Sample CCTV Security Camera Installation Business Plan


If you are fascinated by surveillance gadgets, then the sale of CCTV cameras may be your thing. The purpose of this article is to help you get your business on the right footing.

This CCTV camera business plan sample will help you do so. Many times, bright business ideas do not see the light of day. This is because the foundation was not properly laid.


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Do you need help starting a CCTV security camera installation company? If YES, here is a sample CCTV BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE.

Starting a CCTV camera installation business can be very challenging but you should rest assured that you will attain the height of financial freedom you are aiming for. This CCTV camera service business requires that you undergo certain technical training and also get your business permit and certification.

This is because the industry is very secured and regulated because there are people with questionable attitudes that might infiltrate the industry.

CCTV stands for ‘Closed Circuit Television. This business can be interpreted to mean the technical version of a guard i.e. a security guard. This security system helps in capturing everything that happens in the area or location where the CCTV is placed.

CCTV camera company is a security business that requires adequate knowledge and big responsibility because it has to do with providing security for people. Providing security for people is no joke at all therefore in starting this business you must be fully ready and prepared for the business.

The house owner will be able to survey the area where the camera covers 24/7 for burglars and evil people. This security system helps people to feel safe every time. This business will require you to be very responsive to your customers because they will always call you for one reason which is safety.

The fact that most houses, malls, shops, banks, offices, churches, and even streets install security cameras makes it a profitable and enriching business. Therefore, the business can thrive in any part of the world.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a CCTV installation company.

  • Decision Making

Do I want to buy an established security camera business or do I want to pursue a security camera business startup? This is the first question you need to ask yourself and answer when you are about to start a CCTV camera business.

You might decide to start your security business from scratch or buy an already existing CCTV camera business. It is usually preferable to buy an already existing one because of three main reasons which are:

  • Existing businesses have a steady income, unlike startups where you have to struggle to bring in revenue.
  • An existing business is more efficient in operation than a startup business.
  • A purchased business is much more appealing to investors and lenders because they always want to avoid the risk of an unproven start-up business.


  • Feasibility Studies

You must conduct a feasibility study to study and research the industry you are going into.

Doing this will help in knowing the processes you are expected to follow in starting this business.

The feasibility study will help you determine those that need your service and to also pay attention to them, the cost required to set up the business, and also the business ethics to make the business successful.

  • Technical Training and Certification

You as the owner of the business needs to undergo training(s), it is possible to enroll in college where you can take courses on security cameras and installation of alarm.

This business is more suitable for those who have a background in electrical and electronics engineering.

You can also enroll as an apprentice in a company that is into security cameras and alarm installation to know more about the trade.

  • A Business Plan

Another step you need to take in starting your business is writing the business plan.

It is impossible to start a business without having a plan therefore you need to write your business plan.  A business plan is more like the guide you need in running the business.

Ensure that it is stated in the plan how you want to raise the startup capital, how you want the business to be managed, and other important factors.

  • Business Registration

You must have your business registered because no organization or corporation will want to have business deals with a business that is not registered or does not have the required license.

Therefore, you need to register with the appropriate authorities in your country or state.

  • Raising Startup Capital

Whether little or not, you will need money to start your business and that is why you have to make plans on how to raise the required fund.

It is possible to raise the money from family and friends or the bank by meeting all the requirements. You can also find investors that are willing to invest in your business.

  • Business Location

The location where your business is situated matters a lot to the success of your business.

Ensure that your office space is in a location good enough for your business to grow and expand. It is also important that your business location suits your business and also should be a place where there is human traffic.

  • Business Promotion

Marketing your business plays a very important role that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, you need to think of creative ways to market and promote your business.

You can start promoting your business by creating awareness among banks and offices in your community then extend it to include public holdings and estates.

It is also important that you have a connection with facility managers who can help boost the success of your own CCTV camera business opportunities.


Consider your business plan as the foundation of your business. The better the plan and its implementation, the better your CCTV installation business will be.

Enough being said, let’s get into the details;

  • Executive Summary

Surveillance Technologies LLC is a surveillance solutions provider for individuals and businesses.

