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Are you interested in writing an executive summary for water purification and bottling business? From the moment a business idea comes across your mind to the time it is fully implemented, there are a lot of actions to be taken and processes to be followed by the entrepreneur.

A bottled water business is not different as a lot of time and planning goes into the process of its eventual implementation. A major part of the planning process is penned down in the business plan. This encapsulates every action and activity to be undertaken. It holds the blueprint for the bottled water business.

However, an important part or section of the business plan is the executive summary.

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This is our focus here as we seek to provide a sample bottled water business plan executive summary for the benefit of the entrepreneur who may seek to write one, but yet has limited knowledge on what or how it should look like.

The contents are very important to the realization of a job (bottled water business plan) well done. This bottled water business plan executive summary sample is aimed at highlighting the composition of the executive summary.

The Executive Summary

Spring Waters is a bottled water business established to quench the thirst of hardworking Americans who may either be on the go at their places of work, tourists, and sports-loving people as well as the entire generality of persons involved in all types of activities.

Located in Boston, Spring Waters is the brainchild of Mr. Edgar Williams who is its founder and who has a lot of experience in this sector, as he has worked with reputable drink and refreshment companies among which are Coca Cola.

Although a new business, our eyes are already set at conquering the bottled water market by offering superior services to our customers.

Our major competitors are in for a tough time, as we seek to redefine how business is done in the bottled water industry by bringing innovation and excellence to how our products are produced and sold.

Currently, we are acquiring state of the art equipment which would be used in the production and marketing of our products.

A major source of our funding will come in part from debt financing which will make up 70% of funding, while the rest will come from savings kept aside for this purpose by Mr. Edgar Williams.

Our water bottling plant is strategically located at the source of the ever pure and ever-flowing Crystal Springs, and we have ensured that all our services meet the health specifications of the food and drug regulatory agency.

We have put plans in place to expand our production and distribution capacity to cover the entire City of Boston and beyond, to other states within the United States.

A major part of our funding will go into the building of our bottling factor, the purchase of equipment and furniture.

Other expenses will include the payment of wages as well as marketing. Marketing occupies a prominent place in our business activities as we would adopt all forms of marketing to encourage patronage for our products.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be among the top bottled water brands in America.

To achieve this, we plan on breaking into the big league by being among the top 5 bottled water brands through the adoption of global best practices in the production of bottled water, as well as the deployment of effective marketing and distribution networks which will cover the whole of Boston, as well as the United States.

We are driven by a desire to produce quality products that will be well recognized nationally as well as also contributing to the health needs of Americans. Our products will be produced under the best hygienic conditions and a world-class quality control unit that would rigorously test and scrutinize these products will be established.

Sales Forecast

We plan on driving higher sales through the adoption of effective marketing and publicity strategies.

Our marketing department will consist of some of the brightest minds within the marketing industry. These would bring their vast experience to bear in attracting sales for our products and services.

Based on the above, we have forecasted a 3-year sales projection for our bottled water business, and the results so far have been impressive, and are summarized by the chart below;

  • First Year $130,000
  • Second Year $390,000
  • Third Year $500,000

Keys for Success

We realize that we cannot get everything perfect, and as such, we would regularly conduct self-examination for our business to identify our areas of weakness and fix the same immediately. The same would apply to our competitors as we would examine their areas of weakness and improve upon them to give us an edge in the business.

Marketing is also central to the expansion of our business. Therefore, we are setting up a marketing department that would be instrumental in driving sales and growth.

With this bottled water business plan executive summary sample, you have the opportunity to write your executive summary with lesser problems encountered, as it highlights some of the most important requirements which should be found within the executive summary section.

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