Sample Herb Farming Business Plan


Do you want to turn your passion for herb farming into a profitable business? If you have passion and awe for herbs and gardening, then you should start an herb farm business.

Herbs are being used by various people for distinct purposes; either medically, as a culinary item, for tea, bath, candles, or its fragrance.

The major advantage to starting an herb farm business is that it will not only allow you to do something you’re passionate about and still earn tremendously but it’ll also allow business flexibility as there are a lot of herbs to choose from and specialize in.

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You can also decide to work part-time at the herb farm.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a herbal farm.

  • Begin on a Small-Scale

Before deciding to start an herb farm business you must have analyzed the available funds and source of resources, it is advisable you start on a small-scale depending on the accessible capital.

Requirements for Starting an Herb Farm Business;

  • Suitable farm location.
  • Research information on various types of herbs.
  • Means of transporting your herbs.
  • Brand name and flyers for packaging.
  • Certification acquired from the state agency or organization in your area.
  • Herb farm business plan.
  • Find a Good Farm Location

You will need a garden for the herbs to grow, you can build a small greenhouse or raised bed garden in your backyard or any location of your choice but ensure the herbs are exposed to proper sunlight and properly fill the greenhouse or raised bed garden with the required soil to yield healthy plants.

If you wish to sell the plants themselves, you will need enough containers to fill up and in the case of seeds, you will need seed bags or envelopes to package the seeds.

You can also rent a small plot of land at a low cost from power companies with unused lands between towers or individuals who have undeveloped plots and are willing to sell.

  • Research on the Type of Herbs you want to Grow

A very important step to take when you want to start an herb farm business is proper research.

You have to research the herbs you want to work with, customers who purchase your herbs may be interested in how they can grow and use these herbs so you have to provide them with all the necessary information.

Ensure you space out the herbs on the farm properly as some herbs will cross-pollinate with others. You can gather information on these herbs through the internet or a professional herb farmer.

  • Grow Different Types of Herbs

Your herb farm should contain a variety of herbs, it must not necessarily contain all the herbs you can pick up but it should contain all the basic culinary and medicinal herbs on-demand in your locale.

When you want to start an herb farm business, grow your own herbs and save the seeds to plant others as long as they are pure breeds to save the cost of buying them.

  • Mark the Various Herbs on the Farm

When you want to start an herb farm business, you will need to purchase or create plant markers for easy identification of various crops on the farm.

In creating these markers, you should consider using plastic markers instead of wood because after a while the wood will wear out and cause confusion when you want to sell the plants.

If this process is too difficult for you, you may decide to grow a specific type of herb at a time.

  • Market Analysis

Who do you intend to sell to?

Your target market when you want to start an herb farm business maybe retailers, caterers, producers of skincare and beauty products, wholesalers, or larger manufacturing companies. You can also sell to florists and nurseries, this depends on the size of the farm and financial resources.

You may decide on a niche to avoid competing with other local herb farmers. Contact various distributors and small offices/ home offices which you can access through herb and specialty food organizations

  • Set up a Store to Sell Plants and Seeds

After the process of planting and growing the herbs to start an herb farm business, you will need to sell the plants.

There a various means to sell these herbs and seeds, you can create awareness on your herbs by just going round information people about them and you can set up an online store, advertising with newspapers, flyers, or signs posted.

  • Take Proper Care of the Farm

After about two weeks, a few herbs would begin to develop. Ensure you use only organic fertilizers to produce healthy herbs. Also, use liquid seaweed as a foliar spray for added nutrients and water the herbs regularly.

Keep in mind that to start an herb farm business unlike other businesses is not one that would just collapse or get old after a year or two as the same herbs would be bought repeatedly to flavor dishes, for medical purposes, and others.

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