freelance article writing business is in such high demand, that many people including students in Houston make thousands of dollars creating content like tweets, blog updates, ebooks, press releases, and articles.

10. Data Entry Services

This job is not for everyone but it is in high demand as most organizations hire services to do the repetitive data-entry work effectively.

If you have the skills for this particular job, then create a company to be hired by others requiring your services.

You can team up with a group of like-minded individuals with your particular skill-set and grow your market by getting work done from freelance data entry operators all around the world.

11. Errand Services

These services are only available in certain cities for now and are employed by only a few companies like TaskRabbit but can be very profitable if you are ready to do the tasks in your local area.

Offering your services specifically to senior citizens would increase your profits as this demographic is not as ready to get around and would also benefit from having somebody to run some neighborhood errands for them.

12. Local Tour Consulting Services

Those who have a strong passion for local history and lore can become local tour consultants and start by simply offering tours of your city or particular history locales inside your city.

The only requirements you may need to get started with are some local referrals to start with, a good website with your tour information, and proper licensing from the necessary city authorities.

To attract more tourists to your booming business, it would be good to collaborate with your local visitor’s bureau.

13. Logo Design Services

Graphic designers who prefer not to associate themselves with large projects may consider becoming a logo designer as the projects are usually basic and easy to understand and also have available tools to work with from the start.

To begin building your portfolio, you can start by contacting nearby organizations, non-profit organizations, or government offices for work and choose to expand your services by offering logos and other illustrations for brand uses on social media profiles.

14. Cab Services

The City of Houston, with an area of almost 1600km sq. has three airports and thousands of passengers with a lot of luggage transporting themselves daily.

You can profit from this business by providing your cab services from airports to homes/final destinations and vice versa and requires only a capital investment in a few vehicles to earn huge profits.

15. Hostel Accommodation

Most people come to Houston for various reasons but mostly because they are in search of education or a job and may require accommodation services later on. The building or renting a hostel in the core of the city will benefit you greatly and this requires very little investment to generate huge profits.

16. Dog Breeding and Training

The pet business is a huge industry as you may have noticed if you have been paying attention to this list from start to finish, this is because the demand for dog training is always high as most households desire pets.

One way to maximize profits in this business is to offer both home and mobile training as you can train the pets in the home setting and also in a social setting like a dog park.

17. Gift Shops

This gift business is mostly seasonal as profits tend to soar during festive periods like Christmas, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and sales can be made throughout the whole year.

Although this business has been around for a long time in Houston, there is still space for more players so if you feel this business is for you, why not try it?

18. Daycare and Nanny Service

The demand for daycare and nanny services is increasing as divorce rates are skyrocketing and more housewives opt to ease the financial burden on their husbands by taking up jobs as well.

As long as you take good care of their children, nursing mothers are always willing to pay you for your services.

19. Restaurant or Bakery

There is always a huge need for food as people just love food, sometimes stuffing their bellies full to bursting limits while craving for more especially when it comes down to “fast food”.

So if you have a passion for cooking and the skills to match, then this new self-employment food business idea will be perfect for you as your services will never be forgotten.

20. Fitness Center

Houston inhabitants like other Americans, are sensitive to their health. As their awareness of certain health risks related to fitness like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and more increases many of them are turning to fitness centers and coaches to avoid the health risks.

This results in huge demand for health and fitness-related products and services.

It is pertinent for young entrepreneurs to always conduct proper feasibility studies and project plans before starting Houston small businesses.

These would guide the business executioners on the right path to achieve unique business growth and development.


I hope this post has shed light on the steps to starting a small business in the state of Texas, USA. Incorporating a business involves fulfilling the requirements spelled out for the business license.

If you are looking to buy a business; for instance, high capital investment opportunities in oil and gas, you can look at these government grants for small businesses.