7 Business Ideas To Start In Peru

Are you looking for lucrative business ideas in Peru to invest in?

Peru is situated in western South America. It has extensive bio-diversity. The Peruvian economy is classified as upper middle income and it is estimated to be the 39th largest globally.

The business ideas that can be pursued in Peru include the following:

7 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Peru

What is the best business to start in Lima Peru?

Aerial Photography

Peru is blessed with wonderful and captivating scenery. Tourists and visitors flock to the country to catch a glimpse of these beautiful wonders. Over the years, the demand for photographs of the country from the air has continued to grow, so much so that people are willing to pay good sums to obtain these pictures.

You can begin an aerial photography business to cater to this need. To start, you can obtain a high powered resolution camera to capture precious moments in time. You could also book for trips on tram lines and high rise structures. Another way to capture beautiful pictures will be to hike up the numerous mountains and hills surrounding the capital Lima.

If you feel the need to, you could take a course in professional photography to sharpen your skills and make your work more appealing and marketable.

Senior Care Agency

The Peruvian economy has been posting consistent growth in its GDP for the last decade. This has translated to better incomes for the working-class population, higher standards of living, and better access to medical care and aid.

As a result of this, many Peruvians are living longer and healthier lives. Many people in Peru are old, retired, and in need of care; especially since their kids and grandkids have gainful employment.

You can cash in on this business opportunity by establishing a care center for the elderly. Your schedule of services will include preparing their meals, administering medication, ensuring that medical appointments are kept, taking care of pets as well as any other tasks that may arise.

If you do not have any medical training, you could engage the services of a medical caregiver.

Online Secretarial Services

The Peruvian economy has been rated as the 43rd in the world for the ease of setting up a business. Businesses have taken advantage of this index to set-up online ventures that are meeting needs specific to the Peruvian people. These online businesses require individuals that can work remotely, as secretarial and personal assistants.

You can start your secretarial service with the minimum of requirements: a laptop or desktop computer as well as reliable internet connectivity. Your business will attract more clients if you have soft skills such as proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel amongst other software applications. Also, being bilingual or multilingual will serve you in good stead.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Rapid and consistent economic growth in the Peruvian economy has fueled a lot of activity in the construction industry. Urban developments for both private and commercial purposes are on the increase. These new structures require facility managers that will ensure that the buildings are kept in a clean and hygienic state.

You can set up a commercial cleaning company to provide a solution to this challenge. You can start inexpensively, with a few competent hands, basic cleaning materials, and loads of energy and enthusiasm.

Computer Sales and Consultancy

Peru is increasingly embracing the potentialities of the Information age. Many businesses are taking their business and presence online. As a result, there is a rising demand for computer services, website development, and information technology consultancy services.

To run a successful computer sales and consultancy service, it is a requirement that you have proficient knowledge of the use of computers and related software applications.

Online Seafood Sales Services

Peru has a great affinity for seafood. Animals such as crabs, lobsters, prawns among others are a part of the everyday diet.

The trend is even more pronounced with working-class Peruvians and expatriates that live and work in urban centers, where the demand for seafood is high. As a result, restaurants in urban centers in Peru need suppliers.

You can start a seafood business. The trick will be establishing a good rapport with fishermen, who will give you supplies at a discounted price. Important considerations for you will also include adequate storage and transportation to deliver fresh supplies daily.

In addition to engaging competent staff, your inventory and stock taking records must be accurate. The icing on the cake will be establishing an online platform, where existing and potential customers can place orders remotely.

Real Estate

The rising disposable income of the average Peruvian worker who is gainfully employed has put a demand on the need for more housing developments and constructions. This need is readily more noticeable in urban and built-up areas.

You can start a real estate development agency. You can begin either at the top of the value chain by engaging in the construction of both private and commercial housing units or you could serve as a consultant/broker for people seeking to buy/rent accommodation.

This business idea in Peru could also incorporate the maintenance of housing facilities, as an added form of generating more income.