Are you looking for home manufacturing business ideas you can involve yourself with? There are various home manufacturing businesses you can start up if you want to become financially independent and work from the comfort of your home.

A small scale homemade manufacturing business has a lot of advantages, it is very flexible, mostly requires little capital to start up and it is easy to monitor.

Here are 15 manufacturing business ideas any serious entrepreneurs can venture into and become successful in the long term


  1. Knitting

Knitting is one small home based manufacturing business ideas that involves the understanding of how to work crochet pins or machines to form clothing items. The act of knitting is a very simple and interesting home manufacturing business. If you haven’t already mastered the skill, you should immediately get schooled on it.

A home based manufacturing knitting business is different from a hobby as you will have to be completely invested in it to succeed.

  1. Making of Greeting Card

Home manufacturing of greeting cards is mainly a business for those passionate about design and creativity. You should decide if you want to produce hand made cards or digitally printed cards.

Visit local stores for information on prices and customer demand. Home manufacturing of greeting Cards would require less financing as mostly card stock paper and inkjet printers are used.

  1. Jewellery Making

Do you have love for jewellery and would love to turn that love into a business? Jewellery making is a fascinating and profitable home manufacturing business. You will have various fashionable ideas and objects to choose from, the cost of a jewellery business would vary depending on the materials you wish to use as cost of materials differ.

Jewellery home manufacturing business necessitates the skill of bead making and other forms of jewellery crafting.

  1. Catering

If you’ve an interest in home based catering, you should get a brand name and a packaging idea and start marketing your food items and products. There are various types of catering; lunch, weddings and special events, desserts and cocktail.

Decide which of these fields best suit you, have a few friends and family over to taste your dishes and make necessary adjustments.

  1. Candle Making

You may decide to make normal taper candles, container candles or various scented candles. A home manufacturing candle business does not require much cost in starting up as a few materials are needed to make a candle.

  1. Hairstylist

Starting up a home based salon is an excellent way to put your experience in hairdressing and manicure to use. You may decide on male grooming, fixing extensions or a salon for kids.

Setting your prices would not be an issue as there are a lot of salons around, research and carry out customer surveys for information on prices and trends.

  1. Furniture Making

Furniture making can also be a home based manufacturing business if you can get a sufficient workshop and appropriate skill in furniture making. Furniture made at home may be sold either by inviting customers to purchase products or sell online. A financial budget is necessary as you’ll have to purchase good quality materials.

  1. Farming Herbs

Gardens can be a good source of income as most people love properly groomed herbs as food, medicine and for other functions. Most importantly, you’ll need a place to grow your herbs and a supplier of farm products.

Register your business as there may laws on herb marketing in your state or country.

  1. Production of Animal Feeds

A lot of livestock farmers and pet owners would not prefer to manufacture their own feeds as it might increase their work load, if you have enough animal farmers and pet owners in your locale, home manufacturing of feeds would be a very profitable venture.

  1. Beverage, Ice Cream and Yoghurt Production

Everybody loves a little bit of beverage ice cream or yoghurt. You may decide to produce any, mostly depending on the consumption rate in your city or community.

  1. Cosmetics Manufacturing

Home manufacturing of creams, lotions, powders and other cosmetics would flourish in economy as people would always want to maintain their physical appearance and look good.

  1. Sale of Drinking Water

If drinking water is scarce or not readily available in your state or area, starting up a home based water sales system is a very good idea.

Drinking water is either carbonated or non-carbonated, decide which form you’ll prefer and suitable bottle sizes.

  1. Chalk Making

Some developing countries still use chalks for writing on black boards and marking out furniture and clothing, they’re also used by construction companies and other purposes.

  1. Sale of Gift Items

Gift items are being used for various events and occasions, you can easily start up a profitable gift store from home.

  1. Brick Making

You may decide to make burnt clay bricks, concrete bricks or hollow bricks as a home based manufacturing business. Keep in mind that making bricks would require sufficient workspace. Home manufacturing of bricks would require a DIY brick machine and sufficient manpower.

In conclusion, a home manufacturing business is a comfortable alternative for a job, if you prefer working from home you should decide a niche and start up your home based business.