8 Side Hustles To Make Money As An Electrician

We’re glad to tell you that there are lots of side hustles to earn more money as an electrician.

Are you an electrician seeking to expand your sources of income? The quest for progress is normal and a constant human craving.

Side hustles are part-time gigs that you can leverage not only to earn more but also to gain crucial experience. This has helped many electricians to easily transition from one related job to the next based on demand.

Below are a few electrical side jobs you can start today to launch a thriving business operation while keeping your primary job. When properly handled, you can experience phenomenal growth that can be deeply rewarding.

What Electrical Side Jobs are there?

Most technicians seeking an extra income-earning opportunity mostly search for jobs they’re most competent in. This applies to electricians.

However, some technicians might be skilled in more than one area. As an electrician, having such skills can be highly beneficial to you.

Examples of electrical side jobs to consider include starting an electrical supply company, cable installation, starting a handyman service, and venturing into home installations and setup.

Others include lighting installation, partnership with a home improvement store, and electrical foreman.

Your skills can also come in handy as a maintenance electrician, electrical foreman, and field service technician. Smart home installations, and lighting installation, are additional electrical jobs that can be done as a side hustle.

As an industry player, it won’t be difficult to find clients.

8 Profitable Side Hustles For Electricians

Being an electrician and self-employed, it’s a known fact that you’re likely to experience a drop in demand for your service which may happen at some point during the year.

When this happens, your income stream doesn’t have to be affected as you can explore other revenue streams.

It pays to have more than one revenue stream as an electrician and we’re here to provide you with tips on where to try out your skills. These are side hustles that help you easily transition from one type of electrical work to the next without much difficulty.

You too can benefit from such side hustles. However, you’ll first need to know what they are. Without further delay, let’s begin right away.

Starting an Electrical Supply Store

There are tons of supplies designed to fit all kinds of electrical jobs.

Apart from your primary electrical job, you can start a supply store for electrical goods. Of course, your experience within the industry should give you an edge on how to launch and what type of supplies to sell.

You may have to speak with similar types of businesses for tips on how to proceed. Also, an understanding of the challenges and market is necessary.

Become a Contractor for Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores witness a lot of customers who flock in to purchase items for their DIY projects.

Typically, DIY projects are handled by people with limited electrical experience which means help will be needed occasionally.

This is where your expertise is needed. As an electrical contractor, you get to supplement your income by getting called for certain electrical jobs.

Such residual income adds up significantly when servicing multiple clients.

Cable Installation

Cable installation is yet another side hustle to earn money as an electrician.

There’s now a growing trend where service providers no longer permanently employ tech guys to help clients with installations. Outsourcing such work has become increasingly popular and more profitable.

As an independent contractor, you get to exchange your skills for cash when called upon to help out with cable installations by such companies. There are several types of cable installation jobs that you can easily provide.

These range from internet service cable installation as well as electrical installations.

Broadening your knowledge and experience is a great strategy to improve your income-generating capacity. Apart from installations, you can also provide repair work for damaged cables.

There are lots of ways to enhance your service delivery in this area. The choice is entirely up to you.

Partnership with Home Improvement Store

Partnership with the right contacts boosts your opportunity to launch a thriving electrical side hustle.

You can request partnerships with home improvement stores around your location. Persons on DIY protection often seek professional help with their remodeling work. This is where you come in as an expert.

By partnering with home improvement stores, you get to work on their team of experts. This means you’ll get called upon whenever your services are needed.

Lighting Installations

With the right industry experience and current trends in lighting needs, there’s a whole of money to be made by providing exceptional services to clients. Side hustles under this category are varied.

As such you may want to choose your most preferred areas of experience as a starting point.

Your skills may be needed for creating beautiful light displays, special lighting for intimate spaces, and so on. You only need to apply for them by spreading the word within the electrical community.

Plus, your clients can help spread the word by recommending your business.

Smart Home Installations

Smart homes are increasingly becoming a trend.

These rely on your skills as an electrician to provide critical installation services. This is an opportunity that can both serve as a side hustle as well as a full-time job. It’s entirely up to you what you make of it.

Becoming a freelancer enables companies to outsource their smart home installations to you. However, you’ll need to enhance your visibility by spreading the word to such companies about your electrical skills.

Networking within this industry is highly essential for success.

Journeyman Electrician

As a journeyman electrician, you get to perform a wide range of electrical tasks with little supervision. Here, you have the opportunity of providing your skills to any of the following; residential, commercial, or industrial.

There’s a long list of services you can offer for each category.

As a residential electrician, you get the opportunity of diagnosing and repairing electrical faults reported by clients, read blueprints & technical drawings as well as replace faulty components among others.

Commercial electricians perform many electrical tasks such as knowledge of local, city, and state codes.

Others include the installation of various electrical systems in buildings, as well as troubleshooting and fixing systems when needed. These are only a few of many other responsibilities.

As a journeyman electrician in this specialization, you’re involved in the installations and upkeep of electrical equipment in industrial settings.

As such, your side hustles will serve clients in a variety of industries such as shipyards, factories, oil rigs, power plants, mines, etc.

Electrical Foreman

As an electrical foreman, you have the opportunity of taking supervisory role gigs, especially those having to do with the planning and implementation of major electrical projects. This is an opportunity you can either take full-time or part-time.

Some of your responsibilities as an electrical foreman will include creating worker schedules, task coordination for the day, budget management, and also overseeing the quality of the site.

Maintenance Electrician

You can take up a side hustle as a maintenance electrician and boost your income.

Here, your primary duties revolve around the upkeep of a building’s electrical system. It includes regular inspection, routine maintenance, repair, and also fixing faulty wiring when the need arises.

In some cases, electrical appliances within buildings may need to be replaced. This responsibility is handed to the maintenance electrician. As a side hustle, you can perform this alongside your regular electrician job.

Field Service Technician

With your background as an experienced electrician, consider venturing into this area as it holds a lot of promise. Not only do you get the opportunity to serve lots of clients, but you also improve your earning potential.

As a field service technician, you help clients with electrical installations, repairs as well as equipment maintenance tasks among others. There is never a short supply of jobs in this area.

Starting a Handyman Service

As an electrician, you have a vital skill that will be needed by homeowners. Plus, this job can be performed as a side hustle while maintaining your primary job.

Here, all kinds of electrical-type projects are handled. These may include light as well as slightly complex jobs.

To attract patronage, you’ll need to spread the word about your new business within the neighborhood. Running a handyman service as a side job will require informing your clients about your operating hours.


Are you an electrician seeking additional income-generating gigs? These don’t necessarily have to replace your main job as they can be side hustles that earn you an extra buck.

Thankfully there are lots of these jobs you can handle as an electrician.

While most of these side jobs are related to your job, others aren’t. By taking proper advantage of these side hustles, you’re able to improve your income.

There are cases where these jobs have turned out highly profitable, thus leading the persons involved to ditch the main job to fully focus on their profitable business.

These are jobs and side hustles that enhance your income. Try out any or a number of these today to impact your earnings positively. Here are some electrical business names that make your brand stand out.