10 Best Side Hustles for Introverts Starting Out

Here, the focus is on Introverts and side hustles that suit them.

In other words, we’re discussing side hustles for introverts. If you’re one, you’ll find this article helpful in identifying the best business for you.

As you read on, you’ll discover a business activity more suited to your personality. Also included here are general processes applicable to all side hustles mentioned.

Introvert Side Hustles

Personality plays a vital role in the career paths or business one chooses. The most popular types include introverts, extroverts, thinkers, feelers, and perceivers.

These are the basics of starting any business of your choice. This guide only points you in the right direction. It would help to explore each option to determine what works best for you.

A Side Hustle Can Grow to Become your Primary Job or Business

Side hustles are started as secondary jobs or businesses to generate extra income. The income generated isn’t enough to cater to your needs but is rather complementary.

However, when strategically pursued, side hustles can turn out huge and may replace a primary job or business. There are reasons for that, including market demand and passion & drive.

A side hustle can replace your primary job due to good business sense and networking. Most people look for this when looking for a side hustle to start.

The secret to succeeding involves finding something you’re passionate about. You’ll likely grow significantly when doing a job or business you love.

The Essentials

Irrespective of which side hustle you choose as an introvert, there are general processes to follow in setting up. This includes research and writing a plan.

Other necessary steps include selecting a business structure, securing funding, getting permits & licenses where applicable, marketing the business, and catering to your client’s needs through excellent customer service.

For the business plan, this helps you clarify your goals, develop a marketing strategy, and secure funding. Sections to add to your project include the executive summary and company description.

Others include products & services, market analysis, design & implementation, organization & management team, and financial plan and projections.

Best Side Hustles for Introverts

As an introvert, certain side hustles are ideal as they don’t require a lot of physical interaction. Examples include starting a blog, selling printables, and taking surveys.

As an introvert, you can become a virtual assistant, start a video editing business, freelance writing, web design, create a podcast, and start a translation and transcription service.

You may also find other side hustles appealing, such as becoming an online course instructor, food delivery, grocery delivery, and house cleaning.

We’ll stop here to discuss these side hustles you can start as an introvert.

i. Starting a Blog

Each day, people search for a lot of things online.

You can start creating valuable content that will interest your audience. For blog owners, building a loyal following isn’t easy; however, the effort is worth it.

You’ll need to start with a niche you’re most conversant with. Don’t expect success overnight; building a good blog takes time.

ii. Taking Surveys

Companies pay a ton of money on research to get feedback from clients about their products and services. Surveys are avenues through which these businesses get the opinions of their target clients.

You can get paid to take surveys by committing time to answer survey questions. There are lots of survey opportunities to explore.

iii. Freelance Writing

Your writing skills can be monetized by becoming a freelance writer. The best part of this job is you don’t need to leave your home, plus it’s suitable for introverts.

There are freelance sites to go job hunting. Some of these include Freelancer, Upwork, and many others. You can start by building a profile, bidding for jobs, and selling your skills.

iv. Web Design

Do you have web design skills?

If you do, it presents a perfect opportunity, as many gigs are available. Plus, less physical interaction with people makes this opportunity great for introverts.

You can find a steady demand for your services on freelancing sites. Plus, your clients can help spread the word about your services and skills.

v. Starting a Podcast

Starting a podcast allows you to share your thoughts and opinions about issues of concern and interest.

You can also interview guests on your show to ask their opinions on events and happenings. You’ll need to be good in what you do to attract attention and build your audience.

Here, consistency is vital.

vi. Start a Transcription Service

You can start a transcription service by leveraging your typing skills to convert audible conversations into text. There are lots of online transcription jobs available on major freelancing sites.

To start your journey, consider learning the basics of transcription, as short courses are available online for persons interested in this line of business.

vii. Become an Online Course Instructor

Do you have any skills you wish to share with others? Becoming an online course instructor is one easy way of achieving that while earning a decent income.

This is a perfect side hustle for introverts, as you don’t have to be physically present with your students. Courses can be arranged in modules and subscribed for.

viii. Food Delivery

Food delivery can become a rewarding side hustle as it can fetch you a decent income while allowing you greater control of your work hours. Here, you’ll serve as the link between food businesses and their clients.

More people are drawn to the convenience of food delivery services, and you can take advantage of the growing popularity to earn a decent income.

ix. Grocery Delivery

With more people becoming increasingly busy and having less time for activities like grocery shopping, you can offer your service to have their groceries delivered.

Introverts will find this business quite enjoyable as they don’t have to interact much. Plus, a decent income can be fetched by building a steady clientele.

x. House Cleaning

House cleaning is a side hustle you can start as it doesn’t require a lot of interactions with your clients. You only need to be contacted and told about the job to get started.

Of course, you’ll need to market your business to attract your first clients. Also, you’ll have to ask for referrals from satisfied customers, as this can steadily build your client base.

Try any of the side hustles mentioned today. They’re ideal for introverts, can fetch a decent income, and might replace your primary job when done well. There’s a lot of potential you can tap into.

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