Our primary products and services revolve around CCTV business ideas and they include the sale, installation, and maintenance of closed-circuit televisions.

Since the advent of this technology, tremendous progress has been made in the improvement of security.

We seek to continue in this tradition by meeting the demands of new clients as well as the provision of maintenance services to a host of others.

We have an excellent team comprising of our sales and marketing team to our installation and service technicians and our customer care services department.

These are the face of our business and have received excellent training on how to relate with clients.

  • Products and Services

We provide sales of CCTV security cameras from reputable brands. We also offer several services such as mounting or installation of cameras, as well as servicing.

Other CCTV business opportunities we focus on, include the provision of training for interested individuals who will want to become technicians.

We also offer support in addition to consultancy and advisory services to security companies directly involved in the use of these gadgets.

  • Vision Statement

Surveillance Technologies LLC seeks to become one of the trusted brands in the provision of top-notch CCTV camera equipment for businesses and individuals. We will work closely with major product manufacturers to become their key partners on the West Coast of the United States.

  • Mission Statement

Our mission is to not only provide the sale of quality CCTV equipment but to provide detailed and comprehensive after-sales services. We are a CCTV business that values feedback. This enables us to know how well we have fared.

This feedback mechanism will become a major part of our business to increase the number of satisfied clients.

  • Start-up Capital

A major part of the required capital for this business will be raised from credit facilities offered by banks. The founder George Rodriguez has kept aside some savings to the tune of $380,000.00. The remaining sum of $800,000.00 will be sourced from bank credit.

  • SWOT Analysis

To make a real impact in the CCTV surveillance camera market, we need to find out our state of health as it has to with our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We have carried out a diligent study of these vital areas and have arrived at the following conclusions;

  • Strengths

This comes from our understanding of the market. The founder has managed a major surveillance equipment manufacturing company.

This has enabled him to gain a rare insight into how the industry functions. As a supplier and seller of CCTV cameras and equipment, we will use this advantage to consolidate our position as a trusted name in the business.

  • Weaknesses

Our major weakness comes from the fact that we are a new business. This will limit our activities at least for some time. We are not as financially strong as major existing sellers of surveillance equipment. This is a weakness we will eventually surmount through the encouragement of investment inflows.

  • Opportunities

The rising demand for the supply of CCTV cameras by private and commercial clients is an opportunity we will not let slip by. We have taken advantage of our connections with manufacturers to become distributors of their products.

Our maintenance services section will expand our reach by installing and maintaining all installed CCTV cameras

  • Threats

A threat to our business comes in the form of a sudden economic decline. This will adversely affect demand as both corporate and private clients will prioritize their expenses.

  • Sales Projection

The steady climb in demand for surveillance equipment like CCTV cameras is great for our business. We are leaving no stone unturned in getting a fair share of these clients. This is why we have assessed demands.

The result has been positive and promises a steady climb over three years as shown below;

  • First Financial Year $500,000.00
  • Second Financial Year $800,000.00
  • Third Financial Year $1,100,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

While there are lots of competitors in the industry, our CCTV camera business has the advantage of being managed by experienced hands. Our founder and the management team all have a deeper understanding of how this business works. This is because they have risen to management positions in different surveillance equipment manufacturing companies before now.

  • Target market

Our target market is defined and consists of a wide section of the business community and private individuals. These include churches, homes, hotels, sporting venues, banks, ministries of government, traffic control departments, schools, and many more.

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies

We have adopted effective CCTV marketing and sales strategies in reaching our target market. These include the distribution of business cards and flyers to businesses. Others are regular attendance at security seminars and business fairs where we get to network and promote our business and services. We also have a functional website where visitors can get a comprehensive breakdown of all our services and contact addresses.

We also have paid advertisements in newspapers and security magazines. This is in addition to having social media accounts where we reach our target market easily.

This CCTV business plan sample helps you get a better understanding of what your plan should contain. It also gives you a general direction on how to approach the writing of your business proposal or plan. Your plan is your blueprint.

Therefore you need to be committed to implementing all its contents. It is only through this that your business will grow.

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