250 Catchy Laundry Business Name Ideas For Professionals

Do you wish to start a laundry business but are confused about what name to use for it? You’re welcome to read on as we provide yours with helpful tips in addition to clever names for your business.

Every entrepreneur has what they envision for their business. This all starts with the name.

As you read through this article, we’re confident you’ll find the help you need to name your laundry business.

Tips for Naming Your Laundry Business

We’ve included a few tips that will help guide you to choose the right name for your laundry business. These include the following;

  • Avoid Hard-to-Spell Names

One of the considerations to make when choosing your laundry business name are difficult names. Such names should be easy to spell and pronounce and shouldn’t be a mouthful.

  • Don’t Box Yourself In

Another thing to check out for is names with restrictive characteristics. In other words, the name you choose shouldn’t create problems in the future when you need to expand your operations or relocate from your current location.

  • Search For Availability

Lots of businesses go by various names. Chances are that your most preferred name is being used by another business. To find out, you’ll need to conduct an online search for its availability.

  • Get A .com Domain Name

The domain name you use for your laundry business will influence its popularity with clients. Lots of clients assume businesses having other domain names such as .biz, .org, and .net among others aren’t as established or authentic. Although this might not necessarily be true, you can take advantage of their perception to have one for your laundry business.

  • The Name Should Convey Some Meaning

Great names for laundry businesses have some clue as to the type(s) of services offered. Without conveying some meaning, a name becomes vague and meaningless.

