Sample Food Delivery Service Business Plan


Fast food delivery thrives very well because food is a necessity of life; no one can do without food. It is a business that gets more popular day by day. It is the type of business that does not require much investment to start.

A very important aspect of an online food delivery business is the business plan and that is why every business put in its best to come up with a great business plan to aid the success of their business.

A food home delivery system can either be online, physical, or both. This post will be focusing on an online food delivery system.

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a delivery business.



  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Business Purpose
  • Vision Statement
  • Products and Services
  • Business Legal Status
  • Industry Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

The food delivery business is a form of the system adopted by restaurants in the food industry and also a service offered in food delivery.

Henny Penny is the first known online food delivery system in the whole of Pakistan. Henny Penny aims to provide quality food of consumer’s choice at their doorstep with a convenient method of ordering and paying.

Business Description

Henny Penny is an online food delivery system that makes it possible for people to order their food from several restaurants that are available on the business website.

It is web-based and has mobile web integration that allows users to order their food online and wait for delivery of the food. We are very careful in providing a quick service online food delivery business that offers the best food and best dining experience.

Henny Penny offers a variety of foods whether for lunch or dinner based on the health of the customer. There are foods for several categories of customers such as those who want lower fat or those who want to add weight. We also provide nutritional information and enlightenment for our customers so they can make informed choices about the type of food they want.

Business Purpose

The reason for starting this business is to serve this new generation with a completely different and competitive style of food delivery. The main purpose is to generate income by providing good and efficient services. Also, to add convenience to the lives of people who like fast food and are too busy to go get it.

Vision Statement

The vision of Henny Penny is a multi-faceted success that includes the financial wellbeing of the business. In achieving our vision, we are to consider the following:

  • the impact of our business including the decisions we make on the environment.
  • the effect of our product on consumers’ wellbeing and health.
  • the relationship between the management, staff, vendors, and customers.

All these will give the business a sense of purpose that goes beyond the financial state and profit of the business.

Products and Services

Henny Penny is willing to offer several varieties of products to customers and effective and efficient customer care to increase the level of patronage.

Among the products to be offered are chicken, salads, sandwiches, cheese, egg, Coke, Burger, Fanta among others.

Business Legal Status

As proposed, the business is to operate on a sole proprietorship basis but might later extend to partnership if new products are added to the existing business setup.

Industry Analysis

Though the food delivery industry is very competitive, it remains thriving and successful due to the compatibility of the business system to the modern way of living. The number of people who have time and resources to cook by themselves reduces day by day which is the main reason why the food delivery business continues to grow and succeed.

The food industry is one of the largest industries in the country and even in the world. The number of food delivery systems has been increasing for the past few years. More than 600 food restaurants are opened every month, therefore every restaurant keeps struggling to be at the top and keep pace with increasing demand.

Target Market

The target market of Henny Penny does not focus on a particular age group, gender, or interest. It considers both adults and youngsters who are fast food lovers and are ready to order their food online for home delivery.

Henny Penny has decided to attract three categories of customers which are:

(1) Students
(2) Any health-conscious person
(3) Curious and open-minded people

Marketing Strategy

One of the strategies used for this business is the free access given to restaurants to join our site so we can have more than enough restaurants to work with. Within the first fiscal year, our system will be positioned in such a way that negotiations will be done with restaurants to offer discounts on online orders and if possible, give free coupons to regular and loyal customers.

We will advertise to consumers via subscribed restaurants, social sites, and delivery outfits. Henny Penny is looking at basic ways to have an advantage over other competitors and those basic ways are:

  • Innovative service options
  • Product identity and quality
  • Good employees’ attitude and motivation

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