14 Micro Business Ideas And Opportunities


Are you looking for easy micro-business ideas for third-world countries?

As an entrepreneur seeking to start a micro-business, I am sure that you must have had many innovative micro-business ideas from friends, family members, and co-workers about the best micro-business to embark on.

Starting a micro business can be a great way to make money for you as it is usually manageable, does not require huge capital to start, and is also easy to start.

Maybe you have never really made up your mind on the one idea to pursue or maybe you feel you haven’t heard of the right idea yet. Well, not to worry, this article will give you more ideas, some you never even thought of.

Here is a list of micro-business ideas you can pay serious attention to as an entrepreneur seeking to start a micro-business on your budget.

1. Start a Day Care/Baby Sitting

If you have a spare room in your house or a space in your compound, you can put this to good use by starting a daycare center where you will be babysitting and taking care of infants and children while their parents are at work.

This is a great micro-business idea to start with as it does not require huge capital to start apart from the space you will be using as your center.

2. Start a Tutoring Service  

This is a micro-business idea that doesn’t require any startup capital to start.

If you are knowledgeable in a particular subject like Mathematics or English, you can start a tutoring service business where you will be making a good amount of cash leveraging your knowledge and skill set.

You could tutor students in some difficult subjects such as mathematics or you could offer language lessons to people who which to learn or become proficient in a new language.

3. Start a Photography Business

Starting a photography business is easy to start if you are someone that loves pictures. All you need to start this business is a single camera, which you can buy or rent.

After this, you just inform your friends offline and online, co-workers that you now offer photography services. If you know how to use social media very well, you can use it to land many clients that will need your services.

4. Start a Car Wash

Starting a car wash business is another micro-business an entrepreneur can take advantage of.

The beauty of this business is that you don’t need a space to start this business as you can offer home services to people, starting from your neighborhood.

5. Start a Laundry Business

Remember those times you wanted to wash your own clothes but couldn’t because you were too tired too?

Well, here’s some good news, you can start a business by rendering laundry and dry cleaning services to people who may be too tired or busy to do their own laundry. The laundry business is a good business to start and costs almost nothing.

6. Start an Agency Business

Here you make your money from commission payments for helping businesses to attract new clients and growing their business. You get an agreed percentage of the amount of business you bring to your clients.

7. Start an Electronics Repair Business

This is a business idea for entrepreneurs with good knowledge of electronic repair.

With your knowledge and experience with electronics, you can start an electronics repair business where you can render repair services to people who need to fix their electronic gadgets.

You don’t need an office to run this business as you can be offering home services or taking the equipment home to repair.

8. Render Resume Writing Service

You can put your writing skills to good use by offering resume writing services to job seekers. Your job will be to help job seekers to write and re-write their CVs and resumes to enable them to land their dream jobs.

9. Start a Consulting Business

Just like tutoring, you will be leveraging your knowledge in a particular area here.

If you have a management or business background, you can leverage that experience or knowledge to provide consulting services to businesses that are going through trying times and need some good advice.

On the other hand, if you are a medical doctor, you can offer consulting services to individuals, hospitals, and even governments. This applies to any field under the sun.

All you need is knowledge and the appropriate license in some cases.

10. Start an Event Planning Outfit

If you have some good planning skills and can pay attention to details, you can start an event planning business.

You will be organizing events such as corporate get-togethers, AGMs, and corporate exhibitions from the ground up. You will also be organizing weddings, birthday parties, and concerts.

11. Start Production of Detergents and Liquid Soap

Do you have good knowledge of detergent and soap making? Then, why not turn it into an income stream?

You can make money from the production of detergents and liquid soap if you know how to mix the right chemicals in the right proportions. When your product is ready, you can supply them to homes and stores.

12. Start a Rental Business

From your rental business, you can rent anything literally “rentable”. Such things as chairs, canopies, and tents. You can also be renting garden equipment such as a lawnmower, hand scissors, etc.

13. Start a Fish Farm

You studied fishery in school or have worked in a fish farm establishment before?

Starting a fish farm business does not need a large portion of land. You can start your fish farm with a tank and expect to reap some profits in a couple of months.

14. Start a Vegetable Farm

If you have free agricultural land space, vegetable farming would be a good micro business to embark on. You could grow vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, and onion on any portion of land with fertile soil.

Your backyard can be a start for your vegetable garden farmland.

So, here are 14 new micro business ideas you can start even tomorrow after making your decision.

Don’t sit back folding your hands complaining about the evil act of the government and how bad the economy is when you can do something legal that can be fetching money for you monthly.