Are you interested in going into a cleaning business?

Are you searching for cleaning business ideas for beginners to invest in? Are you wondering what business opportunities are open to you in the cleaning sector?

Cleaning is very important to everyone. It is something that must be done, not just to live healthier lives, but to ensure facilities last longer. Hence, everyone at some point always has some cleaning to do.

Profitable Cleaning Service Business Ideas

Numerous companies need cleaning services too.

But then, with the high demand of our time at work or running our businesses, there is little time left to handle this vital part of our living and then busy end up searching for a way to get it done.

To some, it causes sleepless nights as they have to stay up late trying to do some cleaning.

For others, it takes the whole of our one free day (Saturday). This leads to most people getting their cleaning done by other people that are into small cleaning businesses making it very easy to learn how to get clients for a cleaning business.

This is why the cleaning industry is one that thrives and anyone who ventures into it is bound to succeed. It also has so many great cleaning franchise opportunities such as Anago.

So, if you are wondering what great opportunities await you in the cleaning business and franchises here are some cleaning business ideas you could invest in as an entrepreneur.


• Car Wash

A car wash is a great cleaning business idea that you need little startup capital, as well as little or no experience. A car wash involves cleaning both the inside and surface of vehicles.

Most car owners do not have the time to wash their cars and prefer taking it to the car wash, hence if you are interested in the cleaning business, a car wash is a great cleaning business idea.

• Laundry

A laundry involves the use of water, soap, or other detergents to wash clothes and other linens or garments for customers who pay for such services.

This is one lucrative cleaning business idea as you would never run out of customers as most people do not have the time or energy to do their laundry.

• Dry Cleaning Service

A dry cleaner is someone who uses special solvents and chemicals to take out stains and dust from clothes. This service is usually needed by those who own clothes that could be degraded if washed with water.

Since dry cleaning does not involve the use of water, it is preferred by most people and it is a great niche you could invest in when it comes to cleaning business.

• Home Cleaning Services

You could also decide to go into a cleaning business by offering home cleaning services to residential homes.

Most homeowners, especially big houses usually need the services of a carpet cleaning agency who could come clean the home thoroughly either weekly or monthly.

You could set up an agency that delivers such services. Cleaning here would entail thorough cleaning of the entire home, dusting windows, carpets, trash cans, curtains, and general cleaning of the home.

• Window Cleaning Services

Another great business idea in the cleaning sector is window cleaning. Ever wondered how all those big office buildings stay clean? Well not all of them have employed staff who does the cleaning.

Most of them employ the services of window cleaning agencies who keep their windows shiny and sparkling. So, if you reside in urban areas, a window cleaning agency might just be the best cleaning business idea for you to invest in.

• Production of Cleaning Products

Another great way you could go into the cleaning industry is by producing cleaning products. All cleaning agencies and every home make use of cleaning products and this is what makes this business idea one that is highly profitable.

You could decide to go into the production of soaps, cleaning solvents, detergents, and other cleaning supplies.

• Sale of Cleaning Products

Now, if you are not able to produce cleaning supplies, you could also sell them to other people.

This cleaning business idea involves buying cleaning supplies in bulk from manufacturers, which would include, soap, detergents, disinfectants, brooms, brushes, etc., and selling them in retail.

This cleaning business idea is highly profitable as everyone at some point needs cleaning supplies.

• Commercial Cleaning Services

An agency that provides commercial cleaning services is also another profitable cleaning business idea an entrepreneur could consider going into.

This involves providing cleaning services for places such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and the likes.

• Pick-up and Delivery Laundry Services

You could also go into the cleaning business by doing a pick-up and delivery laundry.

In this business idea, you could wash items such as curtains, bedspreads, rugs, and related stuff. This is a little different from clothes laundry or dry cleaning and is also highly profitable.

• Pool Cleaning 

Another cool way to go into this sector is pool cleaning. This involves cleaning a pool for residential homes, hotels, or other buildings.


