Sample Detergent Production Business Plan Template PDF

Do you need help starting a liquid detergent manufacturing company? If YES, here is a sample detergent Business Plan.

To start a detergent business, having all the knowledge of production is not enough. You need to also put all the necessary structures or requirements in place to fully take off as a business. There are quite a number of these requirements.

However, we will focus on one, which is the business plan. This article will provide you with a detergent business plan sample you can work with.

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Starting a detergent soap business would be a good start on your way to success and wealth in the long term.

Detergent manufacturing business does not involve large capital, unlike other businesses. Even a graduate with little funds can start a detergent business on a small scale.

Did you know that laundry detergents and other cleaning products are a major household and business expense? And did you know that the industry is worth billions and increasing every year?


Detergents are daily consumer products that don’t stay long on a shelf in any supermarkets or kiosks anywhere in the world. The next time you visit your local supermarket, take a look at the many aisles offering products from laundry cleaners, floor cleaner, window cleaner as well as hand washes. There are hundreds of other markets for these products, many largely untapped.

It requires no set qualification, it just involves you getting the knowledge of the business and how the detergent is made and where to get the raw materials. You can run a detergent business as a side business if you wish.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a detergent manufacturing company.

Carry Out a Research

It is always advisable to conduct feasibility research on any business you intend venturing into because it helps saves you time and money that you would have spent and lost if the business does not go well as planned or was not what you expected.

Before starting your detergent business, you have to make researches on the market demand of the products if it is okay with you. You have to make findings on the market, how to distribute your products to retailers or wholesalers, where to get the raw materials that will be needed for making the detergent, the cost, how to calculate your profits, etc.

Draw up a Business Plan

Any business whether small or big requires a plan. This will serve as the strategy you will use to dominate your market and kick competitors away. The success of any business lies in the quality of the information in your startup plan.

Starting a detergent business needs you to draw a plan that would contain your marketing plans, startup cost, the quantity of production and expected revenue, business goals, vision, etc.

Your plan must not because you want to use it to get a loan from a financial institution, it can be a 2-page well-written business plan that should act as your blueprint to your achievement.

Register your Business

This may not be a compulsory thing to do when starting a detergent business but it helps give your business a corporate view. Registering your business is a sign that you are ready to do business for the long term and not just for the money.

Registering your business and opening an account with it allows you to ask for a loan in the future from your bank in case you want it for expansion. You will have to register your business so you can use it on the body of your products if you are thinking to go big in the future.

Get a Good Location

A strategic location is needed to be considered when starting a detergent business. Factors to consider when choosing your ideal location should include;

• Nearness to raw materials.
• Nearness to market.
• Accessibility.
• Conducive power supply.

It will be very wise to site your business in a commercial area where customers can easily come to your workplace to order for your products. It also helps expose your business to passerby.

Purchase Needed Equipment

You will need equipment to start a detergent business. They are not as expensive as you may think. What you just need are;

• Big bowls or basins.
• Weighing Scale.
• Hand gloves.
• Plastic Bags.
• Ladles.
• Materials needed for making the detergent etc.

Committed Staff

Running a detergent business is not one-man labor. You must work with people to help you in preparing the detergent. You have to employ committed staff to assist you in the work process. You can recruit novices that are willing to learn to help in the production or you employ competent people that already have experience in soap or detergent making.

Having hardworking and committed staff will help catapult your business and produce a quality product for your customers. Here are some gift ideas for your staff

Invest in Marketing

No business can survive without marketing. If you don’t market your detergent business using different marketing strategies, customers wouldn’t be able to know your products exist.

The more you invest in pushing/promoting your detergent business brand, the more your prospect will be aware of your brand and may want to give it a try.


How well you lay down your plan will determine the success of your business. To adequately plan, you need knowledge. This will be obtained from your feasibility studies.

By going through our detergent business plan sample, you will benefit immensely as it allows highlights of some of the most important sections every plan must-have. Having said enough, let’s begin our journey!

  • Executive Summary

Bright Wash! is a sole proprietorship detergent business located in Dallas, Texas. We are a small business that combines quality, affordability, and profitability as our major pillars. Not only do we seek to achieve these objectives but will also produce environmentally friendly products. Our detergent products are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

As our business expands, we seek to change its structure from a sole proprietorship business to a limited liability company LLC. This strategy is meant to distinguish our business assets as different from our assets. This confers several benefits to our business. We plan on achieving this within 2 years from the time of commencement.

