How To Produce Your Own Hair Cream


Are you passionate about producing your own hair cream? Do you need reliable steps on how you can produce your own hair cream?

Whatsoever information you are in need of on how to produce your own hair cream, this content shall succinctly state the steps to follow, with caution, the necessary ingredients required and what you should take care of before you start producing your own hair cream.

This day, the attention people give to their hair is of no joke, even the male folks are not excluded. Everyone has grown fashion savvy and they are ready to pay for any product that can nourish and moisturize their hair and this makes the market of hair cream rewarding and profitable.

Producing your own hair cream is not a bad idea, but before you go deeply into the production of your own hair cream, there are some factors that are very essential and you need to take cognizance of to yield the desired outcome.

And they are:

Know your Target Audience

Of course, this is very important when it comes to producing your own hair cream. You need to know very well who are your target audience and where you can find them.

Since you are going to produce hair cream, your target audience should be saloon owners, beauticians, barbershops and the likes.

Packaging and Branding

Before you start producing your own hair cream, it is pertinent you have your own personal brand so that it will serve as the means which your prospects will used to identify your products amidst other brand. Packaging is of no less important, do package your hair cream well after production.

Fragrance and Colour

This can serve as an added advantage on the list of what you need to do before producing your own hair cream since customers will at least have their own taste and choice if at all they will patronize your product.

Having got yourself acquainted with those factors to consider before producing your own hair cream, what is next now is going into the business proper.


The following steps are top-notch on how to produce your hair cream, do follow me patiently as I unravel them. But before that; Source the Necessary Ingredients

To produce your own hair cream, you need to get all the necessary ingredients for the hair cream production ready.

This ingredient is the major things and without them producing your own hair cream will be futile. Sourcing for these ingredients is one thing and your ability to know the right ingredients for the hair cream production is what this preamble entails.

However, the ingredients you are required to outsource for producing your own hair cream are:

  • Paraffin oil
  • Beeswax
  • Glass
  • Burner
  • Grape seed extract
  • Liquid
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Lanolin
  • Colourant
  • Industrial perfume
  • Container
  • Jar

After providing all the above listed raw materials for the production of your hair cream, you are one step closer to your desired outcome.

Now, let’s the production begins

Step #1: Turn on the burner to be used and place the container meant for the hair cream solution mixture on it.

Step #2: Measure the paraffin oil in accordance with the quantity of the hair cream you are going to produce in the container you place on top of the lighted burner.

Step #3: After 3 minutes of it boiling, measure the content of the petroleum jelly to the satisfaction of the quantity of the hair cream you are going to produce and add it into the boiling paraffin oil.

Step #4: After like 5 minutes of it activeness, measure and add the Lanolin content into the mix and stir carefully.

Step #5: Pieces the wax substance into smaller sizes and slowly add them into the mixture. Here, you need to exercise patience and let the wax dissolve properly and stir, without pause, until you are so sure that the components have circulated well in the mixture.

Step #6: After it is all done, remove the hair cream mixture from the burner and keep it in a very cool room temperature till it cools down. Continue stirring the hair cream mixture to keep the solutions at a consistency even.

Step #7: Measure the industrial perfume fragrance as you deem fit and add it up to the ready-made hair cream mixture inside the container. This is the solution to give your hair cream the desired smell.

Also, add powdered vitamin C couple with drops of extract from grapefruit seed, these two elements will act as preservatives for your hair cream. During this stage as well, Add any colorant substance which you so desire to the hair cream mixture.

Stir and mix continuously until all the added ingredients becomes well distributed and the end product- hair cream -comes out as desired.

Step #8: Finally, stir, mix and pour your fresh produce hair cream into a customized and sterilized jars, fixed your label on it and cap it firmly with a tight-fitting cover. Let your newly produce hair cream sit over the night so that the added ingredients can settle thoroughly.

Step #9: There is nothing like step number nine. That is that on how to produce your own hair cream. But nevertheless, while producing your own hair cream, make sure that all the equipment you used were all sterilized, even your hands, this is so because hair creams embrace bacterial contamination easily.


There are different types of hair cream as there are different hair types.  I have designed this lesson to help you start up the production of hair cream with simple chemicals (ingredients) combination to meet at least, the basic need of any type of hair.


These are the ingredients for making hair cream:

1.Petroleum jelly…..1/4 kg
2.Paraffin oil………1/2 litre
3.Stearic acid……..1 spoon
4.Linolin…………1 spoonful
5.glycerin………..2-4 spoonsful
6.Colourant……….as desired
7.Perfume………..,,     ,,



1. Put the petroleum jelly and paraffin oil in a dry clean pot and apply heat
2. Add stearic acid and linolin oil, allow to melt,mix together until it blends properly.
3. Add the colourant and stir.
4. Turn off the heat and allow to cool a little (like 3 minutes), then add glycerin and the fragrance. Mix together until it blends properly.
5. Finally, pour into containers of your choice.


You can add the following ingredients to enhance the quality of your hair:

1. Coconut oil
2. Aloevera gel
3. Jojoba oil
4.Shea butter

This will give you amazing hair food.