12 Profitable Outdoor Business Ideas In Different Sectors


Are you on a search for creative outdoor business ideas?

If you are an outdoor lover who doesn’t like sitting in one place for several hours and you are searching for creative outdoor business ideas that are profitable, I have compiled a list of 12 creative business ideas for outdoor lovers that you can take advantage of and make money for yourself.

There are various creative business ideas for outdoorsmen that do not involve huge capital to start and do not need an office location.

If you are ready to start making money running an outdoor adventure business, here are 12 creative business ideas for you as an outdoor man. So here are the most lucrative business ideas for outdoorsmen:


  1. Dog Training

If you are someone that loves playing with dogs, you can start offering dog training to dog owners. With offering dog training services, you have to go to the dog’s owners’ homes to train their dogs.

The business idea can win customers if the entrepreneur is good at pitching his or her idea to the dog’s owners. In summary, you must know how to sell your services to your ideal customers.

  1. Boat Broker

Another great business idea that an outdoor man can venture into is a boat broker. The work of a boat broker is selling any kind of boat-rich people that may consider having one for themselves.

You may need to acquire a license for this business depending on the state you are operating from. Though not all states require a license, you have to inquire to avoid trouble.

As a boat broker, you make your money through commission from the sale you make. You must have a good network with elites and good persuasive skills too. You can also venture into the boat-building business if you have the skills.

  1. Adventure Tourism

This is one best creative business ideas for outdoor people as you get to move around with tourists, meet new people, and make new deals. You get to provide tour guides to tourists, rent bikes, trekking equipment, golf gear, and many tourist equipments for them.

Having a blog that will be based on tourism adventures will be an added advantage for your business. As people will start seeing you as a consultant when they need tourism guidance and information.

  1. Cleaning Services Business

With a little capital, any entrepreneur can start this business and get it running. You can be establishing cleaning services for commercial establishments, local households, etc. This can be the best way to make money if you are on a small budget.

All you need to purchase is just normal cleaning detergents and equipment depending on the kind of cleaning services you will be offering.

  1. Installing CCTV Camera

This is not a business everybody can do. It requires technical knowledge and skilled personnel to run. You can make good money from this creative business idea if you are good at networking with organizations as they are your potential customers.

No establishment does not have a CCTV camera installed at their office location.

  1. Commercial Photography

This creative outdoor business is always in demand. If you have good skill in taking a good photograph, you can start this outdoor business with just a good camera you can purchase from a local store. This is one of the most profitable outdoor business ideas that advertise itself.

  1. Event Management

If you have little experience in event management, you can start your own event management business. This business demands exceptional organization and planning skills. Your major customers are large corporations, educational institutes, married couples, religious organizations, political candidates NGO’s and many others. You will be helping them plan their events.

  1. House Painting

This is another creative business idea for outdoor lovers that know how to paint and mix colors to give building the perfect look. For you to always get clients, you have to regularly visit construction sites and talk to supervisors or owners of buildings. Don’t forget to offer supervisors commission for referrals.

  1. Ice Cream Stand Business

With a nice truck and a small investment, any entrepreneur can start this creative outdoor business. Children and adults love ice cream and that is why this business tends to be a profitable business idea to venture into.

To easily advertise your business while selling, you just need to beautify your truck with pictures of different ice cream flavors and watch how children will start running after your truck.

A good place to sell your ice cream business that will boost sales is mostly in parks and recreation centers.

  1. Refuse Pick-up

I know you may start thinking that this business is a dirty business because it involves refuse. This is why many people don’t see the gold in the business. Any smart entrepreneur can venture into this business and create wealth within months of launching the business because the rate at which waste materials and refuse is increasing is unbelievable.

If you do not mind the dirt, you can start a refuse pick-up service and earn money just by helping people throw out their waste.

  1. Delivery Services

This is one creative way to make money as an outdoor lover. With a reliable transportation medium like a bike, bicycle, or car and a telephone, you can start a service delivery business. you will be helping customers deliver items such as groceries, tickets, fast food, and anything that needs delivery.

The business will need you to be mobile as you have always loved and you need to master every route so you can quickly reach your destination and have time to serve any available customer.

  1. Mobile Car Wash

Running a mobile car wash business is a little way to make money as an entrepreneur while running around. It is not capital intensive as you just need to have a truck and washing detergent and equipment.

You won’t be needing a location as you will be called by clients to come to wash their cars in their compound. It is one small business idea for the outdoorsman that is trending now.