If you are looking for cleaning related business ideas, then here are 10 unique business ideas in the cleaning industry you might want to consider.

The cleaning industry is a recession free industry, so entrepreneurs that venture into this business make money no matter the economy of that country.

Starting a cleaning related business in a big city or densely populated area has great opportunities to bring in a huge return on investment. The importance of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized as no sound-minded person can cope with dirty living.

This makes a cleaning related business idea a viable one. Since people are so busy with their day to day activities, trying to hustle so they can put food on the table, they find it hard to get free time to do some cleaning activities as they find it a waste of time.

This is where the service of a cleaning business comes in. Do you want to know various business ideas in the cleaning industry that you might want to consider? Here are the top 10 business ideas in the cleaning industry for your consideration:


  1. House Cleaning

This is one hot area in the cleaning industry because of its high demand. After all, when it is hard for people to find time to wash their clothes, how can they have time for house cleaning most especially those living in a large apartment with many rooms.

So, if you can acquire house cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine, and others, and the competition is low in your city, you could consider starting a house cleaning business.

  1. Window Cleaning

The window cleaning niche does not have high competition presently compare with other cleaning related business ideas. The growth in the building of big houses like commercial buildings and shopping malls is the driver of this business’s needs.

The bigger the building, the bigger the window, and the higher the need to get a window cleaning service as owners seem to outsource the job to cleaners.

So, if you can account for $500, you can go and acquire window cleaning equipment and start offering this service.

  1. Commercial Cleaning

This is one best business ideas in the cleaning industry any serious entrepreneur can put into consideration. Though the competition is much, by introducing your uniqueness into the business, one can always outsmart others if their operational and marketing strategy is superb.

  1. Carpet Cleaning

Household and office apartments are always in need of this service as they want their environment to be neat to send out a good message to visitors. You can start up this business idea and start offering it to busy commercial offices and professionals in your city or community.

  1. Dry Cleaning Business

This is the most popular cleaning business ideas in the cleaning industry. The competition is high but the demand for the service is higher than the competition that owners of dry cleaning service business don’t even feel it.

It remains the best niche in the cleaning industry as far as the cleaning business is concerned. If you can afford a dry cleaning machine and washing detergents, you can start this business with a good location.

  1. Selling Cleaning Supplies

Besides doing the cleaning job, you can sell cleaning supplies like washing detergent, handkerchief, soap, mop, and other cleaning supplies to owners of cleaning companies. This business does not require any huge capital to start.

  1. Selling of Cleaning Equipment

This business idea will involve high capital to start as you will be purchasing this equipment for sale to cleaning companies. But, if you can build trust with the supplier, you can be given for hire purchase.

  1. Cleaning Equipment Repair Services

This cleaning equipment will need maintenance from time to time and sometimes will need to be repaired. If you have technical knowledge of repairing cleaning equipment like washing machines, vacuum cleaner, you can open up a store where you will be offering repair services to cleaning companies.

You will need to market your availability to cleaning companies using a business card and office visit so that they can contact you when they need your services.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

Though it is a seasonal job it is one lucrative business idea in the cleaning industry as homeowners see gutter cleaning as a tedious and dirty job and they prefer to outsource it to cleaners that render such services.

Homeowners are not your only target customers, you can contact restaurant owners, hospital management, private businesses, and let them know about your services and benefits.

  1. Boat Cleaning

If you have always loved hanging around boats and you live close to a pier place, you can start a boat cleaning business by helping boat owners clean their lovely boats.

Boats are regarded as an expensive asset. So, cleaners are paid very well to keep it shinny to attract clients who might come to rent it.

These are the top 10 business ideas in the cleaning industry that any entrepreneur can start and rake in a huge amount of cash irrespective of recession. Good luck!


The cleaning business is wide and includes so many more business ideas for entrepreneurs.

This just gives an insight into some of the opportunities that are open to whoever is interested in cleaning business ideas. You can also customize your cleaning business card and cleaning business name ideas to the type of service you provide.