Catchy Laundry Service Names

  1. Wild Wash
  2. Rise ‘n Shine
  3. WashHouse
  4. Scrub Board
  5. Wash and Save Laundromat
  6. Social Spin Laundromat
  7. The Wash Tub
  8. Speedee Wash Coin
  9. The Laundry Room
  10. Spic and Span
  11. The Laundry List
  12. Splash Em Out
  13. The Laundry Basket
  14. Spotless Services
  15. Super Kleen Laundry
  16. Suds your Duds
  17. Clean Break
  18. Rainbow Laundromat
  19. Clean Stop Inc.
  20. One Click Cleaners
  21. Quick Wash Laundromat
  22. Coin Laundromat
  23. Diamond Shine
  24. Lean Mean Clean Machine
  25. Discount Laundry
  26. Kwik Wash Laundry
  27. Clean Management
  28. Grand Laundry
  29. Dust Buddies
  30. Fresh Air Laundry
  31. Dustry Might
  32. Elite Cleaners
  33. Five Points Laundromat
  34. Faith Coin Laundry
  35. Super Maids
  36. Sunshine Laundry
  37. Busy Bee Laundromat
  38. Sunshine Pro Cleaner
  39. Broom with a Clue
  40. Super Laundry
  41. Birds Coin Laundry
  42. A Free Wash Laundromat
  43. A+ Laundromat
  44. The Laundry Lounge
  45. The Laundry Depot
  46. A Free Wash Laundromat
  47. Angel’s Cleaning Service
  48. Bar Laundromat
  49. Washing Well
  50. Wash Barn
  51. Wash Outs
  52. Spiffy Clean
  53. Stripped Clean
  54. Wash Stand
  55. Comfort Cleaners
  56. Express Cleaners
  57. The Wash Room
  58. Washed Away
  59. All Clean
  60. Access Cleaners
  61. Full Service Laundry
  62. All Washed Up
  63. Clean as a Whistle
  64. Squeaky Clean
  65. Perfectly Clean
  66. Perfectionism
  67. Sparkling Clean
  68. Reflections Cleaning Company
  69. Rag Tag Team
  70. Pristine Cleaning
  71. Prestige Cleaning
  72. Rainbow Cleaners
  73. Rise ‘n Shine
  74. Clean Act
  75. Pound of Fresh
  76. Clean Queen
  77. Done Right Dry Cleaners
  78. Let us Launder
  79. Flash Drycleaners
  80. Luxurious Launder
  81. Dedicated Dry Clean
  82. Clean in a Flash
  83. Classic Cleaning
  84. Cindy’s Cleaners
  85. Dirt Busters
  86. Deep Clean Cleaning Service
  87. Do Right Cleaning
  88. 2 Boys Laundromat
  89. Cleaning Break
  90. April Fresh Cleaning Service
  91. Busy B’s Laundrette
  92. Cindy’s Cleaners
  93. Clean Conscience
  94. Clean Hub
  95. Clean Freedom
  96. Clean Sweep
  97. Cleaning by Design
  98. Clean Queen
  99. Bubbles Dry Cleaners
  100. Doting Dry Cleaners
  101. Dutiful Dry Cleaning
  102. Laundry Café
  103. Laundrix
  104. Laundry Man
  105. Dreamy Dry Clean
  106. Dry Clean Valet
  107. Super Washer
  108. Little Laundry
  109. Same Day Service Dry Cleaners
  110. Timely Turnaround
  111. Iron Ready
  112. Dependable Dry Cleaners
  113. Legend Cleaners
  114. Quick Wash Laundry
  115. Sparkling Clean
  116. Freedom Clean
  117. Maid to Perfection
  118. Spot Laundromat
  119. Rapid Wash
  120. Hygiene Machine
  121. Spiffy Clean
  122. COIN Less Laundry
  123. Dirt Busters
  124. Due to Dirty Laundry
  125. A Plus Cleaners
  126. Ace Laundromat
  127. Dust to Shine Laundry
  128. City Limits Laundry
  129. Do Right Cleaning Service
  130. Door to Door Maids
  131. Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
  132. Wizard of Suds Laundromat
  133. Loving Care Metropolitan Laundry
  134. The Z Laundromat
  135. Washboard 24-Hour Laundromat
  136. Muletown Laundry
  137. Mom’s Laundromat
  138. Wash and Dry Laundry
  139. The Dutchman’s Laundry
  140. Old Town Laundromat
  141. Pecos Laundromat
  142. Sunshine Coin Laundry
  143. Surfside Coin Laundry
  144. Smart Laundry Service
  145. Sahara Laundry
  146. Press Express
  147. REM Laundry Service
  148. Star Distributing
  149. Bunch A Bubbles
  150. Big Bundles Laundromat
  151. Laundry Warehouse
  152. Clothesline
  153. Clean Mart
  154. Laundry Day
  155. All Comes Out in a Wash
  156. Golden Wash
  157. Snow White Wash
  158. Feather Laundry
  159. Golden Isle Laundry
  160. Klean Way
  161. Budget Dry Cleaners
  162. Classic Clean Laundry
  163. Careful Care Cleaners
  164. Celebrity Dry Cleaners
  165. Century Dry Cleaners
  166. Bubbles A Plenty Washers
  167. Bright Laundry Service
  168. Bristle Cleaning Service
  169. Laundry Monster
  170. Main Street Dry Cleaners
  171. Luxurious Launder
  172. Luxurious Lather
  173. Magic Washr Laundromat
  174. Let’s Get Fresh
  175. Like New Dry Cleaners
  176. Wow Laundry
  177. White and Bright
  178. Washly Laundromat
  179. Xtreme Cleanse
  180. World of Dry Cleaning
  181. Well Ironed Dry Cleaners
  182. We Mean Clean
  183. We Wash
  184. Town-Beat Dry Cleaning
  185. Wash Stand
  186. Wash Outs
  187. Travel Clean Laundries
  188. Wash and Coffee
  189. Wash and Dry Laundry
  190. True Australian Dry Cleaners
  191. Tried and True Dry Cleaners
  192. Walk-In Dry Cleaners
  193. Victorious Valet
  194. Your Laundry People
  195. Top Clean Laundromat
  196. The Laundry Room
  197. Tip-Dry Service
  198. The Local Dry Cleaner
  199. Timely Turnaround
  200. The Missing Sock
  201. The Wash Room
  202. The Perfectionist Clothe Care
  203. Your Laundry People
  204. Super Spin Laundry
  205. The Corner Dry Cleaner
  206. The Ironing Board
  207. The Laundry Basket
  208. The Laundry Hamper
  209. The Dry Team
  210. Exclusive Laundry Service
  211. The Palace Laundromat
  212. Eagle Express Laundry
  213. Classic Laundry
  214. Executive Shirt Laundry Service
  215. Clean Queen
  216. Jumbo Wash Laundry
  217. Spotless Laundry Services
  218. Let’s Laundry
  219. Super Cleaners
  220. Spring Cleaning
  221. Dreamy Dry Clean
  222. Conscientious Cleaners
  223. Dry Clean Dream
  224. Instawash Laundry
  225. Laundry Village
  226. Pick My Laundry
  227. Laundry Uncle
  228. Laundry Master
  229. Press and Clean
  230. Dutiful Dry Cleaning
  231. The Hollywood Laundromat
  232. Doting Dry Cleaners
  233. We Mean Clean
  234. Express Laundry Center
  235. It All Comes Out in the Wash
  236. Mother Nature’s Cleaning Services
  237. Sparkle
  238. Superior Laundries
  239. The Point Laundry
  240. Jumbo 24-Hour Coin Laundry
  241. Magic Wash Laundromat
  242. Patriot Express Laundry
  243. Gold Country Carpet Cleaning
  244. Clean World 24 Hour Laundromat
  245. Centerville Laundromat
  246. Garden Springs Laundromat
  247. Hazel’s Laundromat
  248. Hourglass Cleaners
  249. Community Coin Laundry
  250. Eco Cleaners
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These are clever and catchy laundry shop name ideas you can pick for your business today. Although these are great dry cleaner names, you’ll need to check for availability to ensure they’ve not been picked already.