The owner of this business Stacy Phelps is a chemist with over 2 decades of experience working as a quality control manager for 2 major soap and detergent companies. She currently provides training and consultancy services to new detergent making businesses. Her success in the industry has influenced her decision to start up her own detergent business.

  • Vision Statement

At Bright Wash! our vision is to set up a detergent business that reflects our philosophy of providing top-quality detergent products. We are starting on a small scale but have the vision of eventually expanding our services to compete favorably with established and reputable detergent brands.

  • Mission Statement

Our mission is to become key players in the detergent and soap industry. We seek to build a reputable brand known for quality detergent products. We are not only looking at the Dallas market but seek to expand to cover the state of Texas as well as becoming a regional player in the detergent making.

  • Start-up Capital

Funding for our business was raised primarily from savings set aside by the founder Stacy Phelps. To sum of $300,000.00 has so far been realized and will be committed to bringing this business to fruition. We will incur an expenditure of $200,000.00 which will be spent on the purchase of equipment and materials. The remaining $100,000.00 will be set aside as running costs

  • Products and Services

We produce different types of detergents such as powdered detergents mostly used for washing and liquid detergents.

The latter is divided into two major categories that include liquid detergents used for washing of cars and heavy-duty vehicles as well as dishwashing detergents. We will also produce disinfectant liquid detergents.

Other services will include the training for interested persons and consultancy services which will all be charged at an affordable fee.

  • SWOT Analysis

Every business needs to measure its potentials in the market. We have contracted a reputable business solutions company to analyze our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The results have been revealing and will enable take the path that promises the most profitability and growth. The findings are shown below;

  • Strengths

We have discovered our strengths to include the experience possessed by our owner. She has a deep understanding of the detergent market and has been involved in the management of 2 major detergent manufacturing companies.

Our staff consists of people with years of experience in administration, production, distribution, and marketing.

  • Weaknesses

Apart from our strengths, we have also identified our weaknesses. This consists primarily of our size. Bigger detergent companies have a greater say and influence in the market. Their economy of scale means they can easily lower prices to stave off competition and still end up profitable. We will have to compete with these major businesses to get access to the market.

  • Opportunities

Some of the opportunities we have include receptiveness of the market to new products. This allows businesses like us to easily thrive when our products have been identified by end-users as being of the highest quality. We also will take advantage of the no taxation policy for small businesses introduced by the state of Texas. This is a friendly policy that encourages our detergent business to grow.

  • Threats

Some major detergent making businesses are arriving are almost gaining a monopoly of the market. This is a threat to small businesses like ours. Another threat is the possibility of an economic downturn. If this happens, it will significantly impact our business negatively.

  • Target Market

Detergents are used for a variety of purposes. These include household use, for car wash, in hotels and restaurants as well in hospitals. Therefore our target market includes families or households, restaurants, car washes, hotels, and hospitals. These market segments constitute a greater part of demands.

  • Sales Projection

We are interested in coming up with a projection to enable us to streamline our efforts towards achieving and even surpassing these targets. To come up with these estimates, we conducted a market survey using current market events. This has enabled us to arrive at the following figures;

  • First Financial Year $380,000.00
  • Second Financial Year $700,000.00
  • Third Financial year $980,000.00


  • Competitive Advantage

This is of utmost importance in the world of business. At Bright Wash! we have weighed our advantages over other businesses. This comes in the form of our deep understanding of the industry. Our entire workforce is comprised of people with expertise in different areas of business such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, product development, and more.

An added advantage is our work conditions which are among the best in the industry. We have work-friendly environments in addition to attractive remuneration packages.

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies

Our marketing and sales strategies are coordinated by our marketing department. Our products are well advertised on social media pages and accounts created specifically for these purposes. Also, we are working closely with people involved in the detergent distribution and supply chains. This creates a market for our products too.

Anyone with little or no experience can easily use this detergent business plan sample to write a good plan.

All you need to have ready is adequate knowledge of your business and what is available to you. By using this as a template, you can put together a plan that will be easy to implement and its effects will be impactful in growing your business.

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